September 10, 2006

Enheduanna & Goethe - A poem

The following is an extract from Amal Al-Juburi poem . An Iraqi Poetess living in Germany.

Enheduanna & Goethe

We are both different :
you thought and spoke your verses,
I gave my poems birth,
then conceived my thoughts.
Why do you blame me when I gather
the tribes of lovers and the exiled
into the day's cemetery?
You have awakened women whom I imprisoned in the dungeons of hell.
O West, I am hurtful...
There is no piety in my heart
but I am the priestess of the great suffering,
I drag your land from the webs of words
while you drag me to your "West-East Divan"
We both balance on the same rope
though we part walking toward two abysses .

(Extracts from The Poetry of Arab Women, ed .by N,Handal, 2001)

*** Note to the reader : Enheduanna was a Sumerian Princess , daughter of King Sargon, and also a high Priestess of the moonGod of Ur and a poet for the Goddess Inanna .