No Past, No Future...

Is there anything in Iraq that the Americans have not destroyed ?
Anything at all ?
And you dare wonder why I detest you so much...And you have the audacity to come to my blog to question me about my origins, my location, my ideas, my roots, my sense of belonging...
What kind of a race are you ? What kind of a people are you ?
Yes, I said people not government. I am not politically correct. Your government is part of you and you are part of it. Like it or not.
And don't come and tell me in your sheepish ways that I know all too well : " Oh, but I did not vote for this one. "
I don't give a fuck whom you voted for or did not vote for. It is not my problem.
My problem is you. Your culture, your behavior, your mentality, your character, your haughtiness, your arrogance, your false pride, your denial, your collective stupidity and ignorance, your way of life which I find boring, empty and distasteful, your accent which is an affront to my ears...and to my senses.
I do not like you. Full stop.

I know, I know, some of you are good people...
I know, I know, America is not a homogenous group... I know all that shit.
It does not make one iota of difference in my life and that of other Iraqis.
I no longer give a damn about your nuances, your political leanings, how good or how bad you are...It is meaningless to me and to countless others.
Our lives have been ruined, totally ruined...We do not give a fuck about your nuances.
And all I know is that you have destroyed my country. Beyond repair.

The past - you have looted and destroyed. Trying to erase our collective historical memory...Our roots, where we came from, what our ancestors did, their achievements, their trials, their statues, their writings...

You do not know history, you are rejects of history. You have no history. You have no past, you have are nothing.
You are nothing but ogres of consumerism. Not just material stuff, but anything you can swallow whole you will. You even swallow other people's history whole.
You are a greedy, covetous, gluttonous, voracious, jealous, envious people...
Since you are nothing, your nihilism contaminates everything else...
You destroy and self destruct...

No Future - You have no future, because inside of yourselves, your future is limited to your own little egos. Little egos have no future. Little egos are amoebas, parasites, feeding off others...You think you have a vision but your vision is only about your stomach, your pockets and what you have in between your legs...That is it.
This is where it stops. Surely this does not make you seers...
What have you contributed to the world ? Anything of real substance? Nothing. Apart from brutal might and power... and your sickening culture that is as hollow and as empty as you are.

And just as you have no real future, you robbed us of our own. You are collectively a bunch of criminals, thieves, thugs and perverts of the worst kind.

Since your fucking 9/11, you have totally destroyed two countries. Afghanistan and Iraq.
And you have not stopped. Not one day, not one hour...

You wanted regime change in Iraq - you got it.
You also changed us, me, beyond anything I can recognize...I never hated you before. Today I do. I really hate you.

You collectively disgust me. Even our ancient Mesopotamian deities and spirits are disgusted with you. Every single letter of the Alphabet is disgusted with you.
The earth, the rivers, the sky, the mountains, the trees, the birds of Iraq are disgusted with you...The cosmos is disgusted with you ...

Everytime I spot one of you anywhere in close proximity and hear that ugly accent of yours I run away...I avoid you like the plague. I can't bear to hear you or see you.
You represent nothing but Death and Destruction to me.
Your ugliness is all pervading...
Everytime I switch on the TV or the Radio and see or hear one of you, I zap. I wish I can zap you out of my life once and for all...

I know, I keep repeating myself, but then you keep repeating the same acts.

Iraq is going down, with its past and its future...

I can only promise you one thing, however long it may take, we are going to take you down with us.

Picture :A Sumerian Cuneiform that you have looted and destroyed.


Anonymous said…
What about the Persians ? Unlike the Yanks, they do have a history, and a long one, and yet they are as much, if not more, eager to destroy and "swallow" yours.

Maybe you should blame your "ancient deities" for creating your homeland so beautiful that everyone desires her and so few real men in an Arab world of eunuchs willing to defend her honor.
G.Gar said…
Ramadan Kareem Ya Layla

"A Sumerian Cuneiform that you have looted and destroyed".

I just wonder why such horrible crime against human heritage hasn't turned U.N, UNESCO upside down, and outraged all those civilsed sophisticated art lovers.

