A Beatle's Ballad to the Troops

Am too sick today to write much. But I can still sing and am singing a song for you ,Troops .
My special dedication for today is the Beatle's song :"Get Back".
If you don't remember the lyrics , let us hum them together now .
So it goes...
"Get back , get back , get back to where
you onced belonged
Get back Jo Jo. Get back Joe.

I don't care in which accent you sing it : American , English, Israeli, Persian . Just sing it !

Picture: courtesy of www.uruknet.info


Anonymous said…
I hope you feel better soon. Your words are profound. Your words are touching. Know that.
Layla Anwar said…
Thanks Jon and you will be invited to that proverbial cup of tea one day as long as you promise to reciprocate with "halal" ribs . Mind you by that time , and seeing the carnage going on , I would have turned totally vegetarian.
Anonymous said…
Halal it shall be Layla.
Take care!

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