The Lion of Babylon & american dogs (+UPDATES)

UPDATE 3: A good friend of mine - bless him - has re-uploaded that twice censored youtube video - on dailymotion. And you can watch it HERE.

Let's see if you will be able to remove it again for a 3rd time. HA!

UPDATE 2 : Seems that video has been removed for the SECOND TIME from youtube. It seems that America does not want you to see for yourself how criminal its "brave" boys are. Not that we needed yet another confirmation about that.
If anyone out there has another copy of this video, please holler.

UPDATE 1 : It seems that this video has been removed from youtube read--CENSORSHIP.
But a good soul has uploaded it again, and it can be found HERE
So thank you whoever you are.
I also read some of the comments regarding this video, some say this innocent man shot in his own country by the barbaric invaders was holding a grenade. That's a load of bull, if anyone of you has seen grenade explode, you would know does not give a trail of black dust for sure.

I received this just now. It was posted on Abutamam blog.

Watch the video well, and watch it several it several times as this video captures two things that are a truth, THE TRUTH :

- the coward rabid animals, dogs - believing they are human beings and who go by the name of americans

- and the true fearless and brave noble Iraqi spirit as embodied in this elderly unarmed man

This elderly man is in his own country - IRAQ - he is unarmed and he does not fear the occupiers, who have crossed oceans to kill us and deprive us of our most basic rights and liberties ....he does not fear your guns, your weapons, your humvees, your tanks...he is fearless because he knows, just as I know, without the shadow of any doubt that Truth and Justice are on our side...

He does not fear you because he fears the One who is greater than all of you and that is Allah. You know what Allah means don't you ? Allah is your obsession, whose faithful you want to obliterate...

Watch the video you motherfuckers, watch it....see how you dogs are scared, breathless and look at this unarmed elderly man full of Trust...

And look at your fucking dumbness because you are the most dumb shits that were ever created. At the end of the video, some filthy american son of a bitch shouts after the man has been killed by YOU -- he shouts -- "arrest him"...

Hahahaha, you want to arrest the dead Iraqis too ?! This is how scared, how petrified, you are...your lives are totally worthless just like you -- totally worthless creatures, a waste of cells and oxygen -- and this elderly man's life was a life well lived...he resisted you and a lion, like the eternal Lion of Babylon.

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