When the Talibans destroyed the Buhdist statues, the entire world was charged against Muslims who were wrecking the common heritage of humanity-but when the Americans wreck, destroy and lute the world's greatest and oldest heritage, the issue is regarded as trivial.

All the peace lovers, NGOs, Fuckin international community, global citizens, students, animal lovers and bird watch organizations, dont find the crime much worthy their attention.

you said it once in reply, we are the black sheep.....I would rather go for being a black slave in South Carolina in 1854 than being an Arab in 2007
Anonymous said…
I cringe to be one of the people you so rightly despise. My shame knows no bounds. I agree with everything you said. I'm so sorry.
Anonymous said…
Brilliant, Layla!

What these savages, whom you have so aptly described, have done to Iraq is just mind-boggling. In addition to killing, maiming, raping Iraqi people, in addition to destroying the infrastructure, the entire SOVEREIGN land of Iraq, in addition to murdering its LEGITIMATE LEADER, etc., the recent report by Robert Fisk on what has been done to Iraq's ancient monuments, left me thoroughly depressed yesterday. I am convinced that this is DELIBERATE, an attempt to wipe out everything Iraqi - and those Iraqis who assist these savages to destroy what is ancient are guilty of the worst ever crime. At NO POINT in the history of mankind has such destruction been witness, so what does it say about the US? Scum, scum and scum - they are not fit to exist among the rest of humanity.

It's not just you and the rest of Iraqis who can't stand the sight or the sound of these robots - it's a feeling that is spreading world wide.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

The Apache, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Sioux, Lakota, Pueblo and so many others (all murdered) had discovered long before we ever did what type of satanic people had come to invade their shores.

Iraq has only brought out the true face of the beast, it has always been there, and will always be there until it is destroyed by humanity for the sake of humanity.
Anonymous said…
Laila ,,Have you seen this by Naomi KleinIt's must see video.
LostHere said…
Layla, I will not presume to know what have you gone through, nor will I say anything to excuse or defend the perpetrators. If you hate USAmericans and perhaps some or all of western, so called International comunities, that is your prerogative , and I am sorry that humanity by their actions engender such hate. Not a path for peace and understanding... My comment here is, YES, the USA and their imperialistic ways had broken the gate, so to speak, to permit the flooding waters that obviosly were contained, in Iraqi society. It's my impression now that it's Iraqies and Persians along USAmericans the ones doing all the killing and destroying. There is much blame on Iraqis themselves for what is happening in the ground now.
Since it's your blog, and one where you so eloquently (and in beautiful prose, may I add) inform us of the realities in your life, you may say what ever you want, but I dare ask, at what point should you start "blaming" your fellow Iraqis for the destruction and genocide that is taking place? And I don't mean to leave the USA and international, so called, coalition blameless, but they are not the only ones.
Yes, I realize that without the US intervention there, Iraq had a "gatekeeper" in the vision of Saddam Hussein, but history is that way, where water is contained there is an immense pressure to free itself. The same could be said about ethnic tides...

One of the thoughts that often come to me is "could it be that Iraq was never meant to be?" I mean, taking into consideration all the ancient cultural inhabitants of the Mesopotamian land, the fact is that Iraq itself was a product of the same group of nations that are now trying to break it up... is it not so?

Thank you
Anonymous said…
Hate me or not. I would rather have 10 people like you around me, than 1 who doesn't have the balls to speak their mind.
Anonymous said…
So by your reasoning, you are resonsible for everything Saddam did in your country.
Unknown said…
To Lost,

Yes, I agree with you to an extent, Iraqis ARE to blame. However, they are to blame for different reasons than what you think.

Iraqis are to blame for not fighting the initial push of the occupation in 2003. Iraqis are to blame for abondoning their posts and their leadership, each to save his own skin. Iraqis are to blame for collaborating with the occupation and forming puppet governments and participating in puppet elections. Iraqis are to blame for not resisting the occupation and not fighting to liberate the land now that it has been lost.

