I was not sure if I should title this post IRAQI Filth or IRAQ'S Filth. I settled for the former.
I felt there is a subtle nuance, maybe not so subtle.

The difference is not so subtle since anyone can claim to be an Iraqi nowadays, or even become one since thousands of non Iraqis have been given the nationality - namely Iranians, but not everyone IS an Iraqi.

I found the difference not only not so subtle but even profound. Iraq as a land, has always been a fertile one, a generous one, since times immemorial. Bad weeds sprout in fertile lands, that is a fact, but a loving laborer is quick to remove the bad weeds and cultivate fruitful harvests in lieu.

There is no loving laborer left in Iraq. The land is left barren, and all kinds of bad unwanted parasitic weeds have grown instead, feeding off remains. A parasitic weed that self propagates feeding on its own excrements...

It was allegedly reported that Saddam Hussein once said - Iraq is one big gutter, and I am the one who keeps the lid on. He was right.

It turns out that the Iraqi gutter has overflown, breaking the drains, leaking through pipes, swelling over dams, swamping the land and turning it into one huge sewage...

I may continue this later, but right now I am taken with a violent bout of nausea...

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