Stalling, Stealing, Civilization...

I am in no mood to write anything today. I think the "blues" have caught up with me big time.

My grandmother used to tell me, when you are feeling down, count your blessings and you will feel better...

I search for the blessings...They are not to be found in Iraq.

More pillaging and more destruction. More lost lives and lost loves...
More broken hearts, more destroyed souls...Evaporated bodies, names that no longer exist, faces that one digs hard to remember...

All gone in some whirlpool of black smoke made of gunpowder...Made of army uniforms, made of sectarian shouts, made of dancing over the dead...

Iraq will never be a shia only state.
And we have enough with one "chosen" people, we don't need another one. Let the sectarian "chosen" ones move next door. Let the mullahs bless them and let them stay there till death visits them and shrouds them in Qum carpets...

Chomsky, your zionist spiritual father must be so proud now.
The "shias are soooooooooo oppressed"... he barked at the media and you applauded and said "Yes. Solidarity with the oppressed of this world"....

Now go and look, have a good look.
Check out this video from Roads to Iraq on
Dance with them. Clap with them. Wave your dirty flag with them. Bless your troops with them.

Go and have a good look. Have a good look at the plundering of the oldest civilization earth.
Go and check out your "so oppressed" merchants trading in it across borders.
All the way to Tel Aviv...and Isfahan.
Go and check, you dishonest lot. And give a piece of Ur to your spiritual daddy. So he can reconnect to his "Babylonian" roots by osmosis.

And then go and embrace the lefties amongst you. Pat them on the back. Give them another lesson in your jargon of the oh so delicately correct language of politics. Then go and place a flower on the tomb of your brave boys.

You make me sick.

You have neither any inkling of what civilization means...Nor do you have any notion of what human civility means.
All a veneered facade of niceties and the right use of words.
Endless masks superimposed one on top of the other.
And I keep peeling off one by one...
And at each layer, another monster rears its head. Uglier than the previous one.

And you come to me, preaching. Preaching love and forgiveness. Preaching and more preaching. You make heaps out of preaching.
It gives you this stature of self righteousness. You elevate yourself with your own lies...And you become so holy. So politically in vogue. So fuckingly hypocritical.

I search around for my blessings...I search and search...And you bastards left me with nothing.
I want my promised land back. I want civilization back. I want human civility back.

Away from you and your twisted political theories and analysis. Away from your sort, away, far away...

But I will heed my Grandmother's advice and since I have been educated in the "enlightened" academia of yours, the academia of "impartial, objectivity"...
Then I have a few blessings I am grateful for :

If there is any good at all from this occupation. It is only ONE thing.
The fragile, intricately, anonymously knit, web of solidarity I have experienced.

Some are not so anonymous. And I would like to publicly show appreciation and gratitude to:
And regardless of the respect and fondness I hold for P.Pisi, the Editor of Uruknet, I really believe that Uruknet is one of the best news services available on Occupied Iraq and Palestine.

Another website for Spanish speaking readers is I want to particularly thank Sinfo Fernandez who goes through the torturous process of translating my posts into spanish, making them available to the widest public possible.(and that despite my unorthodox use of the english language.) Links below.

I will continue counting my blessings and show appreciation to Mike Whitney whose solidarity writings on Iraq I truly appreciate and Malcolm Lagauche for his wonderful no nonsense level headed and historically accurate articles on the same topic.

There are others too. Maybe they wish to remain anonymous in that web of virtual friendship and I shall therefore refrain from naming them without their permission.

You people are a blessing. For with people like you around, the theft of civilization will not go unnoticed and human civility will not be relegated to a thing from the past.

Grandmothers are always right... Especially the ones from Ur.

Links for some of the articles translated into Spanish.

Painting: Another Palestinian artist today, female, Tamam Al-Akhal. "Stalling Civilization, 2003"


Anonymous said…
u went into anger manifesto mode in the middle there.....this almost sounds like a goodbye piece...r u leaving??
Anonymous said…
"There are others too. Maybe they wish to remain anonymous in that web of virtual friendship and I shall therefore refrain from naming them without their permission."


u have my permission
Anonymous said…
since I have been educated in the "enlightened" academia of yours, the academia of "impartial, objectivity"...


what uni did u go to????
Anonymous said…
G.Gar said…
Cheer up leila, Iraq will never be dominated by safavids and Iranians, trust me on that:) They are crazy and jealous because they know they have lost. The zioonists and yanks are getting their very fair share of the cake as well:)

Here are some lines from the "prophet".

"Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filed with your tears.

And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter's oven?
And is not the lute that soothes your spirit, the very wood that was hollowed with knives?

