November 21, 2006

Fashion News FLASH ! .

Monsieur Sarkis lives down the road from where I am .
A short, balding man , in his 60's with an incredible sense of humor. He works as a tailor. He used to tailor for men , but now with most men buying ready made suits , he became what he mischievously calls " a Unisex tailor" .
Everytime I walk down that street , I have to pass by Mr. Sarkis and listen to one of his jokes. He always manages to have me in stitches .
Today I visited him . He was gracious and funny as usual , and after exchanging the habitual greetings I asked him if he could do me a favor.
My request was really simple . I have no time to go and shop for fabric and was wondering if Mr.Sarkis would be kind enough to buy me some thick muslin .
"Thick muslin ? What do you need it for , a gala dress ?"
"Have you not heard of the new fashion line that is swamping the new Middle East ?" I replied.
"No, no, please tell me . Is that the new pret-a-porter from Europa ? Do you have the magazines?"
I could tell Monsieur Sarkis was very excited at this piece of news , hoping to get some new fashion wear designs .
"Not quite " I replied .
"What then ?" He was growing impatient
"Well its a new fashion line and it started in Teheran ". I kept teasing .
"Teheran ? "
"Yes Teheran and now Baghdad and hitting Damascus and it might overtake us here too."
Monsieur Sarkis face grew solemn.
"A new axis you mean ?"
"Yeah a sort of new fashion axis " I replied .
"Does that mean I have to go back to Men only ?"
"Yes I'm afraid so "
"Ok , ok, I got it , what color do you want your Chador ? "
"Pitch black please. "

We laughed some more , but we both knew it was no longer a laughing matter .