A Saddam obsession...

The online dictionary defines obsession as "a domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. " and as "a compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion..."

Now Sami (I never use real names by the way) is a prototype of someone obsessed. However, Sami's obsession has a peculiarity of its own. His obsession is Saddam Hussein (the legitimate president of Iraq.)

I have known Sami for over 15 years now. I have known him "before" and "after".
"Before" and "After" have become code words amongst Iraqis to refer to that cursed day - the day of the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq.

When Iraqis discuss something, anything, almost always someone will ask this question: "Was that before or after?"

Sami before and Sami after and his obsession has not ceased...

Sami is originally from what is now called the Adhamiya Ghetto. Apart from our common attachment to this ghetto, we share nothing else.

Before, Sami would blame everything that went wrong in his personal life, in Iraq and in the world on Saddam.

He went prematurely bald - like very bald (mind you, I have nothing against bald men, some can look quite sexy - not Sami though.) He blamed Saddam for his alopecia. He said it was due to stress and Saddam was responsible for his stressful life.

Sami's girlfriends would dump him - for what I consider obvious reasons to do with his personality - He blamed Saddam for it. He ardently believed that women would flee him because he had no money to take them out on a date and of course it was Saddam's fault.

During his periods of abstinence due to lack of girlfriends, again he blamed Saddam for his libidinal frustrations.

When Sami could not hold a job for more than 2 months because of his utter laziness, he justified it as the job market simply having no place for a genius like himself. And it was all because of Saddam, of course.

When no one would buy Sami's lousy art or what he considered as "art". He firmly believed that no one appreciated his works because of the general cultural atmosphere. And again Saddam was the culprit.

If Sami got up on the wrong side of the bed, it was because of Saddam. If he was having a bad day, Saddam...If he farted sideways, again Saddam.

Naturally, the blame did not stop there. It went to encompass everything else.
The initial Iranian aggression on the Iraqi villages and the ensuing Iraq-Iran war was Saddam's fault.
The so-called "oppression of the Kurds" (incidentally one of the biggest lies in contemporary history), all because of Saddam.
The so-called "repression " of the Shias, (another blatant lie- a broken record rehashed till this very day even though all evidence point that the sectarians from this sect were armed, financed and trained by Iran - look at Iraq now!) was also because of Saddam.
Gulf War I - Saddam.
The 13 years of a draconian embargo - Saddam.
The invasion and occupation of Iraq - Saddam.

I forgot to mention a very "interesting" point about Sami's political inclinations.
He is a self proclaimed atheist who quoted the Koran when the invasion took place saying : "It may be something you hate but which is beneficial for you".

He is a also a self labeled "progressive", a so-called "communist" who voted for the butcher of Fallujah, Allawi. And at times, a hardcore capitalist who would get terribly excited at the sight of raw cash.

After the occupation, Sami was jubilant, elated.
To be fair, he was not the only one. I knew a whole bunch of Iraqis sharing his political inclinations being as exalted. However, they were more discreet about it and did not flaunt in public the way Sami did. But they did vote for the butcher of Fallujah. Of that am sure. And some even voted for the death squads militias of Sadr and al Hakeem!

A few days ago, I had the misfortune of bumping into Sami. And I will let you in on our brief "conversation".

Him : Layla! Long time no see.

Me : Yes indeed. How are you and how is your family?

Him : You mean in the ghetto? Did you know they are making them wear badges, scan their irises and take their digital prints?

Me : Yes I know.

Him : Did you know that they are not allowed to leave the ghetto during certain hours. And if they don't make it back by 9 pm they are deliberately targeted by the sectarian militias.

Me : Yes I know. We have become the new Jews of the occupation or the new Palestinians.

Him: Yes we have indeed.

Me : (playing dumb) Who do you think is behind all of this?

Him: America, Iran and Israel through the kurds of course.

Me : Iran and the Kurds? But I thought the shias were repressed and the kurds oppressed?
(funnily enough Chomsky and Co. hold the same discourse).

Him: All Saddam's fault!

Me : The man is dead. You are still at your usual scapegoating.