Iraqis are to blame... But the only blame they carry is that they did not and do not put a bullet in the scum US & Co troops and their masters.
Layla Anwar said…
Amre Al Abyad,

Ramadan Mubarak to you - no not Hosny :-)
I agree with you 100%. Was thinking exactly the same thing this morning. The Bamyan Buddhas led to an uproar in the international community.
Imagine for one minute that the Tower of Pisa in Italy, or Florence, or The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Versailles Palace in France , or the Al Hambra in Spain or the Taj Mahal in India or any other place are destroyed the way Iraqi monuments, sites and museums have been...
I bet you anything, UNESCO will order an international peacek keeping force to save the above...
But when it comes to Iraq - the silence drives me crazy.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Layth,

Of course I have not forgotten the native americans, but I think we have been forgotten...
I agree with your reply to Lost.
Layla Anwar said…

You said :
"One of the thoughts that often come to me is "could it be that Iraq was never meant to be?" I mean, taking into consideration all the ancient cultural inhabitants of the Mesopotamian land, the fact is that Iraq itself was a product of the same group of nations that are now trying to break it up... is it not so?"

For your info, IRAQ comes from the Word URUK. Uruk is the ancient sumerian name for Iraq and was the capital of Sumer...
So there is your reply.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla, may I ask you a personal question ?

What is that still keeps someone who has become convinced that everything she has loved and believed in "is going down", "is all over", "will never be the same again" etc. from madness, suicide or, worst of all, desertion ?

Where do you draw your strength from ?

I DESPERATELY need to know ..

Thank you from the heart.

Unknown said…
It's called genocide. The worst possible crime there is.
LostHere said…
The name Iraq perhaps comes from Uruk, perhaps not, but there is no question that Uruk was the capital city of Summer, and it's well established that the Sumerian civilization originated in that land of Mesopotamia... but there has been many rains since then, and many other civilizations and "dynasties" have ruled those lands.
Territories throughout history are as shifting as the dessert sands, and we know of those lands under Babylonian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Persian, Hellenic, Turk... civilizations, but it's my understanding that what is Iraq today was formed by dividing the Ottoman empire and it was during the British occupation that the north and south were added to Baghdad to form today's territories... And that is what I was referring to in my original post. I am certainly not going to argue with you the history of your land, you seemed a lot more educated than I will ever be, but can't close your senses to other parts of the history even if they are not well liked. Persians obviously had a good claim to large parts (if not all) of actual Iraq territories, and I could be very wrong here, but it seems to me that today's Iraq have a lot more in comon with the Caliphates culture than with ancient Sumerian.

Of course all this has nothing to do with what you were talking about, there is no doubt that the USA aggressive behavior towards Iraq since 1990, culminating with this illegal and extremely corrupted invasion and occupation is the root of all the calamities affecting Iraq today. Regardless of who are the perpetrators of genocide, it is still genocide.

Layth, I also agree with you on your response... to a degree. The fact is, that some of the Iraqi people (in self exile most of them, I must say) were accomplices from the beginning. Many others, as you said are guilty of not defending their country (for whatever reasons), but what I was commenting about is, as you know, about the Iraqis that are fighting their brother Iraqis for their own purpose. At the end of the day, and when neither one of us remains alive, history will write about the brutal occupation by the US, (Perhaps one that it ended with the US forces being expelled but the Nation of Iraq forever fractured, and by Nation I am not referring to the geography but the people)and about the subsequent "civil Wars" that wreaked the area.

My apologies if I am too long or too wrong, that is the way I see it, and since your blog, Layla, is so educational (although I am sure that is not your intention) I figure I drop "my seed" to the dialog.

Thank you
Anonymous said…
It's sad to see someone so consumed with hate. It seems that there is plenty of that for everyone in the Middle East.
3eeraqimedic said…
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Anonymous said…
Two more examples of how fucked up America is: The case of music scholar, Nalini Ghuman and 'tasered' student Andrew Meyer.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
It's not just you and the rest of Iraqis who can't stand the sight or the sound of these robots - it's a feeling that is spreading world wide.

