"Our Brothers", the Kurds...

I did say in my previous post that I should stop watching TV. Did not happen.

Could not miss this excellent historical documentary on al Jazeera about Mostafa Al Barazani.
Mostafa Al Barazani is the father figure "par excellence" of the Kurdish separatist (and I would add chauvinist) movement in Iraq.
This program interviewed many personalities who intimately knew and dealt with Mostafa Al Barazani and of course his son Massoud was there too.

They say in order to understand the present, you must know the past. And this is one of the reasons, I am taking pains to summarize this documentary.

According to this documentary and it was quite accurate in its analysis, Mostafa Barazani sought support for his Kurdish "cause" from nearly everyone and everywhere.

First it was the Soviet Union but their cooperation was short lived when Mostafa found out that the Soviets were arming Iraq.
Then he turned to the Iraqi Monarchy and that too did not work.
Then he sought Abdel Kareem Qassem, the nationalist leader who overthrew the Iraqi monarchy in 1958. But even then the alliance was very short lived and Qassem ordered the clamping down of the kurdish separatist movement after this latter started waging attacks on Iraqi civilians.
Then Mostafa sought an alliance with AbdelSalam Aref and later with his brother AbdelRahman and that too was short lived.
Seems that Mostafa Al Barazani demands for total autonomy of the "kurdish" areas were not in line with Iraq's internal or external policies.
Or maybe the various Iraqi governments simply did not fancy an attack on their territorial sovereignty.

Mostafa decided to take matters into his own hands and started manufacturing arms and even took a good number of Iraqi soldiers as prisoners in the remote northern areas of so called Kurdistan and Irbil in particular.

On a side note, Irbil is not a kurdish city by the way. Irbil comes from the Akkadian word deriving from "arba'a" meaning the number 4 and refers to the four directions or four gates and has some esoteric meaning to it that has nothing to do with the kurds.

In 1968, when the Baath came to power, M.H Al-Bakr, the then president of Iraq and Saddam Hussein his young vice president wanted a clean page with Barazani the father.
According to one of the kurdish guys interviewed and who is a vehement Barazani supporter, whose name eludes me (I am very bad with names by the way- so do forgive me) met with Saddam Hussein.

Saddam asked him: "What do you exactly want and I will sign it for you on a blank piece of paper". The man replied "If you are willing to sign anything on a blank page, this means that you will not give us anything". Saddam then said: " Tell me what do you exactly want?" The guy replied "We want self rule".
Saddam asked: "Explain to me what self rule means" The guy replied "I will send you a two page memo about self rule"...and Saddam Hussein agreed.

Meanwhile, the Kurds headed by M.Barazani were striking political deals with the Shah of Iran...
Saddam went ahead and agreed to the application of self rule in 1974.

Turkey then intervened and started putting pressure on both the Iraqi government and on the Kurds. The program then says that there were problems in the "applications of self rule" and a disagreement followed, without really telling us what these problems were.

On a side note, Barazani who was originally from Iran and finally settled in the Iraqi northern parts, kept telling his men, do not hate the Arabs, we have a problem only with Iraqi Arabs and in particular the Iraqi Government...
And that is a very important point that I do not want you to forget .
I shall continue my little expose which is in fact nothing but a resume of the program I watched on TV.

In 1974 two other developments took place and which are in my opinion of great importance

1) the Kurdish leadership sought out help from the Israeli Mossad and this latter gladly helped.
An Israeli former Mossad agent,  EliezerTsfarini said in that same interview/program.
"It is not so much a mossad/kurdish alliance. It was more of a friendly alliance between two "opppressed" people. Us, the Israelis having known the Holocaust, understood very well the Kurdish plight for a state of their own".
This gentlemen then wrote a book in hebrew and the title was "I am a kurd too..."

2) The second important development was a secret agreement orchestrated by Henry Kissinger and the Kurdish leadership.
In fact it was a secret agreement between the CIA and the Kurds and the Iraqi government and Saddam Hussein knew nothing of it.
This unofficial agreement back in 1974 assured that the USA will help the Kurds in realizing their objectives .
Or more aptly, that the CIA will help the Kurds in realizing their aims for an independent state in Iraq.
(Notice not in Iran, not in Syria, not in Turkey where considerable kurdish populations exist, but in Iraq!)

