It's all in the Stars...

A someone I have been corresponding with for a few months now, finally solved it for me.
This person lives in a Scandinavian country and has studied astrology for over 20 years. And she greatly preaches about Love and Peace.

She has finally figured out what the real problem is.
According to her readings, am born under some constellation of planets and her ephemerides unequivocally state that this particular constellation of mine was formed under the star sign Aries.

Aries is traditionally known to symbolize Self Will, Birth, The Ego, and Independence. Aries is also a masculine fixed sign, an analogy for “ I am.”
And it is a Fire sign.

Now according to my astrologer “friend”, this constellation of planets at my birth denotes a combative nature who fiercely seeks Independence.

She also confirms that the whole of Iraq, according to her readings, is born under an identical constellation of planets.

But not only Iraq. The whole of the Middle East shares that same constellation. Except Israel, of course. I forgot to ask her if she was a Jew by any chance.

Now this combative nature is very Yang - very Masculine.
Again, according to her, I derive its energy from some ancestral lineage of very Yang males who are there to fight and do not know what Peace is all about.

So her conclusion is that my Destiny or Karma in this life, is to go beyond the Yang and discover the Yin – The Feminine Essence.

I replied telling her that nearly all of my problems came from the Yangs, so obviously I must be Yin somewhere...

She answered back telling me in no uncertain terms that I needed to let go of my combative nature and will find the Yin, the Eternal Yin inside.

So I wrote again and asked her what should I do when faced with Yang’s actions ?

What do I do with all the misery I witness around me because of some murderous Yankee Yang or some chauvinist Persian Yang or some sectarian Iraqi Yang or some sleeping Arab Yang, or some indifferent, careless Western Yang ?

What do I do with all the orphans, the widows, the displaced, the hungry, the sick, the abandoned, the destroyed, the forgotten, the tortured, the raped...because of a very negative Yang ?

I mean here is my Yin screaming her head off and no real Yang is making a difference in any positive, substantial way.

She never answered my question.

But she did mention in one of her mails, that curiously enough her "Master astrologer" under whom she studied for a long time, was first initiated and taught in a school for astrology, in Baghdad out of all places.
It could not have been such a bad place. She got the Independence bit right, for sure.

And I guess I have the patience of Job. Patience with ignorant people, patience with idiotic analysis, patience with a Western world that breaks down at the sight of a sick dog but can't lift a finger when a genocide is taking place under its very nose. And last but not least, patience with a Scandinavian astrologer pontificating from way up North...

I mean hell, I can't get more Yin than that!

It must be all in the Stars. It must be Destiny...
I guess you folks will be stuck with this "combative nature" that permeates my astrological chart as well as that of the whole of the Middle East...except Israel, of course.
Yes you are stuck with it until the "Stars and Destiny" decide otherwise.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Ayad Al Qaragholi.


Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

Thank you again for another inspiring entry. Each of your entries, it seems to me, are impassioned prose poems flowing forth from deep within you. Your astrologer friend befuddles me. I wonder how she would interpret the combative nature of the Western world. To my way of reading the stars, the West is Yang to the core. My own country in particular couldn't be more combative, fixated as it is on violence and death. What we need here is an enraged citizenry, more Yang if you like, that will not tolerate the misery caused by a berserk Administration. But we do tolerate it. We plan our vacations, go shopping at the mall, get together with friends, and hardly think if we think at all of the suffering our government has brought to the people of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of Somalia, of . . . There is a chapter in Dostoevesky's novel The Brothers Karamazov in which the more worldly brother, speaking with Alyosha the more spiritual one, tells of a Russian couple who beat their child mercilessly and then left her locked up in the outhouse through a winter night. How could they close their ears to her screams and go about their lives, the brother asks, as if this poor shivering child meant nothing at all.
LostHere said…
"...until the "stars of destiny" decide otherwise"
Isn't that what we all have? Fate is what it is, and we can fight (or act) to create our reality, but at the end, destiny has the last say.

I know Layla that you will "rip me a new one" for this comment, but here it's anyway.

Your astrologer "friend" may have a point... perhaps if you give up all this combativeness, no, better yet, if all of Iraq would give up all Its combativeness, then it would be peace... Yes, it is true, you would be occupied and impoverished, your culture would be hijacked, your natural resources distributed among the corporate occupiers and a minority of the puppet nationals... and yes, Iraq would not longer be the Iraq that so many proud nationals strived to build, "the pearl of the Middle East" the one secular, modern, educated Arab country... A true Oasis in the Middle East.
In the other hand, Iraq would not be burning, its people would be displaced in a much smaller scale, and in general, the horror that Iraq has become would be, well, more subservient for sure, but less of a horror... for the present time anyway.