In solidarity.


gd point little deer.....u can add me 2 that list too......everytime i hear them speak they really start getting on my nerves....besides a few tv shows i cant think of anything i like abt them
Anonymous said…
Americans have taken the art of spin to another level. Salemanship is paramount--like their used car salesman President.
They will f their mothers and 5-yrs olds (link below) and sell it as a spiritual experience. Akin to selling freedom and democracy.
Read the disgusting links below and you will ses what I mean. Are the ongoings at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere in Iraq really all that surprising in this context?
Anonymous said…
"Iraqis are to blame for not fighting the initial push of the occupation in 2003. Iraqis are to blame for abandoning their posts and their leadership, each to save his own skin. "

I respectfully disagree especially because I recognize from your posts you are far more knowledgeable about Iraq. While it is easy to speculate in retrospect, I believe it is entirely conceivable that Iraqi military commanders recognized the futility of directly challenging an overwhelmingly superior military force albeit utilizing cowardly 'shock and awe' tactics. A direct challenge would have resulted in further decimating the Iraqi military and significant civilian casualties from indiscriminate air strikes. Here, recall the slaughter of the Iraqi military in 1991 with soldiers being buried alive, (and I might add as a side, those same mass graves being conveniently rediscovered post 2003 and blamed on 'Saddam'). Perhaps Sultan Hashim Ahmed and other Iraqi military commanders recognized the prudence of a guerilla warfare as opposed to a direct confrontation in the immediate aftermath of the invasion. The ferocity of the Resistance thus far de facto underscores the success of the strategy. It was prudent to protect limited military assets than put on a cavalier show for patriotic purposes. Moreover, that fact that Sultan Hashim Ahmed for one has not been willing to compromise his integrity and prefers death underscores his loyalty to President Hussein and above all, the nation.

Best wishes.
Anonymous said…
Yeah...i felt sad about 9/11 but you people made use of the emotions then to destroy Iraq and steal the oil....You have paid for free Iraqi oil with 7000 American lives.Bush doesn't seem to care about public opinion in the US. Who are the dictators and terrorists now?
Anonymous said…
Please exscuse. My post was meant to be addressed to Layth in response to his comment below:

"Iraqis are to blame for not fighting the initial push of the occupation in 2003. Iraqis are to blame for abandoning their posts and their leadership, each to save his own skin. "
Hi Layla

I couldnt understand the destruction of your culture, all you know. To me it was such a blatant crime against humanity. I couldnt understand the UN failing you.I couldnt understand other countries standing by.

I am currently reading a book by Naomi Klein-Shock Doctrine (someone in an earlier comment made mention of her video)and although Im only 1/4 in to it, it clearly lies out the plan, the 'reason' if you like of the complete destruction of a society.

She sites examples of Chile, Indonesia, Bolivia. If her book is accurate (and I believe it is) then this was planned, its evil, insideous and so wrong. It involves destroying a culture, shocking its people, terrorism and torture. Then (while the country and people hammoerage) global companies & governtments take over, change the ecomomy, privatise everything. Its a complete economic reversal/turnaround/takeover.

No one is left to resist.So I now have an understanding of the 'why' but not how to help. I try in my own blog to promote other Iraqi's, to give an understanding of day to day issues, the dispell the misconceptions people have. But I know its so little.

I hope your safe & I'll keep checkin in here...
Peace be with you & those you love
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Everyone,

Hi Gale and Linda and thank you for your comments.
L.Colombo is that you ? Long time no see...Try to be nice to my friends will you?
Salam Iraqi medic - hope you are well.
Little Deer, and Amre - thanks for the solidarity.
Soul in torment. Hi. I promised you once I will not stop blogging. Remember? I stuck to my promise. What keeps me going elaborated in the next post A relic.
Unknown said…
Quote by the Frenchman Georges Clemenceau:

America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization.
schriber said…
Dear Ms. Layla,

One of the major problems I feel arab society faces is a loss of memory, a gap in socio-historical continuity of values of identity and of their place in history (time) and space.

The above words summarize greatly what to me is a huge topic. I hope to elaborate on that at my blog some time soon.

I believe should reconnect with the values that defined them long before Lawrence of Arabia or Sykes-Picot can claim to have imported European nationalism onto modern arab nationalism.

Arabs, like many westerners have had their sense of their own identity and their values re-defined for them several times through the past century, by different actors, for diffferent reasons and with differents degrees
of consideration for the wellbeing of arab society.

I would like arabs to recognize this and reach back into history to regain their sense of self and their continuity with their own past which extends literally to time immemorial.
waiguoren said…
curt said...
Quote by the Frenchman Georges Clemenceau:

"America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization".

