January 17, 2009

Behind a Storm of Blood...

A genocidal tsunami, a Jewish, Zionist tsunami of violence, arrogance, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, racism, apartheid, oppression, repression, brutality, bestiality, tyranny, terrorism, sociopathy, psychopathy, evilness, moral depravity, hideousness, savagery, barbarity, backwardness, inhumanity and you can add your own...add it to the list.

Nothing, no word, describes the deep ugliness of the Jewish state of Israel. Nothing at all...

Last week, 91% of the "chosen" ones in Israel, were in favor of the Gaza carnage, today the ratio went up to 95%. That leaves 5% of the Jews in Israel against this holocaust. So much for a Jewish conscience!

We are on the 22nd day of the Gaza massacres. Piles of bodies, piles of injured, piles of flesh, piles and piles...Auschwitz revisited? No, worse than Auschwitz, much worse, from the so-called "only democracy" in the Middle East.
The Americans turned Iraq into a similar "democracy", lest you have forgotten.

But tonight, I do not wish to talk about the carnage in Gaza. I am sure many of you read about it, extensively and watched it on your TV screens, or one would hope you have. And am not so sure that the Western media/press is giving you a full picture. Of course, they don't want to ruffle the sensitivities of their Western viewers, because, my oh my, you are such a sensitive people.

For my part, I did manage to watch Western media, the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera English, nothing in comparison to the Arabic speaking media. So subdued, and so
"objective". My stomach could not take it.

And since am on the subject of the media, I will have to ask Al Jazeera English to stop hiring those disgraceful American and English anchors, recycled from CNN and BBC. If we want to watch that kind of crap, we know how to switch channels, thank you very much.

But again, this is not really my topic for tonight.

My topic is the masquerade, the circus, the carnival, called the Arab world.

I will start with the alleged Qatari initiative. I am quite displeased actually. Qatar's role is far from being a begnin, altruistic mediator as it claims to be.
And Al-Jazeera Arabic is towingthe Qatari line way too much, for obvious reasons.

Qatar clearly wants to present itself as the nationalistic, pro-Palestinian Resistance, Arab country - a similar role it played in the aftermath of the Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006. And hence trying to demonstrate to the Arabs that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority of M.Abbas are at best "anti Palestinian" and at worst official collaborators with the Zionist entity in the Gaza massacres.

I will get to the other Arab roles, such as Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, , Jordan, Iraq, and the Palestinian Resistance, as represented by both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas further on.

But let's take it one step at a time…and one country at a time...

Tzipi Livni was in Qatar not so long ago. In fact Qatar and Israel have had cordial relations to say the least. An Israeli bureau was opened in Qatar and stayed open during the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006. Today Qatar urged Egypt and Jordan to severe diplomatic ties with Israel, while it will "freeze" any bilateral activities between Israel and itself.

The same came from Mauritania, who will "freeze" diplomatic relations until a cease fire agreement is reached between Israel and Hamas via Egyptian and Turkish mediation. And a cease fire will be reached soon. All indicators point to that.

Syria also urged Egypt and Jordan to severe diplomatic ties with Israel,conveniently forgetting all the secret diplomatic talks it has been conducting with Israel in Istanbul and forgetting its insistence on an American participation in any future peace talks with the Zionist entity.

As for Lebanon - besides the fiery speeches of Hassan Nasrallah, which really amount to nothing, as in zero action on the ground - Lebanon is clearly in the Qatari/ Iranian camp again for obvious reasons.

Iraq under American occupation, and ruled by both puppets - the Kurdish Zionists, such as M.Barazani who stated in 2006 that he welcomed the idea of opening an Israeli embassy in Hewar, "Kurdistan" and the sectarian Shias from Iran - is also clearly in the Qatari/Iranian camp. And since am on the subject of the sectarian Shias, I need to remind everyone what the sectarian Shiites militias of the Mahdi army, Badr Brigades and the Dawa did to the Palestinians in Iraq – a genocide on a smaller scale - bringing down the Palestinian population in Iraq from 35'000 to less than 7'000.

Also present at the Qatari carnival and sitting on the first row were the President of Senegal, some representative from the Comoro Islands and of course Ahmadinejad.

On a side note, what has the President of Senegal got to do with an Arab summit on Gaza is still beyond me.

Now let's get to Iran. Twenty day ago, Ayatollah Khameini issued a Fatwa, forbidding any Iranian to fight in Gaza. This is a fact. Three days ago, Ahmadinejad, on the one hand, heavily criticized the Saudi/ Egyptian role as ineffective, anti -Palestinian, anti-Resistance, yet at the same time said in a press conference, in reply to a question by an Al-Hayat journalist, that he " saw no necessity for any military/armed intervention from any country in helping the Palestinian Resistance (Hamas) as this latter was very capable of conducting its own fight, alone." Something that Nasrallah faithfully echoed and something that Khaled Misha'al from Hamas repeated today during his speech at the Qatari summit.

(A short parenthesis to keep in mind - I also need to remind the reader, that it is the Bush administration, according to the official version at least, who urged Israel not to show any belligerency against Iran. By now you know why, don't you? A quick review of who currently rules Iraq will undoubtedly refresh your "insight" )

I know this post might prove to be a long one, but bear with me, because things are not always what and how they seem to appear...

