You said Justice ?

Bush calls it a historical moment in the making of Iraqi History . Blair is beaming . Iran said it was a victory for human rights and freedom...
The headline is "Saddam is to hang for crimes against humanity ".
And whilst the newspeaker was uttering this line , a flash came across the screen of my TV.
"In less than 5 days , over 50 palestinians killed in Gaza . Latest a young school boy ."
For some of you who don't know what Gaza is - simply remind yourselves of the Auschwitz Ghetto.

And as the world watches on the triumph of the export of Democracy to Iraq , Mc Donald/Coca Cola style , a nagging voice begs me to ask you :

When will Israel be put on trial for genocide ?


Anonymous said…

When we have a new U.N. outside of America that is truly representative of our planet. Much like what Chavez suggested. As it is now the u.n. is simply an instrument of u.s. foreign policy.
Anonymous said…
fingers crossed, it should be in the next millenium sumtime

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