It could be said Layla, and I am sure it's said, that if Saddam Hussein had played by "the masters" rules, much of what has transpired in the last three years would not have been...

Actually it could be said that, Saddam Hussein as the president of Iraq, could have steered history in a very different path, even before the Kuwait incident and subsequent war and so called sanctions.

Now Layla, please be gentle on me... Although I believe that what I said could possible be true, I also believe in honor and dignity, I believe that living without either is questionable if it's worth living...

Quoting Cheryl Wheeler

"... what I know is
If it were up to me, I'd take away the guns"

Hasta la victoria siempre!
Anonymous said…
Well now Layla, this one is actually quite a play on words if you want to "get down". If I were you, I would have told the Northern astrologer, just where to stick it, "up the ying yang" which for mere reasons of polite speech, I refer you to look up the meaning, because this is just what the US has done to Iraq in a MOST vulgar way. So she thinks YOU need to get over your anger? Anyone who has been raped in such a fashion as has your country, has a RIGHT to all the anger fathonable and THEN some, because it is BEYOND words what has been done and it is a crime, a sin, and abomanable. I do not have the words to describe my feeling as do you, but my shame as an American is visceral. Take care Dear Layla, take care.
Anonymous said…
Layla, you are such a sweetie with your writing, why don't you write some nice yin(s), such as......oh scrub it, never mind.

Let me try again:
Layla, you are too yang-ed up. If you continue you will exhaust all the yang(s) and leave none for any yang seekers. So sock it to them with loads of yin. This will put the fancy house monitors into such a cardiac yang, the heart rectifiers will do brisk business. Psst....Those Zionist docs are looking for work.
"They work hard for their money.
So hard for their honey.
They work hard for their money.
So they better get it right.

Don't question my lyrics. It's good.
So Layla, shock them with a heavy dose of YIN. They think you can't do it. Show 'em. Smoke 'em out, bring 'em on. Those smart Zionist docs will have their pound of flesh, dead or alive.
Angel said…
Hi Layla,

Re the Western world breaking down over a sick dog. You are absolutely right. You remember the youtube clip of Yankers torturing the dog?

That has been seen by a lot of bloggers, and they are all indignant about the dog, but stuff the people. Are their brains addled, or something?

Typical Yankers.

Stay safe.
Anonymous said…
'I mean here is my Yin screaming her head off and no real Yang is making a difference in any positive, substantial way.'

oh my god, this is a funny post!
Anonymous said…
To George:
"go shopping at the mall"
That's the key. In another decade, that will change drastically and "the accumulation of wealth" will assume a quite different meaning.

To Lost here:
I'll go easy.
Your education system has you lost all over the place, not only here.
I have lived in a once occupied country, and originated from another such country. You feel "the occupation" in your bones.
I once spoke with a staff member (American woman) and she told me that I should change my name to Michael. She added that she has a friend who has the same first-Muslim-name as mine and he changed his name to Michael. I told her I will not adopt an slave name. Today that would be an ""occupied" name. "She was shocked and went on to say, "But this is the melting pot." I responded with, "Blacks have been trying to "melt" for over a century."
We often use the word melt when we mean dissolve. So I would say that Blacks are, "un-meltable", cannot dissolve, insoluble. Those pigment-genes need to be silenced. And then we have the mouth-genes, nose-genes,....ahh scrub it. We have six-star prisons. Better than five-star.
I have told all of my children that, should they abandon their culture, they will be naked. And should they need an apt example, look at American Blacks. Everything was taken from them and then they were given the Star of David prisons. This is America’s design on the “non-white” world.
Yes, after they have you totally screwed, you are another place for sex-tourism. Comfort women, comfort boys, comfort men, comfort hole in an oil-pipeline. That one will be well-oiled for some time. Not to mention several permanent super military –bases and their attendant multi-dimensional pollution.
When I watch Iraqi MEN stretch their hands up to American Tanks, for candy, I FEEL HUMILIATED. The men have been made into lowly dogs. Not to mention what is said to them. That’s how I feel.
The word, “pait-we-uts’ is American. We have used it to the extent that we own it. Not another country in this or any universe, has patriots. Only America does. The others are to be “pait-we-ut-ed.”
Rationalizing occupation is not an option. It is an “F” for failure. Sorry.
I will make another post since this one is already long.
Life...!!! said…
Western women in bed with their dogs and practicing the most rabid form of racism towards humans. What a paradox
Life...!!! said…
The misplaced WMD's
Considering that Americans, who were raised in metropolitan areas, don't know that chicken have feathers, then such persons in the employ of The CDC will not know that a newly mown lawn does not yield hay. The grass, is classified as hay only after it has been allowed to dry. Poor CDC, chew on that cud.