In 1975, Saddam Hussein signed with the Shah of Iran the Algiers Treaty.
Saddam Hussein made many concessions on Shatt al Arab (the only maritime exit for Iraq) in exchange for Iran's closing its doors and no longer allowing Kurdish infiltrators from its territories into Iraq.

In 1979, the Shah was deposed and came Khomeini barking about regime change in Iraq, conveniently forgetting the Great Satan (USA). Years later, and Iran still barks about the Great Satan (USA) yet collaborates with it in Iraq through its proxy sectarian government and its death militias.

That same year Mostafa al Barazani fell gravely ill and went to Iran for treatment. He was then flown to the USA for further medical care for advanced cancer and died there.

In 1981, the Iran-Iraq war took place and Iran forgot all about the Algiers treaty and reopened its borders for separatist chauvinist Kurdish infiltrators into Iraq so they can continue pursuing their kurdish state claim there and not on Iranian territory. A war that lasted 8 years where Iraq lost not less than 1 million men.

In 1990, the Kurdish areas became an American/ English "protected zone".
Massoud Barazani, the prodigal son, took over the leadership from his father and so it continued till the second invasion in 2003 until this very day.

Now "our brothers the Kurds" have their own little flag, have excellent ties with Iran, America and Israel who has continued training their peshmergas since 1974.

Not only that, the "poor oppressed gassed kurds" as so many of you like to moan, are ethnically cleansing Kirkuk of all its Turkmen and Arab inhabitants and conducting massive detention raids and imprisoning hundreds.
For your information, Kirkuk's last population census, the only one available, has these figures:
A roughly even distribution between Turkmen and Arabs. 40% and 38%. The rest is around 22% kurds and some Assyrians.

Now with the ethnic cleansing undertaken by the chauvinistic kurds, I am not sure what the new pre-arranged figures are.
I know that they were inflated for the "Free elections" that America promised us in our new democracy...

Still on the subject of the chauvinist Kurds. By the way, they are now claiming that Mosul is Kurdish.
My great, great, grandfather was from Mosul, so was my great grandfather and grandfather and my father and they were not kurds. Even though I do have some "kurdish blood." (Whatever that means... All Blood is red to me!)
Kurds did not even exist then in Mosul...

My, these kurds are starting to sound like zionists, claiming more and more territory.
Or maybe they are zionists after all. Chauvinism and racism love company.
No wonder the Israelis feel so much affinity to them.

On the subject of Zionists, I just spotted this on Haaret'z .

"A U.S. defense official on Thursday encouraged Israelis to pump investments into the devastated Iraqi economy. Paul Brinkley, U.S. deputy undersecretary of defense for business transformation, told a business conference here that Israelis and any other investors were welcome in a country crying out for investment
Israeli business people, any business people, we would encourage them to come," said Brinkley, speaking on the sidelines of a conference aimed at spurring investment into Iraq's northern Kurdish-ruled region. Brinkley leads the task force charged with reinvigorating Iraqi industry...
Israel is believed to maintain discreet ties to Kurdish groups, including those in Iraq, although Kurdish officials in the country deny such links." (full article here)

"Including those of Iraq"? So where else Haaret'z?

Anyways your info comes in a tad too late.
Tell your investors that since 1974, Israel has been having ties with our "brothers the kurds."
If you don't believe me ask M.Barazani and J.Talabani your buffoons.

I reiterate what I said in some of my previous posts namely; I regret every single minute I supported so called   "Kurdish rights"...
 God bless you Saddam Hussein, you had perfect vision!
Painting: Iraqi kurdish Artist Serwan Baran


