Spill it !

Watching TV is not a good idea...it makes me see Red.

All is devoted to the BP spill...

Believe it or not tourists from other states, like Texas are flocking to visit the spill...

Americans are now complaining of "lack of Ethics", kid you not.

Now Americans know all about Ethics because shrimp, oyster and crab farmers have lost their jobs.  And small businesses complain that 20 Billion dollars compensation is not enough. They want guarantees for the future. What if BP runs out of money - they say. American jobs and lives are ever so precious aren't they ?

Congress has grilled BP's CEO, with the usual American moral high ground position, the hypocritical attitude that is so characteristic of Americans. Makes me shiver.

And the best bit - J.Biden taking on the plight of the poor people whose income is only 10'000 dollars a month like those seafood farmers in Louisiana..

Is that not the same J.Biden, the war monger who wanted Iraq divided so it can be pillaged and plundered further, with more expediency ?  Is that not the same America who cheered a brutal occupation where over 50% of the Iraqi population lives in absolute poverty since 2003, on  less than 1$ a dollar a day ? Is that not the same America under whose occupation our rivers dried up and we have no more water and no more fishermen.

Is that not the same Americans from Texas, to Mississippi, to Florida, to Washington DC to elsewhere in this shit thole of a country who voted and cheered for more liberation efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, be it under Bush or Obama ?

Is that not the same America that worships the dollar and the oil corporations, are these not, the same  political and cultural whorish offspring of the military industrial complex ?

Now that same America  is whining about the lack of ethics of big companies.

One African American woman from Louisiana said " They keep considering us resilient, so they think, we can handle more, so they dish out more our way. Well am not resilient, I want accountability"

I suggest to Iraqis -  stop being so resilient and read that last sentence over and over again and turn it into your daily mantra, because it won't get any better unless you spill it !

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