Him : Yes it is because of him. He should have finished these sectarians of al Dawah, Al- Sadr, Al Hakeem, Al Jaafari once and for all...

Me : And the kurds? I guess you must be happy now?

Him: Happy? Again it is Saddam's fault. He is to blame. He should have never given them autonomy back in 1974. Their status in Iraq should have been like their current/present status in the neighboring countries like in Iran, Turkey and Syria. Why sign a treaty and give them autonomy. It's all because of him.

Me : Give the man a break. He is dead.

Him: And did he have to die this way? I mean why did he not accept the Rumsfeld offer? Did he have to support the resistance? Do you know that I have invested 1 million dollars in real estate and now the buildings are occupied by the militias and the resistance and my money has gone down the drains.

Sami paused to catch his breath, wipe beads of sweat from his forehead and pass his fingers through his invisible hair...

At that point I started feeling very nauseating. Something in my facial expression must have been a give away.

Him: Are you ok? You look a little sick.
Me : I suddenly feel rather queasy. Maybe Saddam has something to do with it. Do excuse me I better rush off before I throw up on... you.

I walked away, quickening my pace and took one last look at Sami, as if to draw this ultimate, definitive frontier between him and this category of Iraqis and...myself.

I saw his shining bald head reverberating in the sunlight like a cracked mirror and I walked even faster almost running...

As I saw the distance separating Sami (and his ilk) growing wider and wider, I slowed down and at one point, I could have sworn, I saw Saddam smiling at me as if to tell me : "I told you so ".
I caught myself replying out loud : "And as usual, you were right."

A passer by noticed me talking to myself. I saw him slightly shaking his head in dismay and most likely thinking to himself, here is another case of a woman gone mad.

Well occupations do that to you. You either start talking to the dead or talking to yourself.
I guess you can call it an obsession. And it can get to be a very lonesome place too.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.


Anonymous said…
Layla, I enjoy your writings, but this one is not one of them. I, too, blame this article on Saddam. If it were not for him you wouldn't have written this article. I worry about you and about everyone in your situation. If I may share with you my secret to save my sanity: Be philosophical about every thing and try to deal with the present and stay on top of it, so you can deal and cope with the future. No one can reverse the time. I never tried though. Let Saddam's soul rest in peace...
Think of this world we live in as a game played with bullets and bombs and has no spectators. Everyone has to play the deadly game. Everyone is already in the field. There is no choice. The rules are no rules, set by the strong, and constantly changing. The challange is to stay alive... Stay alive.
Anonymous said…
layla ure nearly as old as my mum!!
Anonymous said…
is this sami character a figment of your imagination??
Anonymous said…
I could have sworn, I saw Saddam smiling at me as if to tell me : "I told you so ".
I caught myself replying out loud : "And as usual, you were right."

lol.....that is sum funny shit....had u been drinking during the day??
Anonymous said…
The initial Iranian aggression on the Iraqi villages and the ensuing Iraq-Iran war was Saddam's fault.
The so-called "oppression of the Kurds" (incidentally one of the biggest lies in contemporary history), all because of Saddam.
The so-called "repression " of the Shias, (another blatant lie- a broken record rehashed till this very day even though all evidence point that the sectarians from this sect were armed, financed and trained by Iran - look at Iraq now!) was also because of Saddam.
Gulf War I - Saddam.
The 13 years of a draconian embargo - Saddam.
The invasion and occupation of Iraq - Saddam


to be fair to sami the first 3 were his fault, and the 4th he played his part....so 3 and half out of 6 isnt too bad
Anonymous said…
He is a also a self labeled "progressive", a so-called "communist" who voted for the butcher of Fallujah, Allawi. And at times, a hardcore capitalist who would get terribly excited at the sight of raw cash


