September 2, 2007

Alarm Bells.

What a drag it is to constantly write about misery and suffering.
Yes, it has become tedious, boring, repetitive, tiresome...
Either I am incapable of seeing anything else, or there is nothing else to see...
Whatever the case, one does not get used to so much human pain, angst and distress.

The Oxford linguistic group in charge of updating their English Oxford dictionary and Thesaurus ought to come up with new wordings and new definitions, specifically tailored to the tragedy of the Iraqis.

Whichever word I use does not adequately describe what Iraqis are going through.
Either my English is very limited, or the English language itself is very limited or you are just a thick skinned, callous bunch of "people"... Probably a combination of all three.

One calamity after another has befallen a whole people. I am not even sure you are capable of understanding, comprehending, assimilating the extent, the magnitude, the impact of it...

When I see what I see, hear what I hear and feel what I feel, I can fully understand why someone who is not older than 25 years old goes and explodes himself.

Take for instance Iraqi refugees. Exiled, displaced and have lost EVERYTHING. Do you understand what EVERYTHING means ?

Those presently in Syria will not be having their residency permit renewed. It is now official. They are to leave Syrian territory and will HAVE to go back to Iraq.
Not only that, but the new law stipulates that no Iraqi can enter Syria without a Visa. That's it. The borders are now closed and open one way, only.
Go back "home", we are told. Total panic amongst the Iraqis in Syria in particular the SUNNIS.

That was part of the deal that the criminal Iranian sectarian thug PM Al-Maliki struck with the Syrian Bashar Al-Assad.


And check this out : The only ones allowed to remain in Syria are Iraqi Doctors, scientists, teachers, nurses, engineers... i.e qualified people. Remember the deliberate policy of Brain Drain and you will understand the full implications.
Think, use those grey cells...please.

What all this means is very simple. Hurl back the sheep back to the slaughter house for more ethnic cleansing.

It means more extermination of Sunnis. Seems that the FASCIST shia sectarian militias from Iran have run out of Sunnis to finish off in Baghdad. The drills are getting rusty ?

Why do I see more CARNAGE? Oh my God! Oh my God!

I am sure Shias will be allowed to remain in Syria, remember the Syrian Allawite regime and its affinity to Iran. Is that why Muqtada al Sadr froze the activities of his militias for 6 months ? (even though more tortured dead bodies show up daily in Baghdad streets). Is that the plan - keeping the Americans very busy in more sectarian carnage to fend off a possible attack on Iran? Is that why Ahmadinajad said that the U.S is in no position to attack Iran?

More sheep to slaughter for the Eid like they did on the 30th December 2006 ?

Oh my God! You need to act NOW !

You need to organize yourselves and you need to get involved fully and STOP this CARNAGE NOW!
Send delegations to Syria and Jordan. Come and see for yourselves. You need to ACT NOW.

After all it is because of your government, your "people" who voted for it, even the "people" of your so called "opposition", that we are in this predicament.


Unless of course you happen to be one of Bremer's partisans who wants to bring down the Iraqi population to 5 to 6 million.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Serwan Baran.