Oscar Wilde said this.
Anonymous said…
Is this supposed to be bone-chilling or profound? Is this supposed to be some sort of eye opening screed? What a joke.

Let me tell you, America has contributed plenty to the world. But you know that, you silly girl, which is what absolutely burns you up inside.

America is hardly empty. Hate us all you want, your impotent rage is ultimately pathetic, a furious idiocy that we can look on with pity and bemusement.

I mean really - you don't like our accents? Which one, darlin'? We have no future and no history? Um, I'd say we have both better than some foaming at the mouth third worlder.

9/11 came out of your part of the world, darlin'. Did you cheer it? Does the thought of it cheer you now? And you think we are empty? I'm laughing at your empty headed self.

Anyway, hate away, third worlder. You have plenty of company. But the joke... is on you.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
As an Iranian, I totally understand your grief over the double standards practiced by the international community, and more, for the destruction of such an old culture and prized civilization as well as loss of life.

To the person named "someone" who accused the Persians:
My friend, we have, for centuries and millenia ( when most Europeans were living on trees ) have lived peacefully with Iraqis and the Mesopotamian civilization.

It is only after the British invasion and their handy-work in sowing seeds of discord and difference in the region that we saw neighbor disrespect another neighbor.
Anonymous said…
Dear Iraqi Sister,
The US culture has some dark and extremely racist trends still present. It was founded on genocide of the locals, and to this day, it shows no sense or understanding of other places.
In this dark cultural corner, other cultures and peoples are pre-historic creatures. There are, however, many other Americans that have humanistic traits and are disgusted by the action of the few in this Oligarchy, directing the might of US against one people after another for geo-political interests.
As an American tax payer, I am ashamed of how Bush is practically destroying your nation.
Role of bankrupt Arab Nationalism, how despotic Arab powers all played with US, the Shiite clerical influence from Qom & tehran in South & parts of Kurdistan, and the despotic, childish and extremely anti-people Autocracy that destroyed iraqi economy and nation before 2003 through wars and invasions,all of course play a role in how successful the US has been to fragment MODERN iRAQ.
Sadly, I am afraid that the days of the British-made nation-state is over. (I assume this has nothing to do with ancient Summerian culture. Iranians speak Persian, Iraqis speak Arabic not Summerian. The invading Arabs centuries ago destroyed Sumer culture & identity!).
If find time, read this:"Fast War Nation" about some traits in US culture.
Anonymous said…
What scares me most about all of this hateful speech is how very American it sounds.

"And we become what we hate..."
Anonymous said…
Iraq is going down because of your fucking Islam and its two cults for not getting along, maybe Saddam should have stayed in power and continued raping your asses for the rest of your pathetic life. Democracy is a culture and Iraqis are incapable of understanding it. There was no Iraq before 1930 and the world won’t miss it if they divide it again to keep you savages a part. By the way other than your camels, you have no culture or history; what you claim as history belongs to other ethnic groups, which you have slaughtered...
Anonymous said…
A brilliant outpouring or rage, but if attempted in a debating competiton, will have a flurry of nerd-firsts smacking you on the head as you are evicted from the podium.

"What have you contributed to the world ? Anything of real substance?"

Anonymous said…
This comment may not be very comforting to you, but I want you to know, that there are many of us in the USA that agree with you and we are working to change things.

-From a former Marine and current political activist...
Anonymous said…
Oh Layla,