he is a progressive communist capitalist?? hes sounds like a complicated person.....i think u might be being too hard on him
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
Thanks for yet another brilliant and truthful piece.
For all its worth, you're not alone although I agree it does seem like a lonesome place.
Four years have gone by since the barbaric invasion of our Iraq and despite the fact that the obvious truths have clearly surfaced , we still hear the same old bullshit and lies by none other than the real thugs that by now have been exposed for the whole world to see (at least for those who care to see and they're the ones that count anyway..).But don't worry, that is , however frustrating it may seem, a good sign.. Yes, because when someone is cornered and has lost all credibility, he/she/they will continue to point the finger as a last attempt to regain that false and baseless power they had unlawfully grabbed...and they will continue to do so until they shrink in their own lies and dissapear.And believe me they're shrinking...the whole lot of them.
God bless you.Ameen.
Anonymous said…
Sami paused to catch his breath, wipe beads of sweat from his forehead and pass his fingers through his invisible hair...


reading between the lines, i think it is fairly obvious u hate sami cos u find him ugly
Anonymous said…
A question...why was the Kurds
a lie and the Shias a lie? I
really want to understand.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.1

I did not get your comment or maybe you did not get my article...
I think it is more of the second case.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.3

look at the present situation and the forces at play and you will see what it was a lie...Also look at the way Saddam was killed and you will understand the nature of the lie.
Layla Anwar said…
since am old enough to be your mum, why don't you just quit your obsession of me!
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous 2

Thank you. Yes unfortunately some Iraqis will never cease in blaming and scapegoating even the dead...
Might as well face it, Iraqis are their own worst enemy.
God bless you too.
Anonymous said…
does that mean im not welcome anymore on your blog????
Layla Anwar said…

it means stop obsessing about me. Interpret it the way you like it.
Anonymous said…
i interpret it as u saying stop clogging up my blog with your junk and get lost
Anonymous said…
....which is a fair point and i will be taking your advice on board
Layla Anwar said…
jr, I have never asked you this before and without indiscretion, how old are you exactly? and second question is what brought you to my blog? Are you interested in Iraq or what exactly ?
Anonymous said…
what does my age have to do with anything!!
Anonymous said…
i found your blog from medialens msg board......that idiot gabrielle kept linking articles from uruk or whatever its called and from there i think i found your blog.....i cant really remember exactly to be honest.
Anonymous said…
"The initial Iranian aggression on the Iraqi villages and the ensuing Iraq-Iran war was Saddam's fault.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq - Saddam"

JR, you make some valid points, but you left out the country that was responsible for not only encouraging Saddam to invade Iran, but they also armed Iraq with weapons, including biological and chemcial agents and cash.
This nation thought by helping stage a war between Iraq and Iran, those countries would do both the United States and Israel a favor by killing each other off. Or so decimate each country thru war that they would be powerless to defend the country against other threats.

Like another invasion (Operation Desert Slaughter Part II), based on lies that Saddam had nuclear weapons that he was planning to use on the US.

Or that Saddam was in possession of other WMD's.

Which he wasn't. The UN inspectors took care of that.

But President Whacko and his henchmen like Cheney and Rumsfeld have never let truth stand in the way of telling a good lie.. Or starting an illegal and immoral war.
LostHere said…
It's funny you would write this... funny to read too.
The thing is, I am one of those “obsessed” people, or I must be.
I know I am going on a limb posting this comment on your blog, but I tend to blame just about all things bad that happen in society on religion. Yes, I seem to believe that religion is the worst trait of humanity, and not matter what it is, if it is bad, I know I can trace it to religion.
Now, I am not an educated man, but I am a reasonable person and as such I know I can’t be right, it can not be possible that all social illness be attributable to religion, but for more than I try, I just can find a different answer, so after reading your post I thought, here is the answer, I am just obsessed!
Well, I am not really convinced of it to be an obsession, so for the time being, in my mind I’ll still blame religion.
Religion! Talk about the ultimate divider…
As a disclaimer I will admit to being a non believer in any one god, maybe many gods in a Pantheistic way would make more sense to me,but not a creator. In anycase, I have nothing against any one's personal believes, to each is own, but all religions tend to push their “current interpretations” on everyone else’s, and that is where my problem comes.
Since this is the blog of an Arab woman, a Muslim woman, I will admit that in all my readings and research, I have found only one time in history where a Theocracy was tolerant of everyone else’s religion, and that was under a Muslim regime in the tenth century.