Egypt on the other hand is stuck. And so is Jordan.

Both of these countries have peace treaties with Israel. Strategically speaking, annulling these peace treaties would mean a state of war.

And am telling you, today, as it stands, NO Arab country and NO Middle Eastern country including Turkey and Iran are willing to wage a war against Israel. Take that as a FACT. However much displeasing, disappointing, this cold FACT may be to some.

Saudi Arabia on the other hand, is dealing with several issues on different fronts but all related. First its dwindling role and the rise of Iran (and Qatar) as an "alternative" regional (and sub-regional) powers. Secondly, Iranian harassment and fear of sectarianism in its own territory with a sizeable Shia population in its eastern region. Thirdly, its vulnerable position as a so-called "producer of terrorists", following 9/11, hence its need to remain vigilant against any political faux pas... Fourthly, its own internal domestic politics, where the ruling family is holding onto power through all means possible...and this is not going to be a treatise on Saudi Arabia. So I shall stop here.

I am aware I have not touched upon the Yemeni, UAE, Libyan, Moroccan, Tunisian, Algerian roles, as I do not find them to be major players in this particular episode of the Arab circus, carnival, rift and the totally chaotic political mess we currently find ourselves in.

The question to pose, however, is the following: What is Israel hoping to achieve through its blatant genocidal acts on Gaza?


And this is exactly what the Gaza massacres have politically accomplished for Israel.

Israel will NOT do away with Hamas. It is hoping to shrink it to a manageable size, and as one political commenter said, "it just wants to extract its teeth" and leave it toothless, so to speak.

Israel will keep Hamas because Israel NEEDS the division in all of the Palestinian movement/resistance.

Israel's long term strategy is to produce not two states - one for the Israelis and one for the Palestinians - but to produce CANTONS. The canton of Ramallah and the canton of Gaza and more cantons if it can...

If you wish, you may call it the balkanization of the IDEA of the State of Palestine. Sounds familiar, no? Just like the balkanization of the state of Iraq.

Furthermore Israel wants to do away with the idea that the Palestinian cause is first and foremost an ARAB cause. And the current IDEOLOGICAL impasse in the Palestinian Resistance (both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas) is achieving just that - diluting the idea that the Palestinian cause is first and foremost an Arab cause. While Iran, supposedly a supporter of Hamas, loves repeating the contrary.

And I agree with Azmi Bishara, a Palestinian, who likes to call himself an ARAB thinker, when he said " If it were not Palestine, as a geographical location, Zionism would find any other Arab country to occupy...so what happened to Palestine as in the Nakba, would have happened and will happen to the rest of the Arab countries..."

Grosso modo, this is Israel's policy towards any anti-Zionist country/movement.
And who is left as an anti-Zionist entity/movement in the Arab world after the fall of Baghdad/Iraq but the Palestinians themselves?!

Let's have a look now at the Palestinian leadership itself, both as represented by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

Both agree on:

- an immediate cease fire.
- complete withdrawal of the Israeli army
- immediate lifting of the blockade and siege of Gaza.
- Israel is to pay compensation for the havoc and destruction it caused

The only point of disagreement is the following: Who will control the borders of Gaza ?

Hamas insistence on controlling the borders of Gaza means in effect Hamas's declaration that Gaza is an autonomous state separated from the rest of the West Bank and under the control of Hamas alone.

So what will happen to the Palestinian political unity then? What will happen to political reconciliation between the different Palestinian political factions ? What will happen to the overall Palestinian movement, resistance and cause ?

Gone to the winds...And this is exactly Israel's objective.

Iran is encouraging Hamas in that direction, as made evident in the speech of Khaled Misha'al today. Iran also wants the "balkanization" of the Palestinian movement - the split. The same way it accomplished it in Iraq. A leverage card to be played in favor of its own objectives of becoming a major regional power, surpassing Saudi Arabia and Egypt in its influence both in the Arab street and internationally. This is so obvious to me, and I still don't understand how can anyone not see it so clearly.

In that sense, Israel and Iran share a common vision insofar as the Palestinian movement/cause is concerned and a common vision insofar as the rest of the Arab world is concerned – its split and consequently its paralysis, as being made totally evident in the past 22 days.

And I shall reiterate for the hundredth time, had it not been for the fall of Baghdad/Iraq, and the genocide of 1 million Iraqis and the exile of 5 million of them...Had it not been for the total destruction/annihilation of the Iraqi state and its leadership, by Zionist American and Iranian hands, you would not see Ahmadinejad sitting on the front row in Qatar, and you would not be witnessing the further deepening rift in the Arab world and the "balkanization" of both Iraq and the idea of a Palestinian state. And more to come...unless...

But they achieved it in Iraq, the backbone of the Arab world. They set precedence in Iraq, and the Arabs watched on, and it is happening all over again in Gaza (a symbol for ALL of Palestine) and the Arabs are still watching on...while a storm of blood is inundating yet another Arab street.

I concede defeat and give up on the Arabs and the Arab world.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, the late Layla Al-Attar ( murdered by American bombs.) "Details."