The "Savior" has landed.

Very distressing piece of news on al-
Seems that the man in black, the turbaned, psychotic, farce called Muqtada al Sadr has returned as the Savior of Iraq.
He made his appearance in Kufa and this is what he had to say to his "masses".

"The Iraqi government and other forces are trying to help the Baathists to return. (Is this bad satire or what?). We would not allow the Baathists to return and I will try to stop that."

When talking about other "sects" such as sunnis and christians. Note the following :

"Conversion threats.
Al-Sadr also promised to protect Iraq's Sunni and Christian minorities from hardline "Sunni" factions, or Nawasib, such as al-Qaeda, if US forces would allow his fighters to deploy.
He said: "I received complaints from brother Sunnis and some Christians about the aggressions of the Nawasib. I am ready to defend them and will be a shield for them, although the occupier would not accept that.
I say that our houses and cities are open for them and that for Iraqis to kill Sunnis and Christians is a sin. What the Nawasib are doing to compel the Christians to embrace Islam is despicable."
Christians living in Sunni districts of southern Baghdad have complained of receiving death threats from fighters ordering them to convert.
Al-Sadr also had tough words for al-Maliki's goverment over its failure to provide public services in Iraqi cities, four years after Saddam's fall.
He said: "There is an abundance of cries and complaints calling for democracy in Iraq. Despite these calls, the Iraqi people remain deprived of services like water and electricity and even communications.
"If the government won't help, we will have another word with it."

My oh my, the circus has not stopped and is unlikely to stop.
Of course the intelligent reader which I assume you are, will understand the script here.

Just in case you do not, allow me to elucidate it for you.

Sadr was co-opted by the Iranians back in 2004. (For more on a brief history of the shia political clergy in Iraq, read this piece here spotted on Palestinianpundit. Mind you I do not agree with everything the article states but that is besides the point)

Sadr took refuge in Iran whilst his boys did not stop torturing and massacring both Sunnis, Christians and add, the Palestinians.

At the same time, the sunnis and christians are being harassed by "Al-Qaeda" salafists.

Now, who is exactly behind al Qaeda is another ball game altogether. But suffice to say that these two populations, sunnis and christians are now caught between two swords and ditto for the Palestinians (the same fate they are enduring in Iraq is being repeated again in Lebanon.)

So what happened is as simple as A.B.C.

Terrorize these two populations, torture them, drill them, rape them, burn their shops down, wall them in (remember Jaysh al Mahdi - his boys - were helping the American forces build the Adhamiya wall). In sum render them helpless and traumatized and with no defender.

Also let me remind you that the ministers in charge of Electricity, Health... are Sadrists, in other words his Boys. And they deliberately thwart electricity, water and health supplies to the sunnis areas.

Then do what Iran did to Muqtada al Sadr, co-opt them and pose yourself as their ultimate savior from the nasty bad wolf called Al-Qaeda and get another Seymour Hersh to spill the beans about the bad, bad wolf.
(Is that not also what the U.S. government allegedly does. Be the slayer of the bad, bad wolf al Qaeda?)

Seems that Muqtada al- Sadr came back from Iran with fresh new directives and is concocting in the most feeble of ways yet another ploy and the ultimate goal is?
Pose himself as the patriotic, anti-sectarian (hahahaha) Iraqi for a united anti-occupation front and ultimately take full reign of the government.

Now that al Hakeem is ill and al Maliki has failed with a big F, Sadr is trying to have his full grip over the government and Iran, through him, have its full grip over what it considers a natural extension of its geographical borders - Iraq.

So who is al-Qaeda after all? The US ? Iran ? Israel ?
All of the above, none of the above?

A close reading of the actors in Iraq and the fate of the Palestinians there, repeating itself now in Lebanon (same scenario) will provide you with a very good clue.

Painting: Iraqi female artist,Yaqeen Abdulaimy.


Anonymous said…
this is starting to go over my head now.........who are all these people????
Anonymous said…
"Of course the intelligent reader which I assume you are, will understand the script here.

Just in case you do not, allow me to elucidate it for you."