Changing the subject, you often post comments about how Saddam was right, and although I do understand some of what you say, because I see Iraq now and I have a least some intelligence and historical memory, would you consider doing a series of posts that would inform us more specifically, of President Saddam’s views/policies and how he was right, now that we have the benefit of hindsight… or something on those lines? I think it could be interesting and informative. It could also serve as a refresher to those that tend to believe just what the present media says, forgeting about what they already knew.

Yoy have in the pass inform us on some aspects of the Kurds and their history of searching for independence, the autonomy granted by the Iraqi goverment, etc., all of it was information I personally did not know, and since them have made it a point to find more about.

Thank you for all your posts, they are enjoyable even if the subject is not.
Layla Anwar said…

Gabriele is not an idiot and far from it. He is an prolific, astute, intelligent,eloquent blogger...and it is a pity he has not written in some time now.
Layla Anwar said…
Greg Bacon,

You seem to have bought into the whole demonization, scapegoating, vilification of Saddam Hussein yourself.
Seems that you have forgotten that prior to the actual declaration of the Iraq Iran war, the bordering iraqi villages were constantly under attack. Not only that but that the Khomeini government was deliberately arming the kurds to attack the iraqi army and not only that but that Khomeini first objective once he got to power was REGIME change in IRAQ...
And this is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.
Layla Anwar said…
lost here,

Hi and sorry if you took that post personally...lol. I guess we are all a little obsessed.
I cannot argue with you about your blaming religion on everything that goes wrong. That is your perception.
I don't personally agree with that precept but then religion is not my obsession.
I do see though how religion or the religious message can be PERVERTED, DEFORMED, MANIPULATED etc...but then so it is with every system of thought.
However I did notice that you referred to what I assume to be the Andalusian period where the three monotheistic religions cohabited for over 600 years and gave birth to a world renaissance in all fields.
Hence, that single historical example that has a span of nearly 6 centuries speaks for itself in my opinion.

As for the rest, concerning the previous regime and Saddam Hussein in particular, I have tried to cover as much as I possibly can. The different forces at play, their loyalties, their allegiances...etc..and seen in this light, the decisions or the vision of Saddam Hussein was most accurate. He seemed to be very aware of all these forces, the regional interests, the zionist israeli plan, the petty imperial ambitions of Iran, the nature of the US, the kurds as a pawn in the hands of both the iranians and the israelis and I could go on and on.
But I think most importantly he was acutely aware that the USA and Israel do NOT WANT to see an independent, strong, solid, developed Arab country. They want client states and I maintain that Iraq was not a client state.
I will try in the future if I have the time and the access to cover some more of these topics.
Do remember that I do not wish to write historical essays. But will do my best to include some of these concerns in my future posts.
Re religion sometimes people (Jews and Christian Zionists for example) twist the Word of God for their own ends.

Re Saddam(RIP)as far as I'm concerned he was one of the bravest people I have heard of.
Anonymous said…
yes greg how forgetful of me.....thanks for reminding me
G.Gar said…
"USA and Israel do NOT WANT to see an independent, strong, solid, developed Arab country. They want client states and I maintain that Iraq was not a client state"

I'm not really a fan of Mohamed Hassanien Hiekal, because of his inconsitancies and hypocrytical stances. Non the less, I would quote him saying that the disportionate Israeli retaliation to Hisbollahs attack, reveals an inherent Israeli desire to prevent the flourishing of a modern successful Arab state.

Khomeinism, poverty, wahabism, Arab rulers are all together the best allies of Israel.
Hats off to the martyr of Arabism: president Sadam Husssien
Anonymous said…
layla we were talking abt *me* remember ....not that gimp gabrielle
Anonymous said…
wow saddam seemed like a pretty clever guy
Anonymous said…
Saddam was originally a CIA asset. As long as he kept the CIA happy, Saddam was free to rule as he liked.

When he tried to assert his independence by turning Iraq into a model country for its people, by using money for Iraqi oil for the benefit of the Iraqi people, he became a marked man.

