September 10, 2006

La Gasolina Fever on a Saturday Night

Saturday night . Had not gone out socializing in ages . Tonight I made up my mind . Enough being cooped up in my apartment commiserating in total recluse .
I was going to join the rest of the human race in their mundane activities . Armed with the thought of being part of a group even for a few hours , filled me up with a burst of energy .
I joined a bunch of friends . We met up in an unassuming joint, simple people, unostentatious attire , good music . The night was young and welcoming .
Hits blasting on the speakers - hip hop, reggae,funk,techno,rap. latino - did not matter, I danced to all of them . I whirled , twirled, jumped, stomped , shook .... like some heretic exorcising himself about to be born again . The external world no longer existed , there was just me in this little universe .
Then something strange happened . The DJ decided to play a latin hit and the lyrics came closer and closer about to engulf me and the song went : " Me gusto la Gasolina, me gusto la Gasolina..."
I saw G.W.Bush cloaked in a Vampire's black cape , two long sharp protruding teeth, blood dribbling at the corners of his mouth , grey metallic eyes shining in the obscurity, a sly smile covering his thin dark red lips and he was humming " Me gusto la Gasolina , Me gusto La Gasolina ...Then out of nowhere appeared all his advisers and in a chorus like manner ,took up the refrain ..."me gusto la gasolina , me gusto la gasolina "....
Then a thousand skeletons walked through the walls and jumped onto the dance floor moving feverishly singing along " NO me Gusto la Gasolina , NO me Gusto la Gasolina ..."