Well, let's see. Bolton wants to 9/11(or WMD) the top three floors of the UN. All the inspectors looking for WMD's in Iraq were CIA spies (as per Scott Ritter).

Hindsight: The WMD will be found where the "inspectors" secreted them. They were UN employees, weren't they, doubling-up for the CIA? How neat! Also, they had access to the three top floors.
What took them so long?
When will the vials be "beamed" back over to Syria. Some "smoke-em-out" clown knows that they are in Syria. Not unlike Powell and his "clowning" at the UN.
What I will never understand is, after all the lies, why does anyone believe anyone in the American or British Administration?
Life...!!! said…
Hi Layla:
I am happy that I can make you LOL. However, I experience a sense of guilt when I seem to trivialize grave situations where peoples' lives are in such turmoil. I am very sorry for that.
Despite the fact that I make funny comments, almost everything I write is true.
Life...!!! said…

How do you send money to Iraq without being accused of funding the "terrorist"?
Unknown said…
Can hardly believe you would continue a dialogue with such a fool. I'm shocked!
Unknown said…
Holy sister,

I have been sent this link by 4 people now. Is this valid at all? It is the only thing I've heard that comes close to the insanity of Brehmer wanting to bring the population of Iraq down to 5 million that you mentioned over a year ago.
Anonymous said…
Antony singing "If It Be Your Will". Enjoy
Anonymous said…
i think, yin or yang is not the problem. nor stars.

this antisemitic holocaust on the semitic irac people must come to an end. that's the problem.

"I forgot to ask her if she was a Jew by any chance." as jews do have experienced annihilation in history, perhaps they have a clue how to come to some constructive solution?
Anonymous said…
Can you get rid of the word verification thing when you decide to take a vacation? It gives the faithful a chance to talk about you when you're not around :-)
Anonymous said…
To Life:

You asked how I am able to send money to Iraq without being accused of supporting the "terrorists." So far, I've been lucky, although the FBI did come to my house and interview me for over two hours. They left apparently satisfied that I was telling the truth, namely, that the money I send is going directly to families in need in Iraq--not to terrorists.
YoUnicorn said…
Dear Layla

What do I do with all the misery I witness around me because of some murderous Yankee Yang or some chauvinist Persian Yang or some sectarian Iraqi Yang or some sleeping Arab Yang, or some indifferent, careless Western Yang ?

Yes yes yes brilliant questions !
EXACTLY !!!!! You mentioned the
**those** right yangs.
The yang (s)who have been the power who denying the ying have made all the destruction and suffering happen in Iraq and else where in ME and LA... IMHO
I think, my own thoughts, ying does not need to be passive either.
Why they think that women or ying have to follow a pattern, even in the most complicated or painful events?
Yang or ying .. wrongs are wrongs.
The positive and the negative of ying and yang?
I hope I am making some *sense* dear.
I give some credit to astrology.. but ?

I loved what you wrote My Dear Layla, is it very meaningful !
In the scheme of things, we all
are related with our own ying and yang.
Thank you !
I also wanted to comment on the paintings. I never do, I read and reply and forget.. I like them
all, very appropiate and full of colour. Excellent all of them

Long live Iraqi Resistance !!!

Much love always

I have been trying to post for 2 days, hope this one slowly goes through LOL
Layla Anwar said…
Yoland, salam dear,

Am not sure if it Yin or Ying, or ding a ling...Whatever it is...Am saturated with the bullshit I keep hearing. It is like people out there live in a bubble and have no friggin clue as to what is going on.
Take care and lots of love
Layla Anwar said…
some really good comments here...
As for the anonymous who asked me about word verification and my being on holidays.
I am in Honolulu actually. Great place. I even took up surfing on waves. You should join me sometimes.
Word verification is precisely to deterr idiots from commenting.
Layla Anwar said…
to anonymous re. the holocaust and ze jews.
the brilliant astrologer believed that Israel was not under the influence of this " combative planetary constellation". Jews are such peacee loving people...Doves, pure doves.
YoUnicorn said…
Salaam Dear Layla

Indeed ,-(((

Yes, in their stupid f.. bubble !!!

Much love
Unknown said…
WOW!!! Really glad you got to take a break in Honolulu.(Hope you are not joking).
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla:

I am addicted to your blog now.. can't say anything but the more I read, the more I know, the more hatred accumilates in my heart.. they ruined our coutry, they kidanpped our past, present and future.. Could you tell me where is HE..

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