And now that he's been executed, the thiefs and looters are running amuck in Iraq, again trying to steal Iraq's oil thru the bill now in front of the Parliament.

As far as Saddam's other qualities, he must have been a better man than Bush.
Anonymous said…
LostHere said...

I tend to blame just about all things bad that happen in society on religion.

I believe most US/ westerns have this idea about Islam in their minds as they working for years and usually they live in "Gated Communities" in Saudi or the Gulf countries, in Iraq we did not have any problems with religion as such, Iraq was an open society for long time there were never been a clash on religion bases.

That said as we all blame Saddam for his dictatorship and his cruelty, the fact is he did attacked any groups or individuals that opposed him, in same taken what we seeing in Iraq now after " US liberation" far more worse than Saddam did in his 35 years in power, these new gang who came with US are harming all Iraqis, from different religions, different ethics and so one, if Saddam killed those gangs and get rid of to save Iraq from them, those who flee and came over US tank they approved they are a criminals, bloodthirsty and money sucker more than Saddam, they trying to destroy Iraq killing most of the Iraqi provisional and so on so forth.

So If you think it's all the religion's fault you far mislead yourself these groups and gangs ruling Iraq under Islam they use Islam as Saddam used Ba'ath Party, its a name an umbrella these criminals using whatever available tools to hid themselves and market their sick criminal acts against the people, we see their behaviour and acts speaking loudly and clearly about themselves and what they believes this not can last forever.

This one member of gang, he will go to his grave with shame

Al-Hakim flew suddenly to the United States on Wednesday for tests after doctors at a U.S.-run hospital in Iraq detected signs of cancer in one of his lungs. The diagnosis was confirmed at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, the officials said.

Early Sunday, al-Hakim left the U.S. for Iran, where he will receive chemotherapy treatment, the officials said on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.

Al-Hakim lived in exile in Iran for more than two decades. His party was founded there in the early 1980s.

News of al-Hakim's diagnosis came hours after another key Iraqi leader, 73-year-old Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, also flew to the U.S. for a medical checkup. Talabani was hospitalized in Jordan nearly three months ago after collapsing with what doctors called exhaustion and dehydration from lung and sinus infections.
Layla Anwar said…
Just received this for another post- thought to share it with you guys. Very a propos.

"Of course this Arab bitch had to sneak a dig in th... Of course this Arab bitch had to sneak a dig in there against Jews and Israel. Never mind how much priceless atrifacts were stolen by her fellow Iraqi's after the fall of Saddam. But of course she has to rip on us Jews for getting our last holy books out of there before the "peace loving" Muslims burned and desecrated it. I used to feel sorry for the Iraqis when I was there, we used to hand out stuffed animals to their children in an effort to win "hearts and minds". All we got for it in return was bombs and bullets. Oh and for that comment by "Kathy" there;we were in the worst parts of Baghdad for weeks at a time, not on base or "holed up" like you imagine you dirty ignorant whore. I dare you to go up to a U.S Marine Iraq war vet and call him a coward to his face. I dont hit women but I would treat your ass like an Arab if I ever heard you say that. We were in combat with people who would cut your ugly ass head off if they got a chance. All this while you sat on youre fat ass in merry 'ol England talking about something you have no idea of. I have met Christians, Jews and other minorities in Iraq who were afraid for their very lives of beeng brutaly tortured and murdered for the mere fact that they were not Muslims. All these faggot ass limeys posting their anti American bullshit out to go to an Arab country one of these days, that is if they dare. They will see what a bunch of backward and hatefull people the Arabs really are. As evidence by this stupid bitch and her blog. Not a negative word for her fellow country men who are turning I raq into a hell hole, but the most scathing of critisism for the ones trying to stop it. I hope we do leave Iraq all together and just let you barbaric fuckers slaughter each other. So cus okhtek bitch!!!!! "

Most of the artifacts stolen were flown to Tel Aviv where a special musueum had already been designed to receive Iraqi Artifacts...
So Zionists Jews not only steal land they steal anything then can get hold of...Maybe they will steal God's throne himself.
So fuck you boy, fuck you and fuck your presence in Iraq and am sure we are doing a good job at it too!
Layla Anwar said…
Greg Bacon,

Saddam being a CIA agent is the most STUPID GROTESQUE LIE I have ever heard.
The Iranians say that too by the way. And the kurds who are trained by the mossad say that too...and the left wingers who applauded Bush invasion say that too.
Layla Anwar said…
And this is a mail I got from one of the brave american zionist jews.

