I am not sure if I have to laugh or cry...but I've decided to laugh.  Even though none of it is a laughing matter.

But frankly how can one not laugh at this

or that

or maybe that one

Hahahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahaha, hahahahahahaha

These pictures are REAL, cardboard Khomeini to commemorate the Iranian "revolution", maybe we need more similar cardboards to salute all the Iran lovers and her "revolutionaries".

How about we have another cardboard for Maliki PM of Iraq, exiled in Iran and installed by the Americans, or maybe another one for the sectarian ethnic cleanser Muqtada Al-Sadr, still studying "theology" in Qum, and another one for Sistani the Persian Ayatollah crook, and one for ...keep adding....fill in the blanks with the names of  all the Shiite puppets of Iraq who landed on American tanks from IRAN.

We must have another one for Seyyed Nasrallah of Hezbollah, with a halo over his head instead of a turban...since we are idolizing, might as well go all the way....why not liken him to the archangel Gabriel since we're at it ?!

And we should not forget another cardboard for the Assad regime, whose loyalty to the turbaned ones from Iran is now without a shadow of a doubt...

and a final one to......

the Emir of Qatar who happens to be the "missing link", you know the missing link as in Darwin's theory...

and last but not least ....

to all the "anti zionists" "anti imperialists" worldwide.

Let's all salute the paper tigers.

If you need to laugh some more do check out this LINK

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