Anonymous said…
"At the same time, the sunnis and christians are being harassed by "Al-Qaeda" salafists."


whats a salafist??
Anonymous said…
"(remember Jaysh al Mahdi - his boys - were helping the American forces build the Adhamiya wall). "


no i can't remember.....who is he??
Anonymous said…
al Hakeem is ill and al Maliki has failed with a big F


and they are????
Anonymous said…
So who is al-Qaeda after all? The US ? Iran ? Israel ?
All of the above, none of the above?

A close reading of the actors in Iraq and the fate of the Palestinians there, repeating itself now in Lebanon (same scenario) will provide you with a very good clue.


is it iran then??
Anonymous said…
ive had more than i can take of off to watch the footy
Layla Anwar said…
oh jr, what a feeble ploy on your part. And me who thought you were very clever...!

I think I will go and watch the footsy or footy too!
G.Gar said…
This blog must be a must read for all conscious Arabs, if there is ever such a thing.

As far as I understand, Iraqi resistance will wipe out Iranised sadrists, once Americans are out.
Please tell me yes!

"Now, who is exactly behind al Qaeda is another ball game altogether"

I suggest that you make a post or a series of posts about this issue

cheers princess
Anonymous said…
stop posting so often! Some of us work for a living and can't keep up.
where do you find this art? it's starting to get creepy!

squirmy prop
Anonymous said…
Layla, Layala, Layla,
Yagooluna layla fi el Iraq mareethatun, aya laitany kuntu altabeeb al mudawya.
I see now what you see in jr. That is haram and sick. And here I'm confusing him even more.
I still disagree with you about the trio. The only thing they have in common is the destruction of Iraq and to make it into their image. But they are compititors, Israel and its master on one side and Iran on the other. I think Iran is being set up for massive attack, but not invasion. I hope I'm wrong.
I agree, however, that the opium dealer wants to be the new Maliki.
Anonymous said…
I'd have thought that when Jr. visits this site, he would know something about the background in Iraq, as well as the political players! But it appears that he doesn't.

Layla, I just think he enjoys the audience!!! Silly man!
Naj said…
Iran considers Iraq a "natural extension of its geographical borders"!!!!!!!

It does???????????????????

Gee, I had no clue!

Do you Arabs enjoy being paranoid?!
Layla Anwar said…

I do not disagree with me about the Trio even though I do hold NUANCES.
This is the way I see it.And please read to the end and tell me your views.

- The US says al Qaeda is in Afghanistan, the bad wolf remember.
They invade Afghanistan, destroy it completely and take it back beyond the stone age. Who helped them in their hunting the wolf?
Iran(amongst others)by sending men to track down the "wahabis". They facilitated the task for Big Satan to get to the wolf.

- Then the US cried, the wolf has ties with Saddam Hussein and is in Iraq. Iran said yes little red riding hood you are right. I am going to help you there too. So it sends its men (under the name of the Iraqi govt) on US tanks to get rid of the bad bad wolf..

- Al Sadr yesterday on al Jazeerah TV now calls the baathists salafists. He said the baathists are the salafists in Iraq and Bush said only yesterday once the congress approved his new bill of 2 billion dollars that the US army in Iraq will stay to fight the bad wolf al Qaeda. An article in the NY times came out recently stating that 100'000 american soldiers will be kept in Iraq by 2008 to fight al Qaeda.

- In Lebanon , Al Qaeda has showed up in the north of the country. The bad wolf is around in belad al sham now.
Hezbollah who only last summer criticized heavily the lebanese army because it was not fighting the war against the great satan Israel, yesterday praised the lebanese army and said "it is a red line that cannot be crossed".
You know why don't you? Because now the lebanese army is majority hezbollah boys.- read Iran.
And he slightly criticized the American shipping of arms as being "slightly excessive"

Now the intelligent question to ask is wHO HAS BENEFITED from the Bad wolf as an ALIBI so far?

