Broken Bottle Blues...

Refer to my previous post first.

Some wrote to me wanting "clarifications" regarding the video I referred to in my previous "rant".

First, I have already translated this video into English and it was published on Uruknet some weeks ago.

So here we go again.

Video is of Jaysh Al-Mahdi army of Muqtada Al-Sadr (who wants a ban on bottles of alcoholic drinks) torturing by sodomizing a detainee with a broken bottle. In beginning of video which I forced myself to watch over 3 times for the sake of Truth

-the torturer says: are you going to talk or do you want the bottle again.
-the man pleads with him, more like shrieks like a regressed infant about to rejoin the womb again.
- the man gets sodomized again and you can hear his screams
- the man dies
- the aide says he's dead.
- the torturer asks again - is he dead for sure, bring the electrical cables
- another voice says throw water on him to wake him up
- another man says - no he's dead for sure.
- the man is dead from sodomy by a broken bottle in the New Iraq.

I want this video circulated widely with the brief translation that I have just given you now. And I want it shoved in the Western, Muslim and Arab faces of the pro-Iran - antiwar, liberal, progressive, left accomplices in the death of this detainee. One death out of thousands in the new Iraq of Freedom and Democracy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go and vomit my guts out.

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