Vultures on a Carcass...

The carcass is Iraq, the vultures are you.

I will NEVER swallow what you have done to Iraq. NEVER. And it has nothing to do with patriotism, nationalism or any of the concepts you keep regurgitating like idiotic parrots.

What has happened to Iraq, through your contributions; your efforts, your silence, your apathy, your indifference, your political correctness, your...your...your filth...this can never be swallowed. NEVER.

For I know...I know and I have seen, I have witnessed...what was before and what is now. You can't take that away from me. You can't take that truth away from me. And I shall post it, plaster it on every wall...because I will not let go. I will not let go of you and your crimes. I will pursue you, by whatever means available...and I will keep hammering it, as long as it takes...

I will never ever forget that first premonitory dream I had about Iraq and what was going to happen to us, to our children. It was a message from God. A message showing me in full colors what and who you are.

I will go back in time, back to 2003. I dreamt of two American soldiers lifting up a young Iraqi boy to be crucified on a cross, in the middle of the desert. The sun was setting, there was dust everywhere, everything looked blur, covered with sand, they left that crucified Iraqi boy in the middle of that desert and walked away...

You crucified our children and covered up the truth with dust...

There will be no escape for you. None whatsoever. As Bob Marley said it ' you can run but you can't hide.

I am here to make sure that nothing remains hidden...I make it my mission, my vocation, my calling...I am not in a hurry, I have all the time in the world...but demised you shall one crucifies a child and gets away with one.

My ink shall be like drops of water, drops of blood, eating away at the rock lodged between your breasts...

No matter - the insults, the threats, the matter. I will not let go.

I was one of the first to write about the rape, trafficking of Iraqi Children. I was one of the first to say - Iraqi children are being sold, I wrote about the trading of organs, I wrote about the sex slavery of Iraqi children, I wrote about pedophile rings, I wrote about marrying off 5 years old girls, by exporting them first into brothels for "training". I wrote about the daily abduction and kidnappings of Iraqi children, I gave you numbers, figures...precise ones. I said there are over 5 Million Orphans in Iraq, 500'000 totally orphaned with no father and mother living in the streets of Baghdad.

I said this is something WE HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE your liberation. I said and I repeat and I repeat and I repeat....

Today a courageous woman, Ashwak Al-Jaf from Iraq, says it publicly...HERE.

I was mocked, insulted, threatened, with numerous attempts at silencing me...none worked. The message is out, the truth is out.

The truth...I have told you nothing but the tip of the iceberg of the truth...I have all the time in the world...but you don't.

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