Aliens in Babel.

My very good friend called me today. She sounded a little frantic on the phone.

- Did you hear the news? I just saw it on al Arabiya TV channel.

- What again ? Who died again ?

- Turkey is threatening to enter Northern Iraq and finish with the Kurdish "rebels". Seems a few Turkish soldiers were killed today.

- You mean by the PPK or is it the PKK or the KKK ?

- Yeah, another pipi/kaka story.

- Is there anyone who has not entered Iraq?

- Come to think about it, no.

- Let me see, there are the Americans, the Iranians, the Israelis, the Australians, the New Zealanders, the Dans, the Brits, the Eastern Europeans, the Western Europeans, the South Africans, the Koreans, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Syrians, the Saudis...

- Yeah and today I heard a lot of Latin Americans too. Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, Bolivians, Chileans, Mexicans, Argentinians, Brazilians...

(By the way, the Iraqi football team just hired a Brazilian coach, probably much to the displeasure of Muqtada Baby who frowns upon football that "degenerate sport". Great news no? Iraqis can't walk in the street but hey they can play some first class football !)

- Latin Americans? What for?

- Reconstruction.

- Reconstruction? Where? When? Have you seen any reconstruction yourself ?

- Nope, none so far.

- I wonder what Chavez has to say about that?

- It's a mess...Now you can add the Turks to the list. The only ones who have not landed yet are some extra-terrestrial aliens. You know a few green martians...

- They may soon, you know.

- Yeah anything is possible in Iraq.

- Do you think they will be reconstructing too?

- I don't know, ask NASA...

Seems the Iraqi Eldorado has not lost its charm nor its attractions.

All these nationalities have come to "reconstruct"...
Some by milking this poor Iraqi cow until they reach her bones and others through sheer elimination.
I mean, surely if you want to reconstruct a country, you need to eliminate its people and start anew right?
Like restore the virginity to the land so you can build better and stronger fortresses.
A brand new Iraq with a brand new population. A total Babel makeover.
You know, like the ones you see on these American TV reality shows. Revamped, relooked, redone...beyond recognition.

And once this Iraqi milking cow is dried out, these wonderful aliens from the Green zone will simply move to newer, greener pastures...They accomplished their mission. They "reconstructed" the New Tower of Babel.

I suddenly feel a buzz in my head. Like a radar signal...
Maybe some extra-terrestrial martians are trying to establish a preliminary contact before their landing...

Who knows, anything is possible in the New Iraq. The buzz is getting stronger...
I better run now, before I get "abducted" by these "little" men.

But do stay tuned to the next Babel episode. And may the Green($$$) Force be with you!

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Sami.


Anonymous said…
very strange
Layla Anwar said…
hahahaha. Yeah aliens are strange indeeed so are occupations.
G.Gar said…
wanker! It all depends on how you define "elderly". I'm 32, you know!LOL.

Jr the proportions of the letters that make up your name are almost identical to those of a cockroash skeleton. I'm serious on that. But, anyway, you are still entertaining.
LostHere said…
"Yeah, another pipi/kaka story"
Brilliant! at least from a Spanish speaking perspective.

I imagine Layla, that if Hugo Chavez was to be involved in reconstruction in Iraq it would be provably in the form of paying with oil to Cuba so She would send doctors and medical supplies to Iraq and having Iraq sending teachers, engineers, artist or other intellectuals to Venezuela in a fair exchange for the people.
Anonymous said…
Children of the dust
John Pilger, The New Statesman

23 May 2007

As the Israeli army attempts to imprison an entire nation, it is the youngest who suffer most. Half of all Palestinians killed in the past six years are children.

Israel is destroying any notion of a state of Palestine and is being allowed to imprison an entire nation. That is clear from the latest attacks on Gaza, whose suffering has become a metaphor for the tragedy imposed on the peoples of the Middle East and beyond. These attacks, reported on Channel 4 News, were "targeting key militants of Hamas" and the "Hamas infrastructure". The BBC described a "clash" between the same militants and Israeli F-16 aircraft.

Consider one such clash. The militants' car was blown to pieces by a missile from a fighter-bomber. Who were these militants? In my experience, all the people of Gaza are militant in their resistance to their jailer and tormentor. As for the "Hamas infrastructure", this was the headquarters of the party that won last year's democratic elections in Palestine. To report that would give the wrong impression. It would suggest that the people in the car and all the others over the years, the babies and the elderly who have also "clashed" with fighter-bombers, were victims of a monstrous injustice. It would suggest the truth.