Anonymous said…
Anyone who is not Arab and a saddam butt licker is a chauvinist to you. your getting very annoying you are a pig arab chauvinist who likes tho think the world is just all Arab, and pan arab, good luck with that dream
Anonymous said…
Lol I love your twisted take on History. "Iraq lost not less than one million men" by this lie you have made Iraq seem as the victim who lost hundreds of thousands of lives to Iranian aggression, and not the other way around. GO check any fucking reference you want, it is the other way around you arab chauvinist, Iran lost not less than a million lives, when waves and waves of under equipped Iranian soilders were under the fire of brand new weaponry fed to iraq by everyone in the arab world, europe, usa and soiviet union. The way you make it sound is as if Iran didnt lose any men and poor old iraq lost millions of men, BULL FUCKING SHIT. go spin some more lies you dillusional baathist. Iran had 3 times the population of Iraq, was the bigger nation and lost way more lives than Iraq,, enough of your bull shit
Anonymous said…
Ayrabs, are chauvinistic, in their little pathetic minds they think, all is islam and all is arab, the hell with you arab, we will never accept your life style your culture or your ways, the hell with you and may you burn in hell you dog lizard eater, go join saddam in hell with his torn neck, rotting in the depths of the sand, fuck him and everything he represented. What a great guy all he oculd do is hold a gun in one hand and shoot it off, as to show he was the man in power, he suffered the godfather syndrome from watching the god father movies too many times, well look at the pathetic fuck now where is he????? hes history , and all he did was start 2 wars from his incompetence, and opportunist mind set. I love how you try to portrya him and the arab cause as such a humanist and rightous cause, how ther is no greed there now chauvinism, just love for humanity and pride in everyone . BULLSHIT you fucks were chauvinistic from teh time of the Ummayads until the pathetic cia puppet saddam hussein, was helped put in charge by the CIA to counter any leftist aspiration any iraqi leader would have, he was a puppet my dear like everyone else in the middle east in the 20th century he was a puppet
Anonymous said…
Indeed Saddam Hussein had brilliant vision,what a graet leader !
May he rest in peace,may God bless his soul.
And these kurds are so pathetic and disgusting traitors...not all but most of them.
Everything Saddam(RIP)has said re the Kurds, Iran,Israhell/USA has been proved to be true.
There are some crazy commenters on here. Almost as insane as the ones I get on mine. Mine tend to be Jews mostly.
Anonymous said…
It's perhaps one of the rare occasions that I read for an Arab writing in a manner which is truthful

Hopefully many more Arabs will start to wake up and side with the truth.

There are few points which I would like to make and I think that the readers of this blog have to be aware of for the sake of truth and history.

It's painful to see that very few Arab-Iraqis recognize that the land which is today known as Iraq (amongst other parts of lands surrounding it in neighboring countries) are the lands of the indigenous people of that land and those are the Assyrians.Today and for such a long time the Assyrians have been treated as less than second class citizens in their own homeland while others took over their lands and deprived them of their basic rights.

The North of Iraq is Assyrian as is the rest of Iraq if we are to tell the truth,yet the Assyrians under the different regimes were forced to deny their ethnicity and weren't recognized as the indigenous people of the land but rather as a Christian sect (as if they are outsiders).

The Assyrians were wrongly accused of many things in Iraq when they proved to be the ONLY faction in Iraq which protected the land and worked for it,because it's their duty to protect their land and only those who love their homeland do that.

Had the previous regimes given the Assyrians a breath of fresh air recognizing their distinctive status as the indigenous people of Iraq and had they been given their rights to profess their distinctive ethnic,historical,linguistic and cultural existence,foreigners wouldn't have been now playing with Iraq like Chess.

Yes,the Christians faired some what better during previous regimes but they were always afraid because they couldn't profess their particularity as being the indigenous people of Iraq and so on

Today,the Assyrians with their different denominations are trying to get some of what is their right to begin with but yet again with this "new democracy" they are being dealt the short hand not only by the international community but also by their fellow Iraqis who had the audacity to recognize those who aren't the people of Iraq while they ignored completely their indigenous people.

It's the duty of the Iraqis to protect their indigenous people the Assyrians with their magnificent history,culture,language and traditions because they are the pride of Iraq and they are the ones who brought what's today Iraq to life.

It's the Assyrians who built the ancient Iraq and were the ones who also continued to give and sacrifice for Iraq without being recognized.

It's time that the Iraqis take their heads out of the sand and start to speak out the truth because the truth shall free them.
Anonymous said…
Another note the city's name must be spelled Arbil and not as Irbil or other variations thereof because those who are doing that are attempting to erase its Akkadian-Assyrian history. The city's name is Arbil which comes from ARBA-ELU: ARBA meaning four and ELU is the plural of EL which means god in Akkadian the ancient Assyrian language.The city did have four gates but each gate was dedicated to one god and hence where the name came from.The same goes for all of the cities and villages in the North in particular because of their rich Assyrian history and the proof is there while today the westerners are helping the foreigners to eradicate that glorious history and the indigenous people of Iraq under the false pretense of "democracy".
Anonymous said…
To all of the first Anons.
Are you angry...
Angry because you have no WalMart, no Marlboro, no Coca Cola or Levi's?
But instead you are stuck with your disloyal ass kissing "leaders" who like most ass kissers choose to follow the wishes of USA, Israel, UK and the likes?

