The Truth is Out.

The Truth is out and there's absolutely nothing you can do about amount of whitewashing, of covering up, of denying, of adding more lies, justifications, explanations, rationalizations will cover it up no more...It is OUT.

Brave, courageous, noble Iraqis have made sure that the Truth is uncovered....and your deceit exposed.

All the lies you have been collectively and individually spinning in public, in private, have been denounced, all the lies have fallen like a deck of cards....gone...gone...gone.... This is OUR Victory !

Two VERY important articles.

- The translation by Hussein Anwar of an article by Hawk of Iraq and true Iraqis are hawks -- of the names and locations of the Badr Brigade commanders, their positions, their affiliation to the Shiite clergy, their affiliation to Iranian intelligence, their affiliation to the Mahdi Army of Muqtada Al-Sadr your "anti occupation hero" (hahahaha), the abominable crimes and ethnic cleansing they perpetrated...all is there --  Black on White

This article is VERY important because if you read it CAREFULLY it points to even more truths...

the OBVIOUS Iranian role in :
a) the occupation of Iraq in consort with the US.
b) the role of Iran and its intelligence operatives  in the so-called Shiite Intifada of the South in the early 90's in the aftermath of Gulf War 1.
c) the full knowledge of the Americans of these operations before and after 2003.
d) the confirmation of what I have said before - namely that the Mahdi Army of Al-Sadr and the Badr Brigades of Hakeem are one and the same. -- see my post of February 11, 2010 where I stated in no uncertain terms :

And this is a SURE piece of information that I have deliberately kept away from public knowledge until the time was right.. And now, the time is right...
Muqtada Al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army, are NOT a separate organization from the Badr Brigades/Maghaweer of Ammar Al-Hakeem (ISCI) and tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or Quds Brigades of Tehran.

a close reading of the Hussein Anwar translation, will show that commanders of the Mahdi Army and the Badr Brigades are one and the same. And it is a  MUST READ.

e) what I have always previously and will always maintain namely that -- Iran inside Iraq operates on many fronts, opening up several "political windows" in terms of parties, militias, personalities, organizations, both overt and covert, and if one falls, there is another one to pick up where the other left off. In other words this show that there are several shiite parties that are essentially competing for power is true on one level the end they all serve the same purpose that of Iran's ideology and the myth of Shi'a revivalism as a way of "liberation from oppression" - MYTH because it is a cloak, a cover for a fascist, racist, anti-Arab political ideology/movement, who is expansionist in nature, and which bases itself on some historical grandeur of what was called the Persian empire.

f) the obvious conclusion is that the United States and its Jewish Zionists and fascist Iranian advisers knew fully well that it was handing Iraq over to the most retrograde, criminal elements available. And that was the whole point of the exercise. Iraq was to be destroyed by IRAN through the U.S. And this diabolical plan can only be inscribed into a greater plan that will hit at every single Arab Muslim country sooner or later...and at the heart of this evil conspiracy lies Jewish Zionism and Shia Revivalism which for me clearly point in the same direction...

And it is therefore NO COINCIDENCE that the most zealot advocates of Shiite rights were none other than the Jewish Zionists engineers of Iraq's occupation and please include Chomsky - the "progressive"- in the lot.

- The second important article is the one produced by the Brussels Tribunal. Finally, an article by the BT  that clearly and unequivocally exposes and condemns the whole array of grotesque human rights violations and crimes in Iraq since our American "liberation".  And you MUST READ it.

These two articles are closely tied together... but it will not stop here...because soon you will receive even more information on the criminal role of the sectarian, fascist, shiite parties, to complete the picture...

The Truth is indeed Out ....and it has exposed the greatest majority of you. And it will NOT go unaccounted for...Of that, you can be sure.

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