"Some say," said the Channel 4 reporter, that "Hamas has courted this [attack] . . ." Perhaps he was referring to the rockets fired at Israel from within the prison of Gaza which killed no one. Under international law an occupied people has the right to use arms against the occupier's forces. This right is never reported. The Channel 4 reporter referred to an "endless war", suggesting equivalents. There is no war. There is resistance among the poorest, most vulnerable people on earth to an enduring, illegal occupation imposed by the world's fourth largest military power, whose weapons of mass destruction range from cluster bombs to thermonuclear devices, bank rolled by the superpower. In the past six years alone, wrote the historian Ilan Pappé, "Israeli forces have killed more than 4,000 Palestinians, half of them children".

Consider how this power works. According to documents obtained by United Press International, the Israelis once secretly funded Hamas as "a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO [Palestine Liberation Orga nisation] by using a competing religious alter native", in the words of a former CIA official. Today, Israel and the US have reversed this ploy and openly back Hamas's rival, Fatah, with bribes of millions of dollars. Israel recently secretly allowed 500 Fatah fighters to cross into Gaza from Egypt, where they had been trained by another American client, the Cairo dictatorship. The Israelis' aim is to undermine the elected Pales tinian government and ignite a civil war. They have not quite succeeded. In response, the Palestinians forged a government of national unity, of both Hamas and Fatah. The latest attacks are aimed at destroying this.

With Gaza secured in chaos and the West Bank walled in, the Israeli plan, wrote the Palestinian academic Karma Nabulsi, is "a Hobbesian vision of an anarchic society: truncated, violent, powerless, destroyed, cowed, ruled by disparate militias, gangs, religious ideologues and extremists, broken up into ethnic and religious tribalism and co-opted collaborationists. Look to the Iraq of today . . ."

On 19 May, the Guardian received this letter from Omar Jabary al-Sarafeh, a Ramallah resident: "Land, water and air are under constant sight of a sophisticated military surveillance system that makes Gaza like The Truman Show," he wrote. "In this film every Gazan actor has a predefined role and the [Israeli] army behaves as a director . . . The Gaza strip needs to be shown as what it is . . . an Israeli laboratory backed by the international community where human beings are used as rabbits to test the most dramatic and perverse practices of economic suffocation and starvation."

The remarkable Israeli journalist Gideon Levy has described the starvation sweeping Gaza's more than a million and a quarter inhabitants and the "thousands of wounded, disabled and shell-shocked people unable to receive any treatment . . . The shadows of human beings roam the ruins . . . They only know the [Israeli army] will return and they know what this will mean for them: more imprisonment in their homes for weeks, more death and destruction in monstrous proportions".

Whenever I have been in Gaza, I have been consumed by this melancholia, as if I were a trespasser in a secret place of mourning. Skeins of smoke from wood fires hang over the same Mediterranean Sea that free peoples know, but not here. Along beaches that tourists would regard as picturesque trudge the incarcerated of Gaza; lines of sepia figures become silhouettes, marching at the water's edge, through lapping sewage. The water and power are cut off, yet again, when the generators are bombed, yet again. Iconic murals on walls pockmarked by bullets commemorate the dead, such as the family of 18 men, women and children who "clashed" with a 500lb American/Israeli bomb, dropped on their block of flats as they slept. Presumably, they were militants.


well said pilger
LostHere said…
"The Middle East looked nice and cozy for a while. Everything looked fine on the surface, but beneath the surface, there was a lot of resentment, there was a lot of frustration, such that 19 kids got on airplanes and killed 3,000 Americans. It's in the long-term interest of this country to address the root causes of these extremists and radicals..."
-- George W. Bush

If it did not come from the president himself it would be laughable, but in this case is enough to make one cry.
I wonder if by "the root causes" he means, let's bury them in the ground and see if they "sprout" roots... Unbelievable!
Anonymous said…
amre el-muppet the comments section is not designed 4 u 2 hav your petty arguements.....

only post if u hav sumthin relevent to say(see my above post) or piss off
Anonymous said…
im sorry that may sound harsh but i am going to stand by my comments
Anonymous said…
hi layla
Anonymous said…
Jr, you are always lecturing people about their posts, but you've copied and pasted an entire article by someone else... Does that make sense? We can all read the New Statesman if we want to and don't need to find it here. Did you just want to prove to everyone that you could also add a long post (albeit, someone else's words), rather than your one word posts, (or lectures?)????? Silly man!
Anonymous said…
no little deer i posted it cos i thought it was a well written article and i was drawing peoples attention 2 shut up and post something useful

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