Back to the Recycle Garbage Bin.

Please do so, please go and recycle yourselves, turn yourselves into some compost, after all you are biodegradable like everyone else, or did you think you were made of some special material that will last for ever ?

Oh no rejects of a people and countries, your natural place is in the recycling TRASH, for you are indeed trash, junk, garbage...

The Human race is afflicted with hypocrisy but nothing beats the hypocrisy, double standards and crimes of the Western people/countries and at its head is the United Snakes of America.

Oh now the Americans have become so environmentally, ecologically minded huh ? Gulf spill and all.

Oh so now they are worried about the ecosystem, and the small hard working people huh ?

I feel sorry for nature -- for the sea, its shores and what it carries in its belly, as for you, I don't give a damn what happens to you.

You see -- nature, earth, waters, skies don't belong to you. They never did, they never will...and maybe since you have been so fucking haughty and arrogant when it has come to other lands, skies and waters, you are to taste an infinitesimal dose of what you have spilled in other people's lives.

Oh yes Karma is a bitch. So you wanted oil from the Gulf, you waged Gulf war after Gulf war, now you got all the oil you want, seeping right into your beaches, giving you a nice oily, shiny spilled our blood in the Gulf for oil and now you have so much oil floating, go and drink it.

I just heard your booma Obama, conducting top levels meetings with BP in the White House. Oh my Obama is so caring for the environment and the welfare of the earth. I was deeply touched. He cares so much about Americans and the Americans in turn care so much about mother nature. A very touching scene indeed. I nearly cried.

The BP chairman issued an official apology to the American "people" (hahaha) and pledged to compensate them as well as cleaning the environment of that jewel of a country called America. He pledged a 20 Billion Dollars Fund. Obooma said that was a good start but not enough to compensate the hard working people of America. He meant the hard killing people of America, but he assumed you knew what he was really talking about.

In the meantime, the wonderful philanthropist Prince Charles, was giving a lecture on Islam and the Environment. Again, I was deeply touched, nearly got an aha moment of total illumination from not so Great Britain. And even though Prince Charles is a little knowledgeable of Islam's stance vis a vis Nature, His Royal Highness glossed over the essentials. And I will get to the essentials further down the line...

And while Green Peace, Save the Planet, Save the Whales, Save the Tunas, Save the Polar Bears, the Tigers, the Lions, the Gorillas, the Iguanas...(am not forgetting Brigitte Bardot with Save the Dogs and Cats) and others....are actively concerned about the ecosystem and biodiversity, about the life of animals, insects and reptiles, about the death of the Amazon forest, the desertification of the lands, alternative sources of energy, how to consume and recycle consciously, and last but not least the Gulf Oil Spill....

And while all these ladies and gents from royalties, to heads of states, to Green parties, to animal lovers are ever so concerned about the slow death of our little planet, brought about, of course, by men and women and their endless greed for more...

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, and even India just to name a few, have become dumping grounds for the worst spills of toxic materials, radiation, depleted uranium, waste, chemical warfare, carcinogenic triggers that will be stuck with these peoples of a "lesser God" for years to come...

Iraq is a prime example. Take this piece of info. This is from your respected(not) Western press
Will not give you the whole article - just a few headlines will suffice.

Large amounts of toxic waste from U.S. bases have been dumped throughout the country, according to an investigation by the Times of London.
The probe spans five provinces and reveals a grim landscape of hazardous trash and sickened Iraqis.The junk includes leaky oil drums seeping into the soil and half-empty cans of sulfuric acid. One private contractor reports 11 million pounds of hazardous waste has been left behind by U.S. troops. The materials allegedly end up mixed with recyclable materials and sent from U.S. bases to Iraqi scrap yards. The workers now complain the poisonous chemicals are wreaking havoc with their health. (rest of article here)

I need not mention again, the all too well known lethal/deadly consequences of the use of Depleted Uranium and Phosphorus on the Iraqi people. I have already covered this subject and the more than quadrupling of cancer rates and birth defects thanks to America and not so Great Britain, thanks to Bush, Obama, Blair, Gordon Brown, and the not so royal family of this cesspool of human excrements - in other word shits - called America and England.

And over and above the dumping of toxics from the West, Iran - the little darling of a whore of the Lefties and the alternativos, has been completing the West's mission of genocidal extermination and has been dumping its own nuclear, radioactive and toxic waste in Anbar, in the South and in Shatt Al-Arab in Iraq, further polluting not only the land but also the waters, which it has so generously dammed and diverted to its Shit republic, turning Iraq into a dying country of thirst - as well.

As for Afghanistan, another forgotten people alongside the Iraqis, are suffering the same fate. DU, radioactive material, rising cancers rates, birth deformities, toxic waste, and lately highly levels of deliberately contaminated drinking water with chlorine provided courtesy of the peace loving people of America and the West.

The West's toxicity does not stop at those countries only, it has even traveled all the way to India, where contaminated American military material with DU is giving birth to retarded Punjabi babies. And another piece of news that is not official those same contaminated US artillery are being washed in the seas of some Arab countries before being shipped back home, sparkling clean...clean from blood and radioactivity.

And the examples abound - Union Carbide in Bhopal India, White Phosphorus in Gaza and Lebanon, birth defects and cancer rates galore...and this is not to mention all the obsolete, forbidden products in the West, ranging from medicine to food stuff - prohibited for consumption/use in the West - being dumped in "third world" countries and in particular - Muslim ones. I can give you a list, and the list is long....very long.

So who will compensate the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Gaza, Lebanon, Pakistan...etc. ?
Who will give them an official apology and pledge multi billion dollars funds to save the little they have left ? Who will clean up after the "civilized" West ?

Will Obama apologize, or Prince Charles ? Or maybe Blair, or Bush, or any of your democratically elected representatives. Or maybe you will apologize huh ?

So where is you reply ? Why the silence o' "civilized, advanced" people ?

The answer is NONE. No one will apologize, clean up, compensate...

Nay, what we have instead is American shits contributing 1 Trillion dollars for the "liberation effort" in Iraq and Afghanistan. 1 Trillion dollars to kill other people, other poor innocent people and not just kill them with guns and bombs, but also kill them in an even slower, agonizing death with toxic chemicals...

And you expect me to care about your Gulf oil spill, because Key West Florida won't be getting its ratio of holiday makers ? You must be fucking kidding.

You have spilled other's people blood with impunity for over 10 years now, non stop, and you want me to care about a few shrimp farmers in Louisiana or wherever the fuck they are ?

Did not anyone teach you that blood runs thicker than oil ?

I changed my mind, you people are not even fit for the recycle garbage bin, I would not even use you as compost, as fertilizer for my cactus plant. You'd probably kill it too.

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