September 15, 2008

A Delightful Piece of News.

Wallah am ecstatic today. I saw it on TV, only Al-Arabiah had a whole program devoted to it, Al-Jazeera the Qatari/Iranian mouthpiece toned it down. But still, I am going to shout it out loud.

First when I heard it, I smiled, then I jumped from joy when I saw the two guests arguing, then I gave the finger, the middle one to be precise and then the whole arm and said "Fuck you Kuwait, you deserve it." and "Fuck Al-Khaleej(the Gulf) you deserve it too."

Yabba I was so happy. This piece of news felt like ice water being poured on my heart.

Am sure you are as excited as I am now. Yalla here it comes.

The Kuwaiti ministry of Interior confirmed that 25'000 Iranians and some Arabs belonging to the Pasdaran, also called the Iranian Quds Brigades are sleeping cells in Kuwait.

That little worthless province called Kuwait has 45'000 Iranians and half of them are Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

One of the guests interviewed said "we need to be cautious with these accusations as they may rekindle the mistakes of 1980 and cause sectarianism", referring to the Iran-Iraq bloody 8 years war. The other guest said "Kuwait is experiencing today the pre-2003 Iraqi invasion atmosphere and the smells of a Lebanon." And he added "We have been subjugated by Iran when they encircled our embassy in Tehran and threatened our diplomats and we told them we do not wish to get involved in your conflict with the US, so what do they expect from us now, to bow our heads ?" And a reporter added that a very highly placed official in the State of Kuwait was facilitating the work of these Pasdaran and helping them in their work in Iraq.


So Saddam was correct after all when he warned against the threat coming from the dirt from Qum was he not? Of course he was. And the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US and by Iran confirmed it.

So when the vermin called the Kuwaitis which is really nothing but our 19th province complain today about Iranian infiltration in the Kuwaiti state apparatus, of course I need to rejoice.

When over half a million brave Iraqi men sacrificed their lives for Al-Oruba, Arabism (and not it was not to preserve the oil kingdoms of the Gulf) by thwarting the Iranian threat, then hear the syphilitic sheikh al-Sabah promise to the great Leader Saddam Hussein that Iraqi women will be sold for 10 dollars, because Iraqi will be squeezed so hard economically, of course I need to rejoice at that piece of news.

When that dirty lowly whore ridden 19th province gives it away as bases to the Americans and the Iranians so they can occupy my country, of course I will rejoice that they are now occupied by both.

When I said over and over that wherever there are shiites in the Arab world, Iran will wreck havoc by using the sectarian ideological card, and I specifically mentioned the following countries : Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain (and sectarian stuff is happening in Bahrain too, to my great delight) Pakistan (and hell has broken loose in Pakistan after the murder of the shiite Benazir Bhutto) and Saudi Arabia, I was received with derision. By the way the Zionist Chomsky from the American left (hahahahah) was barking for many years even at the height of the ethnic cleansing in Iraq about the "poor oppressed shiites" referring to the above mentioned countries.

But time has proven me right over and over again. And you ain't seen nothin' yet.

So yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Iran has infiltrated the Kuwaiti state apparatus, just like Israel and America helped it (Iran) turn Iraq into a fascist, sectarian shiite/kurdish country , and just like Israel and America will help it wreck havoc in Pakistan, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia but maybe not Lebanon anymore, now that Nasrallah and his thugs and the Iranian prodigal child - Syria, have struck deals with Zion.

Yalla, Mabrook. Congratulations to the Arabs and to the Arab wanking left in particular, including its bloggers, naturally.

More to come Insha'Allah...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Shaker Al-Alussi.