June 8, 2007

Stalling, Stealing, Civilization...

I am in no mood to write anything today. I think the "blues" have caught up with me big time.

My grandmother used to tell me, when you are feeling down, count your blessings and you will feel better...

I search for the blessings...They are not to be found in Iraq.

More pillaging and more destruction. More lost lives and lost loves...
More broken hearts, more destroyed souls...Evaporated bodies, names that no longer exist, faces that one digs hard to remember...

All gone in some whirlpool of black smoke made of gunpowder...Made of army uniforms, made of sectarian shouts, made of dancing over the dead...

Iraq will never be a shia only state.
And we have enough with one "chosen" people, we don't need another one. Let the sectarian "chosen" ones move next door. Let the mullahs bless them and let them stay there till death visits them and shrouds them in Qum carpets...

Chomsky, your zionist spiritual father must be so proud now.
The "shias are soooooooooo oppressed"... he barked at the media and you applauded and said "Yes. Solidarity with the oppressed of this world"....

Now go and look, have a good look.
Check out this video from Roads to Iraq on uruknet.info.
Dance with them. Clap with them. Wave your dirty flag with them. Bless your troops with them.

Go and have a good look. Have a good look at the plundering of the oldest civilization earth.
Go and check out your "so oppressed" merchants trading in it across borders.
All the way to Tel Aviv...and Isfahan.
Go and check, you dishonest lot. And give a piece of Ur to your spiritual daddy. So he can reconnect to his "Babylonian" roots by osmosis.

And then go and embrace the lefties amongst you. Pat them on the back. Give them another lesson in your jargon of the oh so delicately correct language of politics. Then go and place a flower on the tomb of your brave boys.

You make me sick.

You have neither any inkling of what civilization means...Nor do you have any notion of what human civility means.
All a veneered facade of niceties and the right use of words.
Endless masks superimposed one on top of the other.
And I keep peeling off one by one...
And at each layer, another monster rears its head. Uglier than the previous one.

And you come to me, preaching. Preaching love and forgiveness. Preaching and more preaching. You make heaps out of preaching.
It gives you this stature of self righteousness. You elevate yourself with your own lies...And you become so holy. So politically in vogue. So fuckingly hypocritical.

I search around for my blessings...I search and search...And you bastards left me with nothing.
I want my promised land back. I want civilization back. I want human civility back.

Away from you and your twisted political theories and analysis. Away from your sort, away, far away...

But I will heed my Grandmother's advice and since I have been educated in the "enlightened" academia of yours, the academia of "impartial, objectivity"...
Then I have a few blessings I am grateful for :

If there is any good at all from this occupation. It is only ONE thing.
The fragile, intricately, anonymously knit, web of solidarity I have experienced.

Some are not so anonymous. And I would like to publicly show appreciation and gratitude to:
And regardless of the respect and fondness I hold for P.Pisi, the Editor of Uruknet, I really believe that Uruknet is one of the best news services available on Occupied Iraq and Palestine.

Another website for Spanish speaking readers is www.rebelion.org. I want to particularly thank Sinfo Fernandez who goes through the torturous process of translating my posts into spanish, making them available to the widest public possible.(and that despite my unorthodox use of the english language.) Links below.

I will continue counting my blessings and show appreciation to Mike Whitney whose solidarity writings on Iraq I truly appreciate and Malcolm Lagauche for his wonderful no nonsense level headed and historically accurate articles on the same topic.

There are others too. Maybe they wish to remain anonymous in that web of virtual friendship and I shall therefore refrain from naming them without their permission.

You people are a blessing. For with people like you around, the theft of civilization will not go unnoticed and human civility will not be relegated to a thing from the past.

Grandmothers are always right... Especially the ones from Ur.

Links for some of the articles translated into Spanish.


Painting: Another Palestinian artist today, female, Tamam Al-Akhal. "Stalling Civilization, 2003"