I would be angry too if I were you.
Your lives must suck really bad.

You all speak of how badly your people were treated, how "Iran had 3 times the population of Iraq, was the bigger nation and lost way more lives than Iraq"--Well, that speaks loudly of the lion who roared during that war.
You are so bitter and angry because your leader has never been nor will he ever be the man that was President Saddam (rest his eternal soul).
Your leaders are ass kissing yellow punk pussies with hearts made of jello.
I can see how this would enrage you due to the fact that you do not support your leadership and you do not have the courage to change it.

And if you are tired of Layla's writings, don't come here and read.
It really is that simple.

Like the issues she writes about.

But you just can't understand can you.

Viva La Revolution and Long live the history of President Saddam.
Layla Anwar said…
To the Assyrian anonymous,

I read somewhere that current day assyrians are not the same as the historical assyrians...
But that is besides the point.
You say that you are the indigenous people of iraq, fair enough. But there are also other indigenous peoples of iraq. As you already know, Iraq is mosaic or was at least, of many "ethnicities" and religions.

My problem is that if every ethnic group claims a territorial piece for themselves, Iraq will be divided into a dozen pieces. It simply does not make sense.

It is like the Breton claim autonomy, the Basque, the Gujuratis, the punjabis, the Uighurs in China, the Azeris, the Ahwazis and on and on...

I simply do not abide by a vision of a thousand statelets...
Anonymous said…

My my, the more Layla speaks good of Iraq and president Saddam (may he rest in peace), the more the angry posters come out - who mostly seem Persian - to tell us how Arabs are nothing and how Saddam was evil blah blah blah.

Iran instigated the first gulf war, on that Layla is completely accurate. Iran took part in the attempted rebellion of 1991 against the legitimate Iraqi government, there is no question of that. Iran took part, by their own admission, in the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation of the country.

So, if Iran lost 1 million or 10 million people from its acts of aggression, my view is: 'Ila Jahanam wa bis almaseer' (To Hell, and what a well deserved destiny!).

The same goes to the kurdish talabanis and barazanis who have for decades betrayed the people of Iraq and its subsequent government...Your dead are caused by your own treacherous hands.

However, the truth needs to be said: Arabs are no better than kurds or assyrians or turks or any other ethnic group...What makes a people great is the moral character and standing they have, bot the color of their skin or their race. Arabs before Islam were just as backward and barbaric as the zorastans or europeans, however, it was the laws and teachings of Islam that changed a people and let them be examples for mankind.

Saddam Hussein realized this truth as evidenced by his shift from Arab nationalism (a key compenent of the Baath party) to an Islamic focus whereby the Qur'an became his companion and the name of God took precedent over the nation or even the self.

The Islam I speak of is not the tainted Sunni or Shia versions with its Jahiliya rules and rituals, but the pure Islam derived from the Quran alone.

Iraqi Mojo said…
Layth very well said, bravo bravo.
Just a brilliant analysis, absolutely great.
Hey Layla, things are hopefully back to normal (sort of) here. So should be able to start posting more regulary.
I read that story about Sabrine being arrested, that you linked me to, that is (excuse my language) fucking incredible.
Just completely unbelievable, how did they find her?
I thought she was on the run....???
LostHere said…
uff! Some very disrespectful coments!
Question. And the vision was?
Yes, national unity and a secular nation... I believe that was part of Sadan Hussein's vision and legacy, but could you elaborate or give us some directions of where to read about?
I personaly have a hard time understanding the need for "territorial integrity" when there is not actual "national integrity" insofar as the people is concerned... and no, I can't talk about Iraq per se, but in general.
In my native Spain several regions want self rule as nations (they now have Autonomies within a central nation), Basques, Catalans and even Galicia, my birthplace. The way I see it, they were self ruled at one time or another and the "Nation" is but a (temporary in my opinion) result of external conquests. Basques in particular are a separate clan, diluted now, but certanly with ancient roots on the land... that said, I feel like you, all blood is red. Unlike you, I adon't have a true understanding or love of "one nation"
Now, please understand I am not comparing.
Chauvinistic, that is an interesting comment, the way I see it, and I admit I am not well informed, most Arab countries (and very many non Arab, but we are talking of Iraq and its people), now days are specially chauvinistic, and as you well know, the future of Iraq looks very bad for women and secular minded people...
HAve you written about the Iraq of the times before the imposed sanctions? Or could you point me (us?) towards information on the subject? What is the reason for the resistance besides fighting ocupation?
Thank you again for your well writen posts, even if they reflect your own views.
Anonymous said…
AIPAC and US Congress Set Wedding Date.