Just thought to share it with you. What a wonderful people they are.

" Are you even a real Iraqi? Your English is way too good. I bet you work as an interpreter for the very people youre always talking shit about. It sounds like you work in the green zone. If so please quit your job and go work for the terrorists, it seems like youre the kind of gal they would love. But then again I'm sure theres no shortage of America hating Arabs in Iraq.
Hey by the way I was surprised that you didn't blame the sand storms in Iraq on the Jews as well. Or wait, the sandstorms are the work of the CIA right, the evil crusaders
Oh shit I think I gave you a new blog topic: Evil Crusaders and Zionists cause Iraqi sandstorms!!! Lets listen to American music (on an American made tape player I bet) and then talk shit and call America evil
fuck you and your blog bitch!"

Wonderful people those american jews...wonderful!
Layla Anwar said…
More thoughts on Saddam...

Let me get this right once and for all...

1) Bush and Co calls Saddam a dictator who represses and oppresses his own people ie.shia and kurds. And calls Saddam the most dangerous man in the world with WMD's and ties to al Qaeda.
So America goes and encourages the shias and the kurds and divides Iraq into ethnic lines.

2) Israel - the Jewish exclusive state who pretends to be a democracy- stated by Peres, Ariel, and the whole Nazi Group ruling occupied Palestine that Saddam is a teghoghist (terrorist- for those who can't read isreaeli english). A dictatogh (dictator)who represses his own people (shia and kurds) whilst Israel the human rights watch of the ME (hahahah) arms those seperatist kurds and Peres says he does not give a fuck if Iraq is broken into a thousand states.

3- Anti-imperialist, anti Zionist Iran (hahahahahaha) states that
Saddam was a dictator, who repressed his own people, the shia and the kurds. So Iran goes and arms the kurds since the times of the Shah and trains and arms the now Iraqi govt and provides it with death squads that torture and kill people. Arms the militias and arms the kurds and wants to see Iraq divided into states whilst it is getting the southern part free of charge. A war trophy.

4) Syria the bed partner of Iran states the same thing. Saddam is a dicatator who oppressed his own people...whilst the syrian govt eradicated a whole village in Hama with 30'000 people in it.
Then Syria for the sum of a couple of billion dollars join Desert storm in 1991 and puts its soldiers on the FIRST LINE of combat against Iraqi soldiers. ie. Against Iraq.

5) Egypt and Saudi Arabia rehashed the same slanders and put their armies alongside the Syrian army on the first line of combat during Gulf War 1 ie. Desert storm. To fight and crush the Iraqis. READ to Crush IRAQ.

6) Kuwait and some other Gulf States - ditto... And the worst amongst them was and still is Kuwait. A lot of people compare the kuwaitis to the zionists jews. And with good reason.

7) Jordan, Lybia and the rest of the dumps kept a low profile and sneaked in some support to their American brethren from under the table...

Now let me ask you this.

Who is the CIA agent here?
And if Saddam was a dictator blah blah blah that would be in comparison to whom exactly?

To George Bush, to Ariel Sharon, to the corrupt Olmert, to the Nazi Peretz, to Talabani, to Barazani, to Ahmadinajad, to Khomeini, to Al Assad family,to Al Saud family or to Hosny Mubarak?

And before you spew more shit on this blog, I ask you to think deeply of your replies.

Layla Anwar said…
oh and how can I forget the last groups . Do add no.8 to the list.

8- The salafists-Jihadists, who kill innocent iraqis and have declared their little empires (sometimes consisting of a village in Iraq), also called Saddam a dictator who repressed his own people.

9- last but not least, the anti-war ( hahahaha), the leftists (a double hahahahahahahaha) also called Saddam a dictator who repressed his own people, etc etc...

