I feel terribly sad today. A grey kind of sadness that is enveloping me, shutting out any rays of light, any rays of hope...
Two things are weighing heavily on my heart today. And in no order of priority, the first is the in killing, in fighting between the Palestinians.

I have always prayed that it will never come to this. Hoping against hope that reason will prevail. But it seems that reason has no place in the Middle East.

Palestinians killing each other is a Nakba. A true Nakba. What will happen next?
Will they divide what remains of the West Bank into statelets, to be shared amongst the tribal chieftains?

Israel is behind all of this. Israel and Iran. I hate politics. I hate politics with vehemence.
This is not the time to take sides. The side of Fatah or the side of Hamas.
The Palestinians must take to the streets en masse and say NO to both!
No to divisions, no to these corrupt political power mongers, no to the spilling of Palestinian blood...

Which brings me to the second thing that feels like a stone on my chest.
A report just came out- you can read it in full here - stating that Iraq is on the verge of total collapse.
The report mentions civil war, several of them, taking place in different parts of the country. And more statelets are in the making.

This is what Israel wants, this is what Iran wants, this is what America wants.
I knew that the country is on the verge of collapse. I believe it has already collapsed.
But seeing it black on white, confirmed by some British think tank (as if the Brits were not behind it too) drives that factual reality even deeper.

Iraqis killing Iraqis, Palestinians killing Palestinians, Lebanese killing Lebanese...
This is what the Machiavellis of world politics are after. The vampires of international relations live off Arab blood.
They desire these Arab bodies to drip and drip till they are completely dried out, like falling leaves, like empty wells, like hollow vessels, leaving nothing but skeletons in the sand.

Or to use Radhee's words :" I wake up in the morning and death sits next to me. I have my tea and she has one too. I walk and she accompanies me. I go to sleep at night and she is in my bed.
I see death, I breathe death, I hear death, I smell death...She is everywhere.
When she will pick me up is only a question of time..."

Painting: Iraqi artist, Dr. Hashim Al-Tawil.


Anonymous said…
Thursday, May 17, 2007
Students at Harvard launch a campaign against Israeli General

Israeli war criminal on the loose at Harvard
Wednesday May 16, 2007 18:20 by George Rishmawi - IMEMC & Agencies george at imemc dot org

A group of students and professors at Harvard University in the United States have launched a campaign against the former Israeli Army Chief of Staff, reserve General Dan Halutz.

Halutz, who resigned shortly after the war against Lebanon that he led as chief of staff, left Israel to continue studies in the Harvard Business School.

The campaign, that is organized by many, including Jewish students, describe Halutz as “Wanted War Criminal” and setup posters carrying Halutz picture saying “Wanted for War Crimes” and others saying, “General Dan Halutz was seen at HBS in May 2007.”

The posters also indicate the accusations against Halutz, including ordering Israeli war planes to carry out indiscriminate attacks against Lebanese areas killing more than a thousand civilians.

The campaign, which is organized by the Alliance for Justice in the Middle East (AJME), calls for the campus community to help them find Halutz and demanded those who see him to contact the international criminal court.

The Alliance often chases Israeli general accusing them of committing crimes against the Palestinians and demands their arrest for Human Rights abuses allegations.

Not all Americans are a bunch of sick and twisted, homicidal maniacs. A lot are, but not all.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

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Anonymous said…
whoops sorry thats only if ure suicidal......ill find a more appropriate one if i can
Anonymous said…
i see the saudis and turks are in on the act as well......where are iraqs friends???
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla, thank you. You seem to have mirrored my feelings exactly. I have watched the terrible events in Palestine and wondered why Palestinians want to hurt each other when experience has shown them that there is only one common enemy...