Will Israel have any money left over after buying nearly all the US Congress this past week to invest in Iraq?

Copied and partially pasted from Salon.

Inside America's powerful Israel lobby

AIPAC's three-day summit included fiery evangelical oratory, adoration for Dick Cheney -- and new plans for going after Iran.
By Gregory Levey

Mar. 16, 2007 | At the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee this week in Washington, a conservative Christian couple from eastern Tennessee told me that their son had decided to join the Israeli army. It was one of many surreal moments during the three-day gathering hosted by AIPAC, the lobbying group devoted to ensuring close U.S.-Israel ties that remains extraordinarily influential in Washington. "We just love God, and we just love Israel," the couple beamed, when I asked why they had come to the conference.

Amid an energized and at times almost circuslike atmosphere, just about everyone in attendance shared two main preoccupations: the 2008 U.S. presidential election and confronting Iran. And this year's conference saw record attendance: more than 6,000 people, coming from every state in the country and exceeding last year's crowd of around 5,000. Many of them were American Jews, of course, but the evangelical Christian community also made a strong showing. For those feeling apocalyptic about the turmoil in the Middle East, pastor John Hagee was there to greet them. Of the many prominent speakers at the conference, Hagee got one of the most enthusiastic receptions.

"The sleeping giant of Christian Zionism has awoken!" Hagee proclaimed, taking the microphone at the opening dinner reception on Sunday. The electrified crowd -- most of it Jewish -- roared in support, pounding on the tables. Hagee went on to declare the United Nations a "political brothel" and asserted that Israel must never give up land. He agreed with Israeli writer Dore Gold that granting part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians would be "tantamount to turning it over to the Taliban." And, after rebuking Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he led the crowd in a chant of "Israel lives!" urging them to "shout it from the mountaintops!"

During Hagee's oratory, an AIPAC delegate sitting near me said, "I'm going to vote for him instead of McCain."

AIPAC, whose own literature notes that it has been described by the New York Times as "the most important organization affecting America's relationship with Israel," has been highly successful in building strong relationships with both U.S. political parties. This year's conference was attended by everyone from Vice President Dick Cheney to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (and other 2008 presidential contenders), as well as former CIA director James Woolsey. Leaders from Congress were there, as were numerous officials from the State Department and White House.

The rest can be found at:

Greg Bacon
Anonymous said…
Putting someone's surname on the net WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT is illegal.

This is to namely.
LostHere said…
The more I read about Iraq, ocupied Iraq that is, the more I remember something a mentor of mine said to me when I was a young tenager, so many years ago.
"Dicen que Fidel es comunista, pero no hablan de los Cubanos asesinados por Batista"...
I am reading that anywhere between 650K and a million Iraqui people are death in the last four years...
I am reading that between death and displaced, one in five Iraquis are affected...
And they had the temerity to say that Sadan was a criminal?...
Layla, you appear to have attracted trollers to your site, who apparently disagree with your views. I say apparently because I have a suspicion that many of these folks are paid shills.

Joe Cannon at Did Cannonfire get "Megaphoned"? has an interesting post, along with interesting comments about how trollers and mis-info and dis-info agents are able to "ply their trade".
Anonymous said…
I'm not here to comment on the entry, merely to offer some words of support. I just wanted you to know that many people admire you and we are thankful for your inspirational writing. We have faith in the plight of the Iraqi people and also have the utmost confidence that they will overcome this horrible injustice.

Never mind the negative comments, Layla. We know what the truth is, and it will not stay hidden forever.
Anonymous said…
Putting someone's surname on the net without their consent is NOT illegal, oh anonymous one- not in any country on earth.

