September 1, 2006

The Ghetto story a la Samuel Beckett.

The word Ghetto was first used in Dante's language - Italian . The first ghetto recorded was in Venice and was populated by Jews. If my historical memory is correct ,that must have been around the 14th Century.
The second most famous Ghetto was the Warsaw ghetto and again it was populated by Jews and that was during the 2nd World War.
The third even bigger and most famous Ghetto is the West Bank and is now populated by Palestinians .
And then, there is another ghetto within a ghetto and it is called Gaza.
And within the Gaza ghetto every home is a ghetto , where none can leave .

So the ghetto and the ghetto within the ghetto and the home within the ghetto are now all sealed by a great Wall .
No , not the Berlin Wall - that one fell down. A new wall - higher, taller, thicker, stronger, sturdier.

So those inside the Ghetto can be : packaged, stamped, confined , constricted, squeezed, caged, restricted , limited , a piece of their own land.

So let us figure it out together ....

Those who were initially outside the Ghetto became inside the Ghetto by those who were in Ghettos and who no longer are in Ghettos but keep others in Ghettos so they can fulfill their own dream of "Freedom" in a land that is not theirs.

In fact, the Ghetto Jews of Venice and Warsaw have become the Palestinians of the West Bank.

Is that an absurd twist of History ? a trajic repeat ? a farce ? or simply a deliberate Crime ?

I will let you be the judge ....