September 5, 2006

Headless in Baghdad

I had just finished paying for my coffee when my eye caught sight of an old newspaper, left behind, resting on a chair waiting to be picked up . I felt maybe some omen from the Gods is in store for me . I took it , stuffed it in my handbag and left the place quickly like some thief running away with stolen goods .
Days passed and the newspaper sat there , staring at me . I finally acknowledged it .
I nonchalantly flicked through it . So far nothing special, same stuff you read daily ...
The repetitive news that no longer affect us - 35 dead in Iraq , 7 killed in Afghanistan , 10 shot in Gaza - you now the usual ....
But page 2 was different . Right at the bottom of the already yellowed paper was the long awaited sign from the Gods ....
It read : "One of the most important treasures stolen in the ransacking of Iraq's national museum three years ago has been recovered ..." .
The recovered piece was one of the oldest archeological pieces over 4'400 years old - a statue of the Sumerian King Entemena of Lagash from Ur .
Our king had been taken across borders , through Jordan, Syria, Italy, the Netherlands, and miraculously landed in Washington .

The Departments of Antiquities worldwide rejoiced . Our king returned to the land of the Tigris and Euphrates . Even the Director of the Iraqi Antiquities museum is beaming with joy .
He said " I shall wall him off so no one can steal him again ..."
They even took a photo of King Entemena . Standing majestically , his hands crossed against his chest .
I smiled , finally a good piece of news . That was until I took one hard look at the picture . Our king from Ur had no head .... He is back in Baghdad ...headless .

I ripped the newspaper angrily . I am not even allowed to rejoice a little for recuperating tid bits of my own history . Of course he had to be headless . How could I forget that .
Gods of Sumer , anymore omens in store ?