But Janice telling Jewish people that the trains are coming for them sure is. That's an overt violent threat.

She commited a crime.
Anonymous said…
I would say the real people getting hot under the collar, are the ones who are waking up to the realisation of an Iraq that is for everyone. Not just for Arabs, or any one particular group.

I also think the blogger discredits her information by not posting any internet article links or books to prove the facts and dates she claims.

Finally, to all those who are speaking badly of the Kurds, I would remind you that your president is now a Kurd, and so now you must show some respect, and conformity when speaking of his people.
Layla Anwar said…
your conscience, any personal surnames will be deleted...
Talking about zionist crimes is truth and seems that truth is a criminal endevaour in your eyes..Why am I not surprised...you must be a zionist jew yourself.
Layla Anwar said…
Kurds will only earn my respect when they stop:
1) being the traitors that they proved to be and the article was based on the al jazeera program. Learn to read...
2) when they stop dealing with israel
3) when they wake up and see that their chauvinism is nothing but despicable.
As for your president, that swindler cia agent...I have no comments to make.
History will deal with him, and he will end up its in dustbins for the crook that he is.
Iraqi Mojo said…
"You all speak of how badly your people were treated, how "Iran had 3 times the population of Iraq, was the bigger nation and lost way more lives than Iraq"--Well, that speaks loudly of the lion who roared during that war.
You are so bitter and angry because your leader has never been nor will he ever be the man that was President Saddam (rest his eternal soul).
Your leaders are ass kissing yellow punk pussies with hearts made of jello.
I can see how this would enrage you due to the fact that you do not support your leadership and you do not have the courage to change it."

I loved this comment so much i had to copy and paste it.
Bravo Ahmadman bravo.
Iraqi Mojo said…
anon above Layla, the Turds should be flushed down the annals of stupidity.
Between the jews in Palestine and the Turds in Iraq, one has a difficult time telling which one is more vile.
I hope the Turds get their own country, so they can finally be attacked and destroyed.
Turds are smelly and scummy.
Ok that is to the Turds who want to separate Iraq btw.
We know Taha Ramadan was a Kurd (notice Kurd not Turd) so obviously there are decent Kurds but most are Turds.
Iraqi Mojo said…
your conscience, that depends on which country you are located in, what an idiot.
Anonymous said…
Yes, but you see now these comments being made about not having respect, and some of the other ones seem like you are very bitter. This is very unfortunate.

Besides, just because what you wrote about was on Al Jazeera, doesn't make it factual. Do you have links on the internet ? well written books to prove those dates ? saying you don't remember the name of someone, or this was "a secret meeting", it comes off more like James Bond than a truly historical article. We need facts to change our mind about the new Iraq. Saying this article is "little expose which is in fact nothing but a resume of the program I watched on TV" is not going to prove these events actually happened.

Even the 3 reasons you listed were more opinions than facts, saying "when they wake up and see that their chauvinism is nothing but despicable." is not really saying anything definite, is it ?.

Regardless though, as far as your president goes (not mine, I am not Iraqi, nor Krudish/Arab), I think if you continue to be disrespectful to him, you will look more bitter and upset than most of the people who are joining the political debate in Iraq surely. I understand that you must feel sad about your ex-president being strung up, but he's not going to come back anymore (well, I don't think so) so maybe it's time to open a new page ?, or remain bitter no ?.

Anonymous said…

I think you were responding to my initial input (I was the anonymous above the author).

This is the problem I think, to call the Kurdish people Turd is not moving forwards no ?, how can people say the Kurdish posters in the top are bitter, or being upset ? this is more being bitter no ? they are joining the political debate, I think everyone should do this.

Also, to say they are smelly and things is not factual information, I think it is important to join the new political debate, because you will be in danger of being 'outside' no ?.

Layla Anwar said…
Veronica, since you are so adamant about Facts, go and research yourself, but do me a favor, spare me your despicable fox and cnn news..and your 1000 times edited wikipedia.and your ignorance whilst at it.
Anonymous said…
Layla, this is not good, I think you are becoming very angry, in an incredibly short period of time.

I never mentioned Fox, CNN or Wiki, actually I think sometime Fox is a little one sided like Al Jazeera, but on the other side. Also it's not 'My' Fox etc, I don't own any of it !! really !.