I leave it to you and other readers to answer that question.
Layla Anwar said…

Seems you do not know much about your country's involvement in Iraq or worse you refuse to know...
Paranoid and delusional are the mullahs your country keeps sending to what was once a SECULAR state that treated women like human beings.
Layla Anwar said…
hello amre,

Please read my response to Optomistic concerning al Qaeda the big bad wolf...and I welcome your thoughts.
As for Naj, I think I already second guessed...
Anonymous said…
jr coyote,

Did you ever wonder why your mum sent you out in the street to play as a child? She was hoping you would not make it back you poor excuse of a human. Coyote you're a loser!!!

And yes every time you post coyote, it shows more and more you belong on the short bus.

We can also tell the brit's are not to concerned about who they let run the roads. I think your mum droped you on your head to many times as a child.

You're just hopeless, helpless and lost.

Savage American Warrior
Anonymous said…
Layla, if we were married to each we will starve to death, for we will be busy argueing non stop and have no time to earn a living or cook.
I have read it. You grew up in America, weren't you? That is why you don't see what I see. Write after 9/11 the Iranian leadership was scared. That the top leadership did not sleep in their usual places. They were afraid of retaliation. The FM of England flew to Iran and to Syria and, did what England do best deceive and manipulate people one against the other, assured them both that if they cooperated against Al-Qaeda, they have nothing to worry about. Because they were so scared they jumped on the offer. War is 90% deceiving as Szu said. When Afaginstan and Iraq were invaded and destroyed, the heat turned on Iran. If you look at the map, you will see Iran is being surrounded 360deg by US forces. Of course Iran benefited from the destruction of Iraq and Afag. But they, Syria and Iran, realized that they are next.
The USA goal is to dominate the world not only Iraq. To do that they need to first control the world energy. And accomplish that they have get rid of any country or leadership that opposes them. Iran's goal to bleed America to death and drive them out of the ME. If the Iranian succeeded, then the ME and the Arab oil is theirs.
Of course the Iranians are doing it with Iraqi and Arab, Lebanon, blood. If the USA is driven out of ME, the super power status is diminished. The Dollar will be completely useless. I know You read Mike Whitney articles.
Also, by the way Iran worked to use the Euro for its trade.
Given this sceario. Will USA accept defeat and lose every thing. I don't think so. The US worked to control and dominate the world for over a century. The US spent over a trillion on Iraq so far. They are not going to pack and leave and hand it over to Iran.

For this reason Iran will be wiped out. Unless a miracle happens.
Have you read " The Grand Chessboard"? Iran is being set up.
Anonymous said…
that was an unnecesary and cruel attack savage the american wanker.....i hope ure pleased with yourself
Anonymous said…
optomistic u dipshit learn how to spell
Anonymous said…
little deer u incessant little twit i dont need running commentary on my posts
Anonymous said…
prop u stingy little jew perhaps u ought to spend a little less time is not everything in life u know
Anonymous said…
hi layla how its going?
Kniall said…
Who is al-Qaeda indeed?

The archetypal projection of a psychopathic mindset, perhaps? When enjoined in psychic battle by a normally functioning mind, insufficient protective measures allow the highly contagious and increasingly reason-resistant 'Al-Qaeda' virus to rapidly infect its new host, in the process mutating guarded, but sensible and well-laid, intentions into apocalyptic bloodlust...
Anonymous said…
piss off neil
Anonymous said…
You welfare hogging moron! If people like me didn't work, your sorry-ass would've died years ago of starvation! After all, it's people like me that keep the world
going ;-) was me that called you a 'headache' in the previous column. I was too tired when I made the comment and forgot to add my name. Happens sometimes, but I'm usually willing to admit it. I did laugh when I realized I was ridiculing someone else for posting as 'anon', then forgot to sign off on my own post.
I wasn't willing to sign back in. Again, you're a HEADACHE ;-)

SASSY prop
Anonymous said…
I forgot to ask...

Why is anyone who works and achieves something considered a 'stingy little jew"?!

I'm not a jew, but I do appreciate those who get out and do something -vs- those who sit around and wallow in self-pity.

"ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for YOURSELF"....prop

wise prop ;-)
LostHere said…
Wow! Sometimes is just so easy to get distracted from the message because of the art works that you post, and also the way you seem to match them to whatever your post is...
So what are you, a curator of an art gallery, museum or guild?

...And if Iraq has been "sooo repressed" how come there is such a vibrant art scene? I thought that usually is associated with personal freedoms and education.

About the message, yes I was reading the news, yesterday I believe, and had to think "what now!" because it seems that some new twist in the situation is about to happen.

Question, What is the relationship between the Badhar and the Mahdi "associations"? Both are being supported by Iran, with the Badhar of course having a long Iranian association, but, are they associated between them or are both playing for power independently of each other? Is there some clear knowledge of what each one of them aspire to? Or are they both two different paths to reach the same theocratic state?

G.Gar said…
What you have highlighted is very alarming. I like so much how you linked Iran's clients to the unholy alliance of US-Israel!

It makes perfect sense, Al-quaeda bad wolf is being used as an excuse to give way to the rise of a non Arab middle east ruled by Iran's clients and Israel. When the new power structures will have been established, Iran and Israel will move closer to eachother overtly rather than covertly!

That is whole new thread, that has been invisible for a long time!
you have fitted in the puzzle peaces very well.

There, it would be relevant to mention that Iranian state men are constantly cracking down on el-queda people who are responsible for terrorism in "Iraq" whilst they have no qualms about posting
a big picture for the El-Quaeda "god father" Khaled El-Islambolly in Tehran, in order to fondle with MBs and Islamists in Egypt and to a lesser extent Jordan
Anonymous said…
jr coyote,

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coyote does your mum still lay paper on the floor next to the door for you to do your duty?

baaa ba baaa baa, have a nice day.

Anonymous said…
prop u sob if u use the word sassy one more time i can going to slam my fist into your stupid gob
Anonymous said…
ps. i dont recall mentioning nething abt achieving anything.........just being too greedy for money and not taking any time off work is equivalent to a being a stingy jew
Anonymous said…
losthere u dumb little runt, what do u think layla is, prometheus or the fuck does she know whats going on......why dont u try engaging your own brain for a change and figuring things out for yourself
Anonymous said…
savage the american wanker....wot r u bleating on abt tempted to come over to america just to give u a clip round the ear
Layla Anwar said…

Again I disagree with your analysis. Married? cooking? earning a living together? My you are an optimist indeed.
And no I was not born and not brought in the U.S.
Layla Anwar said…
Amre Al Abyad,

Only today the Great Satan and the Mullahs have reached a "broad policy" consensus on Iraq. Read the dailies please. The game is over and it is all too clear except for those who deliberately want to keep wearing blinkers on.
Layla Anwar said…
lost here,

Yes indeed if Iraq was soooo repressed, how come the art and the quality of it?

As for Badr of the Al Hakeem and Sadr, I do not think there are major conflicts between them. I think it is more of a struggle for who will have the upper hand. Both are under Sistani's guidance and Iran...It is only a question of whom will win more of the american blessings in the coming months.
Please read the article I linked to this post on a brief history of the Shia clergy in Iraq.
Thanks for your comments, they are always intelligent and raise good questions.
Layla Anwar said…

And me who thought you were sleeping on floors and eating bugs awaiting to save Africa...
Seems the good protestant ethic of work and profit has taken you over.
Anonymous said…
jr coyote,

Didn't anyone tell you chasing autos and biting the tires would cause brain damage. And I'll tell you right now you little bitch you don't want any part of me.

You better stick to the penned up sheep because after I got done with you you wouldn't even be able to pacify the sheep. Do you understand that you little brit bitch?

Anonymous said… i don't understand....please could you expand on that a little further?
Anonymous said…
"Again I disagree with your analysis. Married? cooking? earning a living together? My you are an optimist indeed."


lol nice won layla........i dont think "optomist" will be showing his mug around here anytime soon
Anonymous said…
j retard coyote

you are a brain dead bitch. What part don't you understand the part you being a bitch or getting your head ran over?

There's your sign!


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