On Democracy...

Sometime ago, an ex boyfriend - that's why he became an ex, in other words history -called me a simpleton and an idiot. He said I understand nothing.

So maybe I understand nothing, maybe you understand better...so please explain it to me.

What is this democracy of yours, am really very curious. No honestly, am not pulling your leg or anything...am just wondering...What does it mean ?

Because I still don't get it.

Is it purple fingers dipped in ink or red fingers of protests ? Is it Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib?
Is it Bush, Blair or Obama ? Is it Iraq, Afghanistan or drones in Pakistan...or maybe it's the price of oil going up and down ?

Really, am serious, do you care to explain it to me ?

Who the fuck do you think you are fooling with your democracy ? Me, an Iraqi ?!

No darlings, no one fools an Iraqi...your Democracy we tasted it...in exile. Your Democracy, we tore it apart in pieces, and saw the rags it is made of...Your democracy we hear it daily coming as screams of agony from your dungeons of Freedom...Your democracy, we witnessed it when we unearthed mass graves of anonymous corpses...Your democracy we felt it, when we walked the streets fearful of bullets and bombs...Your Democracy stinks on our skin, because we still have no water. Your Democracy freezes us because we have no heating...Your democracy is cold, it's the cold corpse of Death in a morgue that we visit daily, it's the cold of cemeteries, it's the cold of the missing, it's the cold wind from the West...

What democracy are you talking about ? Please explain it to me.

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