I am so very sorry. I would hate me too.
Anonymous said…
You and evryone in Iraq has a special and unique vision. You see us (Americans) for what we really are. We are in Iraq because of who we are. What we are doing to Iraq and its people and what we are saying about it to you, the rest of the world, and to ourselves is America. These are our "values", our "principles". Because of our (past) wealth and vaunted militarism we have managed to fool much of the world's population that we are a "great" and "good" people from a great country. We have confessed to you, proven to you that this is not so ---- and never was.
We are as you have written a violent people who love and worship violence for its own sake. We have no national myths of peace, kindness, generosity, or even such as would suggest even a little common decency. We have many war myths. And even more myths celebrating our compulsive love of stealing, even stealing things we do not really want and do not understand, which is why, as you so rightly say, we have stolen your culture, your history, and your incomparable heritage, when all we wanted was your oil.
I, an American, am the last person who has the right to say this but there is hope. You now know who we are. Iraq knows who we are. Truth is the only ultimate source of power. The soul of Iraq is resisting. That soul is immortal. No matter what we steal or what we destroy, that soul will prevail. It is even now. Look at the silly lies we must tell ourselves to hide your impending victory from our eyes. Look at our "leaders" how they must pretend that they have brought you freedom through blood and barbarism. Buffoons who do not know, have no soul, and ,therefore, have no hope of avoiding their ultimate and utter defeat.
I can no longer apologize for my country. There are no words that have sufficient depth and meaning. "Sorry" in any case is a word Americans use when they are walking over somebody or otherwise being gratuitously rude or barbaric.
I can at least say that you are right and this will be your strength. All who have really come to know us have defeated us. We only win when we first get our victims to accept our lies about ourselves.
Anonymous said…

If you are an Iraqi or live there I think your hatred is completely understandable, but your ambiguous introduction leaves me uncertain about that.

Apparantly some Arabs enjoy feeling extreme self-pity, as witness the person who said that 'I would rather go for being a black slave in South Carolina in 1854 than being an Arab in 2007'. I hope you don't feel that way.
Unknown said…
waiguoren said...
curt said...
Quote by the Frenchman Georges Clemenceau:

Oscar Wilde said this

Thanks for correction.

It's an amazing quote. One of the few instances in which "American exceptionalism" is true!
Anonymous said…
To all the haters: at least have the courage to tell your names! Anonymity is but a mask for your cowardice. Have the guts to support your opinions!
Anonymous said…
Apparantly some Arabs enjoy feeling extreme self-pity, as witness the person who said that 'I would rather go for being a black slave in South Carolina in 1854 than being an Arab in 2007'. I hope you don't feel that way.


amre el-knobjockey is a melodramatic numpty.....ignore him
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
To Moiz, I posted a comment on 28 Sept as Anonymous which has not been posted, saying I agree with Layla's estimation of the American character. I don't know if you would consider me a hater, but I had to post as Anonymous because I don't have a Google account or a blog. No, not every American fits Layla's description, but I believe the majority do or we wouldn't have the country we do, one without health care, decent housing, access to educational opportunity, even enough food for all. We love militarism and authoritarian power; I cannot turn on the local news without constant references to war monuments, returning soldiers, Memorial Day, displays such as the Blue Angels, etc. Such is the destiny of a population in love with cheap sentiment, which avoids genuine emotion at all costs.
G.Gar said…
@ to the Ignorant unclean Iranian:

there was no such thing as persian language or Persian people. The inhabitants of the Iranian palteau spoke a variety of languages of Indo-Iranian and dravidic( Indian) origins. Neither were the barabrians who live in the iranian widewrness one people, they were competing cannibalic achaemenids, Parthians and Sassanids.

Arabs and Arabic, on the other hand, trace their roots to somerian, babylonian, Syrian and pharoanic semitic roots . So Arabic is the continuation of the ancient semitic near east.

By contrast,Iranian has got many Arabic and Turkish influences. Thus, it is less connected to its barabrian Achaemenid and Parthian pasts than the way the sophisticated Arabic culture is connected to its semitc predecessors.

Also, it was the bloody barabrian Persians that ruined and destroyed the semitc( ARABIC) Iraq, leaving alone, the rest of the semitic near east. Thank goodness the semitc Arab desendants of babylonians and Egyptians returned the favour, very well and rid our region from the persian evil and barabrism.

@Paul No it is not self-pity- we Arabs rely too much on metaphors in our speech.
Anonymous said…
This guy is so stupid he can not even spell barbarism while accusing the great nation of just proved how uneducated and ignorant you are.
Unknown said…
That's probably the most hauntingly-accurate description of Americans I've read since Hunter S. Thompson:

* We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world, a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just Whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will judge us. No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we'll kill you. Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads? Who among us can be happy and proud of having all this innocent blood on our hands? Who are these swine? These flag-sucking half-wits who get fleeced and fooled by stupid little rich kids like George Bush? They are the same ones who wanted to have Muhammad Ali locked up for refusing to kill gooks. They speak for all that is cruel and stupid and vicious in the American character. They are the racists and hate mongers among us; they are the Ku Klux Klan. I piss down the throats of these Nazis. And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not. Fuck them.

