January 9, 2009

The Future. What Future ?

I received a touching mail from a young Palestinian woman, a student, in her early 20's. I am reprinting it with her permission. And to protect her anonymity, I shall deliberately call her Amal, meaning "Hope" in Arabic...

I'm Palestinian. My father is from Lid, my mother is from Dayr Jarir
I can't breathe how hard I'm crying. I can't stay strong anymore,
I don't want to hate. I don't want to.
I don't want to do these things. I want to have children. I want to bake for them.
I want to teach them how to sing and paint and read.
I want them to play. I want my husband to come home and find me happy and healthy and caring.
I want life and love. I don't want death and hatred.
I don't want barbed wire I don't want bombs, I don't want soldiers or martyrs or anymore blood on soil.

I'm full of fear for the future. If this can happen with the whole world watching...what does that mean Ms. Anwar? What does it mean for any colored person anywhere? Globalization, power structures, capitalism...if there was a war and the underdogs won?

If I was there, what would I do? Would I kill every child? Rip out every pregnant woman's womb? Castrate all their men??? Would that be enough? Would I feel at peace?

Is that what humanity is doomed for, a cycle of vicious wars and massacres?
Oh, I'm sorry to have written to you.

Its winter break. I'm away from my family and away from Gaza. I feel as if I should be dead, not these children. I feel powerless and scared...and I read your Red post and thought you understand.

Thank you for reading.

I have nothing further to add to this mail. Do you ?

Painting : Iraqi artist, Falah Al-Saeidi.