September 3, 2008

An agreement on a Sofa...

"Le cul entre deux chaises" - a lovely French expression which literally means - one's butt between two chairs.

An expression used when someone is stuck between two options, torn apart between two decisions, oscillating between two choices, or simply lost...

I remember a friend of mine with a great sense of humor. I remember telling him once that I had my butt stuck between two chairs and in his typical Eyptian fashion, he said " Turn it into a Sofa and lie down... and relax."

I offer my Egyptian friend's advice to the Iraqi puppet government and to the Iraqi sell-outs who cheered the fall of Baghdad and hailed their "liberators".

So are you crying wolf now - you bunch of hypocritical bastards ? So now, you have your butts stuck between two chairs and you don't know what to do anymore ?

Some of you want to hand it all to Iran, you dogs. And some of you are professional ass kissers to the Americans, having sold your country, your bodies and your souls. And now you are trying to reach the Sofa, huh? Oh and that also includes the fucked up Iraqi bloggers who waved the banner "no to Saddam no to America but...", and engaged in parliamentary national reconciliation after the blood of innocent Iraqis reached the knees...hoping to make themselves a name.

The above lot of bastards is one of the reasons I have no more inclination to write about Iraq. Blaming the Americans and the stinking Brits is not enough, one needs to point the finger at the other culprits - the Iraqis themselves. The lot of hypocrites.

So I was reading all about the SOFA, a text as clear as daylight, which calls for the permanent colonization of Iraq by America the pimp and its whore Iran. Yalla, bravo Iraqi Shiites.

And this is exactly what the "liberation" of Iraq was all about - its colonization. And this is exactly what the murder of Saddam Hussein was all about - its colonization. And this is exactly what the huge fake propaganda about the alleged Shiite and Kurdish "oppression and repression" was all about, allegations that your left with its matron whore Chomsky endorsed - its colonization. And the other hookers who bought it from the Left included a bunch of disgraceful Arab bloggers, journalists and so-called intellectuals of my butt -- You too, bastards, are AS GUILTY as the rest of the lot in its colonization.

So why quibble Iraqis and others about a few terms of agreement here and there, a few clauses and items here and there ? Some of you spread your legs and others bent over for all of this to happen. Relax now and lie down on the Sofa.

And this Iraqi, Arab woman spits on you and your Sofa.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Jaber Alwan, 2007.