I don't know if you've seen this quote already, and I apologize if I'm polluting your comments with long-winded quotes.
Layla Anwar said…
Eric and David,

Thank you for your comments, they are very astute and Eric you cracked me

As for the former marine and now a peace activist - I keep wondering whenever I have an ex army guy write to me, and I am always prompted to ask innocently ask - How many innocent Iraqis did you kill?
Anonymous said…
Dear Ms,
There is justice.I solemnly believe that everyone is going to be judged for his or hers acts.It may come slowly but eventually it will.History had proven that so many times.May peace and calmness enter your heart.
Anonymous said…
The end of these CONTRIVED wars is to abolish the idea of "Nations". The One worlders have scripted America as the "bad cop" that will be reigned in by "One World Government".

So don't be fooled. It's not a war on Terror or Islamofascism. It's a war between Nationalists and Globalists. The Iraqi "insurgents" are nothing more that Iraqi nationalists who love their country. Tough to express any support for these patriots in this atmosphere of "group think."

Our American troops are guinea pigs for test vaccinations that destroy their immune systems so they will get the cancers from depleted uranium exposure.

The mainstream media (owned by the FEW) misdirects all of us. Wars are useful tools to break up cultures, and impose new social orders. Britain's elites always hated Islam, and now are tearing it down to "standardize" Arabia with the West's synthetic "culture."

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Anonymous said…
You all should read Alan Watt's site

He wrote this in his "Kyoto's Crisis Creation" piece:

"There are many movies out there, churned out all the time. It's one of the biggest exports of the United States of America, because they were chosen by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations to give the world its culture, at meetings they held in England, back in the '60’s and into the '70’s. That's why you can go to any country on the planet and watch young lost men with baggy pants, with the crotches at their knees and their hats on sideways or backwards. It all came from the same culture industry."

The war on Arabia, Islam, et al. is about standardizing the region thru an artificial culture.
Unknown said…
Dear Layla Anwar:

I cannot possibly understand the depth of your anger and sorrow, but I find your post disturbing for the same reason I find so many American posts that I have read disturbing, the blanket of generalizations and hatred might seem like it makes you more vindicated but it only promotes the same generalizations and hatred.

In the end it turns out we are all the same regardless of location, religious belief or cultural practice. If we could learn to reach out rather than lash out we might have a chance at stopping the repeated use of generalized hatred that allows inhumane actions of this nature to occur over and over and over and over again. Otherwise, where does it end? If I care about myself then I must care about you.

Blame is circular.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world."

- Gandhi
Anonymous said…
To Amre El-Abyad
Iranian culture and Persian in particular today has many Turkish and Arab influences. And we are very proud of it. And vice-versa: Avecinna, Rumi, Farabi, and many other mathematician, philosophers of Islamic culture were persian. Ottoman court official language beforw WW1 was Persian or Farsi; so was India's before Brit takeover. Tajiks, many Afghans, many towns in North Caucasus speak Persian. I agree with the clean but racist Arab brother that the presence is historical,m big and influential. But focus on what Arab nationalism achieved for you in the past 60 years. A bunch of Coups (Lybia, Iraq, Syria, Egypt...) and then back to subjecation to foreign exploiters. You need genuine democracy not racist jargon and insult against your Iranian brothers!
Your Persian chauvenist counterparts are many and it is racist, and divisive, plays in hand of Kissinger and his sons now in US gov.

Back to main topic: Iraq has lost 20% of pop to death and displacement (1m dead, 4 m displaced, internally and externally). Kissinger's 1974 depopulation campaign is indeed effect, keeping natural resources but decimating the socalled'over-population' of LDCs. Of course Iraq was not an less developed country, but they have made it so, from 1991 with Sr. Bush war, then Clinton's sanctions, and now with Bush jr.
I think this is not a matter of hate, it is a matter of geo-politics and everybody, persians and arabs included, need to campaign against more wars and expose current US policies in the region.

