The 99 Beautiful Names in Arabic: El-HAQ

I am inspired to write about the 99 Names, or the Divine Attributes. With my own limited  knowledge of Arabic linguistics (as opposed to language)  I shall try to piece together root words and meanings...

This is not an academic exercise, this is my own personal attempt at understanding, connecting words, and get a sense of their original essential meaning.

The Koran was revealed in Arabic during the Holy Month of Ramadan...and with my humble attempt, I shall try to be open and in tune to receive a tiny fragment of its meaning. And what better way to start than with the 99 Divine Attributes of ALLAH - God.

This is not in some chronological order, I will work on it whenever am inspired to do so. So if the case may be I will add daily whatever comes to me. Again, I stress this is not an academic exercise but a personal one.

In Arabic the root is the basis of the word, like a tree. A tree can't stand without roots. Roots provide the Essential nourishment.  And just  like a tree doesn't have one single root but a group of roots, so are the words.

So to make the imagery easier, imagine One tree, with several roots and imagine how each root is connected to another, all deep within the same One earth.

It is with this in mind that I will start. It will not be, by any stretch of the imagination, exhaustive, but more like tiny insights into one root at a time.

Today one of the Divine Names/Attributes (will be in CAPITAL LETTERS) that inspires me is El-HAQ.

El-HAQ can mean both Truth, Justice, Ultimate Reality. Which presupposes that both Truth and Justice are intimately tied. When there is Justice, there is Truth and when there is no Justice, there is no Truth.

Another word that shares the same root as Al-HAQ is Al-Haqeeqa: Al Haqeeqa - Reality based on Truth. It seems to imply that one can attain the Reality of "things" through seeking Truth/Justice.

Another derivative word from the Root H.A.Q, is the verb Haqaqa - which means to verify. Verify in French vérifier which comes from Vérité (Truth). Haqaqa means to verify/ investigate to get to the Truth.

Another word is Huqooq which means Rights. (Qanoon in Arabic is legislation /laws)

As I said above, this is by no means exhaustive, there is more from AL-HAQ.

But let me stop here for a minute and reflect on that attribute.

Trampling on Huqooq (rights) is trampling on Justice, is trampling on Truth, is veiling Reality

Falsify Truth, is falsifying Justice, is falsifying Reality, is usurping Rights.

The promise God gives is that no human can continue usurping Rights or falsify Truth/Justice because these are His Names, His Attributes.

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