September 1, 2007

It's all in the Stars...

A someone I have been corresponding with for a few months now, finally solved it for me.
This person lives in a Scandinavian country and has studied astrology for over 20 years. And she greatly preaches about Love and Peace.

She has finally figured out what the real problem is.
According to her readings, am born under some constellation of planets and her ephemerides unequivocally state that this particular constellation of mine was formed under the star sign Aries.

Aries is traditionally known to symbolize Self Will, Birth, The Ego, and Independence. Aries is also a masculine fixed sign, an analogy for “ I am.”
And it is a Fire sign.

Now according to my astrologer “friend”, this constellation of planets at my birth denotes a combative nature who fiercely seeks Independence.

She also confirms that the whole of Iraq, according to her readings, is born under an identical constellation of planets.

But not only Iraq. The whole of the Middle East shares that same constellation. Except Israel, of course. I forgot to ask her if she was a Jew by any chance.

Now this combative nature is very Yang - very Masculine.
Again, according to her, I derive its energy from some ancestral lineage of very Yang males who are there to fight and do not know what Peace is all about.

So her conclusion is that my Destiny or Karma in this life, is to go beyond the Yang and discover the Yin – The Feminine Essence.

I replied telling her that nearly all of my problems came from the Yangs, so obviously I must be Yin somewhere...

She answered back telling me in no uncertain terms that I needed to let go of my combative nature and will find the Yin, the Eternal Yin inside.

So I wrote again and asked her what should I do when faced with Yang’s actions ?

What do I do with all the misery I witness around me because of some murderous Yankee Yang or some chauvinist Persian Yang or some sectarian Iraqi Yang or some sleeping Arab Yang, or some indifferent, careless Western Yang ?

What do I do with all the orphans, the widows, the displaced, the hungry, the sick, the abandoned, the destroyed, the forgotten, the tortured, the raped...because of a very negative Yang ?

I mean here is my Yin screaming her head off and no real Yang is making a difference in any positive, substantial way.

She never answered my question.

But she did mention in one of her mails, that curiously enough her "Master astrologer" under whom she studied for a long time, was first initiated and taught in a school for astrology, in Baghdad out of all places.
It could not have been such a bad place. She got the Independence bit right, for sure.

And I guess I have the patience of Job. Patience with ignorant people, patience with idiotic analysis, patience with a Western world that breaks down at the sight of a sick dog but can't lift a finger when a genocide is taking place under its very nose. And last but not least, patience with a Scandinavian astrologer pontificating from way up North...

I mean hell, I can't get more Yin than that!

It must be all in the Stars. It must be Destiny...
I guess you folks will be stuck with this "combative nature" that permeates my astrological chart as well as that of the whole of the Middle East...except Israel, of course.
Yes you are stuck with it until the "Stars and Destiny" decide otherwise.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Ayad Al Qaragholi.