All the above 9 categories converge in their interests and interpretations. They all led to the DISINTEGRATION of Iraq.

Call me conspiratorial all you want but A CONSPIRACY IT WAS AND IT IS.

Cheers again.
Layla Anwar said…
And more last thing...
Do remember ALWAYS that Iraq had THREE very important assets that no other ARAB country has

1- the second most important oil reserves in the world.

2- Sweet Water through 2 rivers (think agribusiness)

3- A once educated, highly literate, professional, class of doctors, scientists, engineers, etc.....

And bingo bingo bingo.
Anonymous said…
hi layla.....u seem quite worked up today
Anonymous said…
uve given the self-serving reasons why 8 of the 9 groups are anti-saddam but none for the anti-war left......what is their interest....r they just thick???
G.Gar said…
Layla: I'm not jealous but we are only behind you in oil. After the war i will quarrel with you:)
Re the Jew who used to hand out stuffed animals.

To the Jew

I wish you'd be killed in Iraq better still I wish your Mum had aborted you because NITS grow into LICE.

God hates you Jew. Take a shower
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

Judging by the responses, it looks like you have been striking some major nerves with you insistence to remind people of Saddam (may he rest in peace) or your persistence in speaking of the ongoing crimes that the scum US/Israel/UK engage in against Iraq amongst others.

I was watching Zawra and they had a fantastic poem called "Yousif" which is broadcast once in a while. Yousif is an alias for Saddam and the poem speaks of how Yousif was turned on by his brothers (the Arab leaders) how he was thrown in the well and left for dead, how he was fought and targeted simply because he wanted to bring the bread with his own hands and he wanted his nation to stand on its own.

Stay strong sister and do not let the words of the evildoers put you down...There are thousands who are inspired by your energy and I for one look to you as a role model.

P.S. To the scum marine who sent the threatening e-mail: you will do well to remember your words when you are confronted with the God's justice in this world or the next.

Anonymous said…
When people cannot handle the truth, they get abusive, because they know it's the truth....so do let those vile messages to you stay where they belongs, Layla - in the sewer, like their authors.

WHO asked the writer of the first message to be in Iraq, anyway? The scumbag VOLUNTEERED to be there, in the hope of getting a few extra dollars as he obviously is trailer trash with no hope for anything better in his own land. Iraq is not his land, it's not a colony of his filthy country (much as they lust for it) and the filthy unwashed pig of a bastard says he wants to smack you (like an Arab, to quote him)? The filthy coward. What did the scum expect the Arabs to do - kiss the American massa's feet? I hope the Resistance get that scumbag. He deserves to be six feet below the sands of Iraq, headless, hopefully.

If he's reading this, I would confirm that he's a coward - killing women and children, stealing from their homes, raping women, abusing prisoners - is that the work of a HERO???????

Sorry about the foul language, Layla, but this writer's arrogance and obviously uneducated trash makes the blood boil.
Anonymous said…
the level of hatred on this thread is FRIGHTENING
LostHere said…
I see you are getting letters from "our finest"... boy, don't they sound sooo trust worthy?

This afternoon I stopped at a restaurant for lunch, I went to the bathroom, nature call, you know, and there was a newspaper there, I opened it up and there, in prominent blue letters, right under the newspapers name was the caption "home of the free, because of the brave"... I just about puked, and that is not what I was there for. What a bunch of CRAP!
Mind you, I am a patriotic man myself, and if this nation was invaded, I am sure I would be a part of the resistance, but to have to take this crap about our "brave" is just too much.
Support our troops! you see and hear everywhere. Well, bring them home a make sure they get an education for crying out loud.

Layla, about your response to me earlier, I am very aware that you do pass on a lot of great information. You seem to be a keen observer and definitely well versed with the spoken word. It is all very appreciated and it's specially good precisely because it's not in the form of historical essays. What I was thinking was something like the Angry Manifest series that you post, just as "on your face" direct, but then again, you are always that direct!
It was just a selfish suggestion.
Anonymous said…
Layla my dear sister,

You go girl, jump in the shit and come out fighting thats what I love about you, you won't bow down to the stupid shit others write.

