Fashion News FLASH ! .

Monsieur Sarkis lives down the road from where I am .
A short, balding man , in his 60's with an incredible sense of humor. He works as a tailor. He used to tailor for men , but now with most men buying ready made suits , he became what he mischievously calls " a Unisex tailor" .
Everytime I walk down that street , I have to pass by Mr. Sarkis and listen to one of his jokes. He always manages to have me in stitches .
Today I visited him . He was gracious and funny as usual , and after exchanging the habitual greetings I asked him if he could do me a favor.
My request was really simple . I have no time to go and shop for fabric and was wondering if Mr.Sarkis would be kind enough to buy me some thick muslin .
"Thick muslin ? What do you need it for , a gala dress ?"
"Have you not heard of the new fashion line that is swamping the new Middle East ?" I replied.
"No, no, please tell me . Is that the new pret-a-porter from Europa ? Do you have the magazines?"
I could tell Monsieur Sarkis was very excited at this piece of news , hoping to get some new fashion wear designs .
"Not quite " I replied .
"What then ?" He was growing impatient
"Well its a new fashion line and it started in Teheran ". I kept teasing .
"Teheran ? "
"Yes Teheran and now Baghdad and hitting Damascus and it might overtake us here too."
Monsieur Sarkis face grew solemn.
"A new axis you mean ?"
"Yeah a sort of new fashion axis " I replied .
"Does that mean I have to go back to Men only ?"
"Yes I'm afraid so "
"Ok , ok, I got it , what color do you want your Chador ? "
"Pitch black please. "

We laughed some more , but we both knew it was no longer a laughing matter .


Anonymous said…

Don't worry about Iran. Their sphere of influence depends on the cooperation of the rest of the middle east. They will not jeopardize that, and risk losing everything. They have to tread very carefully. Jeans, T-shirts and sandals will be Ok.
Layla Anwar said…
JonM ,
Am very relieved now. Am sure Monsieur Sarkis will be pleased as well.
On a more serious note , Iran will not need the cooperation of the rest of the ME in Iraq nor in Syria . As for Lebanon , we need to wait and see.
Anonymous said…
is Monsieur Sarkis still alive?? he sounds like a nice chap

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