I have also just read the same report about Iraq you mention and had the same sinking feeling...EXCEPT when I read the bit about the 'oil law', which led me to believe that this report indicates vested interest - it recommends the 'carving up of Iraq's oil', which it claims is the only way Iraq will remain as 'one entity'. Does that really make sense, or am I wrong? Please don't let it depress you - in the end, it's what YOU feel because you are witnessing the reality on the ground, and a report written by someone outside Iraq, who probably has never been there, cannot count for much. Yes, the country is on the verge of collapse but I believe in miracles - or it could be wishful thinking....may HOPE remain when all else is gone.
In solidarity.
Layla Anwar said…
President ahmadinajad,

lol, what is your point exactly?
We know that Ismael is Haggar's son and that he is the promised son to Abraham...And?
Please elaborate
Layla Anwar said…
jr, is that a song you just composed and no am not suicidal....AM SAD, VERY SAD.
what is 1111?
And Iraq has no friends.
Layla Anwar said…
Dearest Little Deer,

I think the total collapse of Iraq is to pave the way for its partition. I did not say I agree fully with the study. Create chaos then say it's not working then partition , this is the way it usually works.
Today in Samarra, 10 people died in the local hospital.out of these 10 people, 7 were infants. They died due to lack of electricity, lack of water and lack of medication in the hospital.
I believe all of this is deliberate.
I think I will stop now, as I am getting a sinking feeling.
Take care
Anonymous said…
why are they still fighting even AFTER israel launched an airstrike.....sum1 really needs to go over and tell them to pull themselves together
Anonymous said…
the 1111 was supposed to indicate it being the first post.....i wasnt counting on the venerable greg bacon delivering his sermon so early
Anonymous said…
cheer up layla, i was very very sad a few days back but im right as rain now.......that crap song is not by me btw but ill write a song for u if u want
Anonymous said…
presd ahmedinny this is no time for telling stories u complete n utter numpty....cant u see people are upset
Anonymous said…

Order out of chaos

Divide and conquer

Resource war of the power elite

Controlled population reduction

Many intentional things are going on here, and the mass media plays along for the money. Every big corporation in the world wants cheap oil.

How to get cheap oil today?

Only 2 ways to do it -
* steal it
* kill demand for it


Therefore -

Order out of chaos

Divide and conquer

Resource war of the power elite

Controlled population reduction


I agree with your post Layla, God Bless!
LostHere said…
It is truly sad times for sure, and I echo your thoughts “seems that reason has not place in the Middle East…”

I was reading in the nation today

"…a young girl in a red track-suit jacket and black underpants, beaten, kicked and stoned to death by a mob of excited, shouting men…
At one point, bloody and dazed, the girl tries to protect herself, whereupon a man drops a big rock or lump of concrete on her face, killing her. Her crime? As an Agence France-Presse story explains, Doaa Khalil Aswad, a 17-year-old member of the Kurdish Yazidi religious minority, a non-Muslim sect, had fallen in love with a Sunni boy and possibly converted to Islam."

Is there no reason in this world?

In an article on Asian Times, Pepe Escobar writes about “The second coming of Saladin” Where, in the Moslem world, the new great general may come from? I am sure many millions of people look for a future united by such an event, but I said, if we are going to look for a repeat of the past, as wise as Saladin was, let’s hope we get another Abderraman III instead (Abd Al-Rahman III)… How wonderful would it be to experience a life of cultural and religious tolerance, as he created in the X century in Al Andalus, my native country.

About the collapse of Iraq… I am afraid we are going to see a lot more of bad news for a long time to come. The whole world is at war… Is it the future to revert to tribal societies?

No wonder you are so sad. I can’t even imagine how one could feel being an Arab woman and living (as I suppose you do) in the Middle East, especially in Iraq now after having lived in pre-sanctions Iraq. I can’t possible imagine what it is to live in a country experiencing a civil war.

Stay safe and strong.
Anonymous said…
"I am getting a sinking feeling"

I just hope that "someone" up above is not provided with an Internet connection to read one of the bravest daughters of the people "he" lived, fought and died for letting herself drift off to hopelessness ..

For God's sake, Layla Anwar, leave "fatalism" to the Orientalists and "cynicism" to the poor in spirit, remember WHO you are and WHAT you believe in, raise your head high above all PASSING storm clouds and have the CERTAINTY that the sun of liberation and unity WILL shine again upon Iraq and the Arab Nation as a whole .. and SOONER than you would expect ..

Keep up the good work, take care of yourself and live to see ..

My best regards.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla Anwar

You may read it before but the chaos in ME its apart of the imperialism (US/Israel) work in the region this article very details what should be the ME for the next 50-100 years top come.