I thought jr coyote was a numb nut but some of your e-mails seems to dwarf even his/her shit. But he/she (jc) is still nothing more then a fruit fly.

And Little Deer you're right these fags claiming to be americans are a disgrace to the human race and a sore in God's eye, and this is why they won't win the war they started in Iraq. Let them die a dogs death. For they are sick f*ckers!!!

Savage American Warrior
Anonymous said…
and to think, just last week, JR and I were the antagonists on this blog. I'm a saint compared to this crowd.

As for the post you decided to share, I stopped reading after the third cuss. Why give that person a platform?! It sounds like a kid but I'd bet a fortune (cookie) it's an adult who doesn't have the balls to show his face. It's beyond immature.

winged prop
Naj said…
Hi there,

You write beautifully! I loved reading this post.

Speasking of obsessions, I came to your blog by advice of an. egyptian man by the name of Amre Al-Abyad; who resembles the Sami of your story in his obsession.

Amre blames Persians for the whole misery of the world.

The character similarities are astonishing.

I think in general, that people who "blame", are those who are afraid to look deep down at themselves. Your story just gives that belief an embodied example.

Anonymous said…
i never noticed it but ure right, amre el-moron is a certified moron and i'd bet any money he has a shiny bald head too........either way.....the similarities are eerily similar
Layla Anwar said…
Hi naj,

Thanks for stopping by...I will let Amre respond to this. I cannot speak for him.
G.Gar said…

I'm awefully sorry for any sort of inconvenience has been made to you by Naj.

Actually, she was just an Iranian woman who dropped by my blog and kept on talking about Egyptian Irani friendship. I was very polite with her . But assured her that I can never accept Iran,unless they stay within their borders. She is a very charismatic writer with a sneekish metamorphic attidude. she is very intelligently magnifying the picture of friendly Iran reaching out for Arab neighbours, Sunni terorists bombing innocent shiite piligrimagers...etc.

She became a frequant visitor of widely read Egyptian blog. I made it my hobby to crack down on her harshly, and expose the Iranian role in Iraq to Egyptian bloggers frequanted by millions.

As for my perconality, well, it is a disgrace t speak for myself to anyone. She sends comments of the type" Iam a persian princess you Egyptian bastard and Iranian women are very beautiful.....etc

Her sick mind works in a very unpleasant way

In her blog i cornered her several times to the extent that her American leftist vistors started to question somethings they took for granted about Arabs and irans being on the same side......etc.

She started to delete some comments of mine while she left some, in order to make things seem out of context. That is when she realised that she had lost a great deal of her credibility among readers.

Layla I never asked her to come to your blog, that proves how much cunning she is:

I only invited those kind people from an Egyptian blog the link is below ): Just to make others get a real picture of what in going on in Iraq.

A clever,emotionally intelligent, sophisticated, most probably pretty, Iraqi mature woman would be the best ambassador of Iraq.


Layla, if you have been recieving harrassment emails from that woman and her friends, just tell me and I will send her an email of appology and i will never coment on your blog to make sure that you are not harrased.

kind regards
Anonymous said…
"I made it my hobby to crack down on her harshly, ......"
u sound like a dictator!!!

"She sends comments of the type" Iam a persian princess you Egyptian bastard and Iranian women are very beautiful.....etc"
lol......please can you provide proof of these accusations, and if possible, pictures of this woman so we can judge if she is indeed pretty or not

"A clever,emotionally intelligent, sophisticated, most probably pretty, Iraqi mature woman would be the best ambassador of Iraq"
plz can u stop coming onto layla in such a lecherous fashion.....if u want to ask layla out then can u ask her out straight....these constant lunges at her are putting me of my dinner

"Layla, if you have been recieving harrassment emails from that woman and her friends, just tell me and I will send her an email of appology and i will never coment on your blog to make sure that you are not harrased."
stop being so melodramatic!! no one really cares......sum people and thier egos.......it never fails to amaze me.....it really doesnt

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