BTW: Arabs are just one semetic tribe: the Arab invasions from penninsula destroyed Sumer and many oteher cultures in Mesapotamia. You can't trace back Arabs to all semetic peoples, just as Persians were one tribe of the many Aryan peoples.
Unknown said…
Michele, extremely well said. Generalizations about an entire nation, race, ethnic group, religion, etc. are what cause the great majority of the horrifying, inhuman crimes that have occured throughout history. Invading Iraq was a terrible and costly mistake, and I only wish I was old enough at the time to understand that and actively campaign against it, as many Americans did, despite the lies about weapons of mass destruction and Saddam's connection to 9/11 pounded in our heads by the American media. So of course the approval ratings of the war were high at the time. But look at them now!! The majority of Americans hate Bush and want the Iraq War debacle to end. I am saddened by the destruction your nation has endured at the hands of ours, but your generalized hate will achieve nothing. If you focus on one or several things that need changing about American SOCIETY, then you may well make a positive impact with your blog.
Times are changing, and so is the mindset of our nation. We are tired of selfish, oil-connected, war-mongering presidents. More and more Americans are realizing that America is no longer the world power it once was, and as a nation, we need to act with a lot more discretion. More and more Americans are willing to empathize with and listen to arguments such as yours. My generation is determined to reverse the belligerent, selfish ideology of our country. But that leaves me wondering whether nations such as Iran, Syria, and Russia are willing to do the same. If America someday ditches its post as "World Aggressor", then I fear that position may simply be filled by a different nation. Unfortunately, war is not going away any time soon, and all we can do to deter it is work toward positive change in our own societies, especially greater understanding of other cultures and societies. I will try my hardest, and I hope that my peers in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and elsewhere will do the same.
Anonymous said…
You are so filled with hate, for people that you don't even know, a country that you may or may not have been too.

Ever since the beginning of the world, men and women of all cultures and nations have done evil things to others, both on a personal level and a national level. It is not simply a problem with one nation or another. It may be true that you have experienced or witnessed brutality or injustice at the hands of Americans, but it's wrong to assume that just because one person or group has made evil choices that everyone in a country has the same mindset,is 'arrogant' 'self-serving' 'gluttonous' 'evil' and all of the other horrible things you chose to say. How can you hate a person you have never met? You don't hate 'Americans,' you hate an object, a symbol of evil and ugliness that you have labeled 'American.' You probably hate me, without knowing anything about me.

I am a good friend to several people of Arab background, who are not Christian; one of them is in the US only to get an education. I do not hate and avoid them to get away from their accents, or judge them because they are Muslim and people of their race purposefully killed thousands of innocent Americans during 9/11. Also, to be perfectly honest with you, I would never have been as lewd and profane as are in this post; and i consider burning hatred towards others, especially those whom you do not know anything about, one of the worst evils of mankind. I am not wealthy, i am not ignorant, stupid, or lazy, i am not 'loose.' However, you have portrayed an image of yourself in this post that is not superior to what you term 'American' at all. To be so crass, profane, and lewd while insulting collectively a people that includes individuals who are none of those things is very hypocritical.

I won't insult you. Believe it or not, even though you have spit on my country, i care about you. The hate that you are letting grow inside will only make you bitter and sick, and spread to other areas of your life. It will kill all the joy you have. That is what happens to me when i allow hate to take over. I hope that one day you will not hate.

Use your passion to rebuild, to do things that help, to work towards your goals. You are a good writer. Use that talent. Use everything you have been given, not to destroy, but to create. If you allow the atrocities of others to imbitter your life, then they have won, and you have lost.
Anonymous said…
Reflections in a sealed bottle … Initially I was shocked by the vitriol expressed in this captivating writing style but then I was drawn by the extraordinary skill of the writer and then by the argument it presented. I can’t agree with the generalizations there is good and bad in every society, however I can understand the feelings of the writer but I blame the United States government for their hegemonic push in the Middle East which I believe is driven by the America, Jewish Lobby.
American’s are blinkered to the rest of the world, they worship money, a prerequisite for anyone wishing to become part of government is they must be extremely wealthy and America is truly the great evil in the world.

Well presented Layla, you have my full support.

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