If I am ignorant as you put it, then you have to inform people like me with facts, but you are turning to insult, maybe is your only option, but this is still not going to bring your ex-presient back, no ?.

All the same, I thought people wanted to debate, instead of name calling. I guess I will seek other Blogs for more reasoned/well informed opinions if this is the case.

Layla Anwar said…
Please do so Veronica...And good riddance!
Iraqi Mojo said…
"Also, to say they are smelly and things is not factual information,"

veroniho you truly are stupid, have you ever smelt your own turd?
FACT: they ARE smelly AND scummy.
Unless you have no sense of smell or sight.
What do you think causes that ring around the toilet? SCUM from the turd, you idiot.
FACT: Turds are smelly, ask any HUMAN.
So idiot, i did base my statement on FACTS but you are too too stupid to notice.
Anonymous said…

I think Veronica was talking about your claim that Kurds were smelly that was not factually correct. You didn't have to go into such a deep explanation about turds, although you seem to have quite a good experience of smelling and tasting it hahahaha ;-)

Hey I have a question for you and Layla.... what's Saddam's favourite song ?

Don't know ??, ok I'll tell you...

It's a song by Counting Crows, called "Hanging Around" hahahahaha ;-D
Anonymous said…
Barbie !,

I said it's not a fact that KURDISH people are smelly, not the turds, but I think you must be an expert at smelling toilets no ;-) ?!

I tell you something, I bet you Layla will not publish my comments, because she wants to protect you from me embarrassing you, the same way I embarrassed her. In only 2 posts I proved what she wrote was not based on facts, just 2 posts, and I have already started making you look like an idiot (I think you are doing a great job of this yourself already no ?! I told all my friends to read what you wrote and they were all laughing about it !).

So if you want, I will write my new blog addres there, each day I'm going to quote you and Layla and make fun of you both, because I think it's quite funny what you both write, and I will not be scared to have people debating and commentating.

As I said though, this probably won't be published, because just like Saddam, you and Layla are hiding in a big hole, so stay hiding.

Layla Anwar said…
Veronica, I do hope you realize what an idiot you come across as...
Not only you have zero reading skills but you also make absolutely no sense.
The only reason I published this last idiotic comment of yours was because it was addressed to Barabie...
Don't count on my generosity next time around and thanks for the laughs...try not to make a total fool of yourself on other blogs though...with such a pretty name like Veronica that would be a total waste of esthetics.
Anonymous said…
Layla, you continue to embarrass yourself, I know what "aesthetics" are.... but what are "esthetics" ?!! what are you learning to be like Saddam and making up words of your own now ?!! hahahaha

Look, whatever you think of me, Iraq is not yours, you and all your Ba'athists friends are rotting in hell with Saddam, keep dreaming you'll have Iraq back, you will now have to kiss Shia ass, Kurdish ass, and you know something ? I am happy for that, everytime I read how upset you are on these blogs, it makes me and a lot more people happy.

Now, I have started my blog, and because I would like to have comedy in my text, I am going to start quoting you and your little dog Barbie too. I hope this is ok with you, if not, you can rot with Saddam anyway heh.

For every strange idiot like you, there are a billion common sense blogs out there. It doesn't matter if you publish what I say or not, the important thing is, you read it, too late !.

But please, keep responding to my posts, and I'll be happy to embarrass you again and again. It's not that hard to do, really ! hehehe.
Anonymous said…


I refer you to your beloved Wikipedia on the alternative spelling of common words. I think people will find it easy to embarrass YOU, you moron.
Anonymous said…
To the anonymous dickhead who placed a Wiki link for Esthetics, according to Layla herself, Wiki can hardly be trusted, as it is "1000 times edited wikipedia". Besides, the proper spelling is AESTHETICS, so Veronica appears to be correct.

What's next, you're going to quote an Urban Dictionary to justify your words ?!! no, no, I know, it's the AMERICAN spelling.... yes that's right, because there is such a thing as an American language right ??. Do they pay you to look stupid ? or are you really that way ?!.
Layla Anwar said…
ESTHETICS does exist...
You can either spell it AESTHETICS or ESTHETICS...
Anonymous said…
vous pouvez laisser vos commentaires sur jewisheritage
a bientot

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