Blood borders
How a better Middle East would look

To that guy he put the Holly books here, please go read then carefully and it’s better to understand the massage from the them and the wisdom,

None of these holly books telling you to kill, but the evil between us, only the wiser who knew how to respect the humans and live with them, between them not claming that this land belong to them or for a group who are living between Muslims peacefully from 1400 years.
The killing done with your people done by those who believe in Massayah and holy Bible not us.
Enough lies and sick propaganda and hatred.
G.Gar said…
Salam Layla

Don't worry Laila. Iraq survived tougher times. You have every right to be sad. But you have a duty toward Iraq; and that is not to let them win. Layla, you have to remain strong and intact.Iraq will go throuh pain and blood, but eventualy it will come out more confident and more mature. The brave men of Iraq will soon put an end to occupation. The Iranian dirty role is well exposed now. Resentment of Iran's interference is starting to spread in the Arab world. Don't worry, you will win in the end.

Dont let them put you down, you have so many reasons to remain optimistic about the future of Iraq. Just stay the way you are stubborn, defiant, precious and confidenct.

Always remeber that what is happening to Your beautiful country by buffalo boys and Iranian barbarians is solid proof that the descendants of cave dwellers with their colonial toy organisations like U.N, human right council......etc
are out only to ensure that the carriers of the greatest and richest human heritage remain down and stuck.

The destruction of your country is motivated basically by jealousy. Iraq's route of development was going to lead to a paradigm shif in the Arab world; that would have changed the destiny of Arab. Many believe that Arabs whose culture and civilsation go back in time for thousands of years,and who are,indeed, the essence of humanity, and who took man out of his caves, invented civilisation from scratch, modern experimental science, multiplicty and tolerance, have come to end.

We all rely on Iraq Layla to wake up the sleeping.Your victory will be their rebirth
Unknown said…
Salam Layla,

"Do not be weak, and do not grieve, for you will have the upper hand, if you are believers. If you are wounded, then know that the other group is also wounded. And such are the days, We alternate them between the people, so that God will distinguish those who believe, and so He may make witnesses from among you; and God does not like the wicked. And God will test those who believe and He will condemn the rejecters." (Quran 3:139-141)

Patience my dear sister...All storms must end. Who would have though that 4 years from the invasion and 16 years from the seige we would still be able to fight and do more than hold our own.

As for Palestine, their factions lost the day they joined the Israeli political process...Thus if the kill each other it is of no consequence as they are not in a position anymore to fight the fight of liberation.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Amre, for your wonderful words of wisdom, and particularly for the encouragement you give Layla - I agree with you completely. The barbarians want to KEEP the M.E. in turmoil - how else can they manage to steal? That moron who said that 'his part of the world is the envy of the M.E.' is an empty shell,unschooled and unintelligent and the personification of satan on earth. One cannot just conjure culture over a few years, and certainly not through conflict and the subjugation of other lands and peoples - it comes down from generations, based on peace, justice and real civilisation. That is what the M.E. - and Iraq, in particular, possesses. What is happening today is not a true reflection of Iraqi society, but what is being done by the evil that has descended within its border, through what it knows best - divide and rule. This evil knows only violence and bloodshed, has no history to fall back on, unless it is tainted with blood and theft.

Yes, Layla, keep your head HIGH, as another poster here has said, too.

I particularly agree with your last two sentences, Amre: "We all rely on Iraq, Layla, to wake up the sleeping. YOUR VICTORY WILL BE THEIR REBIRTH." And that will come to pass...Forgive us all as it will come with great loss and bloodshed.

Chin up, Layla. You are loved.
In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
heart stirring stuff there amre......i almost had a tear in my eye
Anonymous said…
"Do not be weak, and do not grieve, for you will have the upper hand, if you are believers. If you are wounded, then know that the other group is also wounded. And such are the days, We alternate them between the people, so that God will distinguish those who believe, and so He may make witnesses from among you; and God does not like the wicked. And God will test those who believe and He will condemn the rejecters." (Quran 3:139-141)

good spot......reading these rousing speeches really gets the blood going
Anonymous said…
im sorry little deer but your post was a bit of a damp squid.......we dont want explanations of whats happening, why its happening etc etc.....we want to hear about our glorious history, how victorious we're gonna be, and the bright future that awaits us....plz cud u bear this mind next time such a thread arises....thks
Anonymous said…
ok just for all the morons who cant read, layla was in despair on thursday 17th may at 8.25pm.........its now 9.51pm on saturday 19th other words, im pretty sure she has cheered up since then....
Anonymous said…
Get lost, Jr.!

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