November 23, 2006

Happy ThanksGiving .

I don't know what ThanksGiving is . It is not part of my culture , and I don't remember Christians in the Middle East celebrating it . So I asked around. I was told ThanksGiving is a special day at the end of a Harvest , where people gather and give thanks for their yearly blessings. A typical North American custom so to speak .
Allow me to give thanks too :
People of the USA , you and your government and your institutions and your military and your oil corporations Thank You for giving us a wonderful Thanksgiving banquet.
On the menu
1 million extra in Exodus bringing up the total to 2 Million

Main course
3'790 fresh corpses straight from the October Morgue , no stale meat here .

3'000 Widows in season , per month plus thousands of caramelized orphans.

Tons of Blood barrels , as much as you can drink, courtesy of the House.

The people of Iraq wish you a very Happy ThanksGiving Day.

Painting : Iraqi Artist Shayban Ahmad