When you are joyous, look deep into
Your heart and you shall find it is only that
which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."

Your blog can be seen in Firefox now :)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Adding one more theft by USans and Brits to your list, Layla.....that of Iraq's heritage: its ancient monuments and artifacts. It's like using the Great Pyramids of Egypt for shooting practice and to build bases for the barbarians; or like blowing up Stonehenge or the British Museum and American Museums. The disgusting people have put up a base in Babylon, no less. Suffice to say that all stolen Iraqi artifacts will find their way into American and British museums where they will be displayed alongside other stolen loot over the years, such as the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon Marbles and countless works of Art from Africa and Asia. Anyone interested in learning more about this sacrilege should visit this website:,,2098272,00.html

We don't seem to be nearing the end as far as both British and American barbarism is concerned. They've done everything and more to prove just how UNCIVILISED they are. Such an utterly despicable lot and I hope the Iraqi Resistance deals with every one of them. May we all live to see these barbarian butts being chased out of Iraq with their tails between their legs. The damn cowards who can only attack from behind their tanks and armour.
Layla Anwar said…
why do I have this distinct feeling you would like to see me leave? lol
And what else do you want to know apart from my university...
Shoe size, height, weight, do you want a picture also?
Layla Anwar said…
Thanks Amre, I love Khalil Gibran.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,
What the Guardian reported is nothing compared to what is really happening and what has really happened insofar as the archeology and the artifacts go.
It is a DISASTER of monumental proportions. The Americans drew bloody graffitis on the hanging walls for God's sake, and this is only one example...The Malwiya in Samarra is cut in half, the museum is totally devastated...Honestly,never in history not even during the Mongols has such a destruction taken place.
Layla Anwar said…
Ok thanks Janice...good to know.:-)
Angel said…
Layla, what a shocking, shocking video. How does anyone cope with that happening, time and time again?

Your sorrow is my sorrow. I don't know what else to say.

I read an article about Dr. Donny Deorge Youkhanna, and the looting of antiquities from the Museum. You are no doubt right as to where they will end up.
Anonymous said…
"why do I have this distinct feeling you would like to see me leave? lol"


not sure u think it cud be paranoia??
Anonymous said…
"And what else do you want to know apart from my university...
Shoe size, height, weight, do you want a picture also? "


a picture would be nice.....
Anonymous said…
L.A.Y.L.A. A.N.W.A.R. wot u upto???
Anonymous said…
I can only imagine and despair, Layla. What kind of upbringing have these Americans had? Can you see the monumental FAILURE of their parents and their primitive society????? Based on the variety of comments on this particular piece, and on my own intuition, I feel this is exactly what they wished and planned to do anyway....wipe out all Iraqis, wipe out the culture and all Iraqi heritage.

HOW can we find appropriate words to express sorrow, disgust and revulsion, Layla? May we get to see Bush and Blair tried and convicted - I can't help but curse these two men every moment of my life.

Interesting how Bush and the Pope are now decrying the circumstances of the Christians in Iraq - when it is very clear that Christians and Muslims lived together in peace for centuries - until their brand of 'Christians' came into Iraq. The current Pope is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT TO CATHOLICS, and, seeing his position, he will not help to make any attempts at peace building between faiths. I am Catholic, but the Catholic Church has FAILED miserably.

I bet Jr would very much like all those details, Layla!!!

Amre, I love the quote you have posted.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Angel,

Some of them already ended up in Tel serious. A special museum was designed for the occasion.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

The pope...hmmmm. I don't have much kind words about him. There were honestly NEVER , and I mean never any problems with the christians in Iraq and they never had a problem with the muslims either. Hell let loose...
As for JR, I don't know little, I think he works for the (I)M'5 or 15 or maybe for (I)M so is weird to say the least...
Layla Anwar said…
Jr, read what I wrote to little deer about you...
What do you want my picture for? Are you planning to marry me or something?
Anonymous said…
sorry just noticed this:

"Grandmothers are always right... Especially the ones from Ur."

erm........what the fuck is ur??? and whatever or wherever it is, i can assure u grandmothers from there are no wiser than elsewhere on the planet..
Anonymous said…
Whitney's last piece is great, and I hate the UN. I hate the fucking "State" and the whole fucking thing. But really, given the nature of things right now (and I live here in the Arab world), I don't see that shutting the doors on the UN is the answer. What is the answer is massive protest EVERYWHERE, leading to a take-over of the UN by the majority of the global south and the imposition, or otherwise total isolation, of rules upon imperial states. If there were enough states behind such a move, it would be impossible for the US to punish all individually. And for fucks' sake, let the Arabs STOP selling fucking oil to these bastards. Let there be ethical standards of some kind as to who get the oil. There are plenty customers, and it won't evaporate. SECOND, stop trading in fucking dollars! If the world just stopped using dollars, the US economy would collapse within 4 months. EVERYTHING would change. Thereafter we could save the idea of the UN by kicking out everyone there right now and building it anew. Erasing it now, I fear, would open the gates to Hell and an almost certain Third World War. None of us would survive it. We'd die with integrity, though .......
99 said…
layla, you need to fix the link to the video.... It should be:

I can't understand a word of it, but the partying and tittering make me feel ill.
Anonymous said…

In the abscence of my therapy I come back to this board and clearly see that you are out of control again.
I see you AGAIN contributing NOTHING positive or constructive to the discussions.
Again you only slander people and seemingly mock the situation.

I see where AGAIN you refer to SAW as "wanker".
So AGAIN, we will begin by addressing your fixation on the male member.
Last eve, while sleeping, the severity of your problem was on my mind. And I had a beautiful idea!
What with all of this medical technology I thought perhaps you could research having a penis transplanted to your forehead.
That way it would dangle in front of your eye's and you could easily access it with either hand, and even kiss it if you wanted!
This transplant would either make or break your fixation on the penis.
And I do think it would be quite becoming to your appearance!
Unless of course it became aroused somehow....
Then you would look like a fucking unicorn! :)

I am back JR.
And I will be watching and helping you so long as you continue to present your socially unacceptable comments and slanderous verbiage.
You ignorant Mc.

Layla Anwar said…
jr, go and check an ancient map...
I mean here you are commenting nonsense most of the time ând you do not even know what UR is...
Anonymous said…
Jr., how is it possible for you to visit an Iraqi site and not know what or where UR is????? I don't believe this! Actually, I instinctively feel that you DO know everything, but just wish to draw attention to your silly comments. Why? I do believe, too, that you are quite capable of being extremely nice, and are possibly a nice person... There is a reason why you come to this site everyday.....after the exchange about shoes size, picture, etc., I am wondering!!!!

As Anonymous above suggested, BOYCOTT THE MOST FILTHY CURRENCY ON EARTH - THE DOLLAR. It is stained with blood and death of innocents. I have, even if I am only one, and am trying to convince all those I know to do the same.
Anonymous said…
layla u hag why have u CENSORED my posts???
Anonymous said…
"ur" does not exist u silly stop bringing it up
Layla Anwar said…

not only are you immature, not only you are obnoxious, but you top it all off with an acute ignorance, bad taste, lousy english and an all pervading stupidity that borders on the tedious...Now fuck off.
Anonymous said…
To JR's "shrink":

Dear Sir/Madam,

I could not agree more with you in that Bessie Windsor's court jester is a waste of space on such an intelligent, soulful blog.

But then you don't seem to be any more willing (capable?) to put yourself out than he is .. I have been following Layla Anwar for quite a few months now, and I don't recall ever reading anything like an opinion on the situation in Iraq from you either ..

I would invite you to start giving your slow-witted "patient" the good example by contributing yourself "something positive or constructive" to the discussions as from your next comment.

Every good wish for your work and life.


P.S. Make sure you get paid !
Anonymous said…
layla u bitch just cos i called u a bitch no need to throw your toys out of the pram
Anonymous said…
To "observer"

In response to your request, the situation in Iraq is beyond words.
Nothing that can be said or written can now or ever be construed as constructive or positive.
It is all encompassing and devours more than can be expresed by words in any form.

As for my own personal opinions on the post topics they are irrellevent.

I am only here to see that JR. gets a penis implanted on his forehead...

Thank you for your concern.
Anonymous said…
jr coyote,

your not only a waste of air, but the lack of it has caused damage to what few brain cells that were there.

And Ta is right you are a lover of the male parts but most likly in your mouth like your gay buddy chuck.

jr do you want to know how big my shoes are, big enough to make you gag when you get my member!!!

Savage Hung Lo
LostHere said…
A head line in The New York Times today:

U.S. Arming Sunnis in Iraq to Battle Old Qaeda Allies

Some of the interesting parts of the article.

…With the agreement to arm some Sunni groups, the Americans also appear to have made a tacit recognition that earlier demands for the disarming of Shiite militia groups are politically unachievable for now given the refusal of powerful Shiite political parties to shed their armed wings. In effect, the Americans seem to have concluded that as long as the Shiites maintain their militias, Shiite leaders are in a poor position to protest the arming of Sunni groups whose activities will be under close American scrutiny.

…One of the conditions set by the American commanders who met in Baghdad was that any group receiving weapons must submit its fighters for biometric tests that would include taking fingerprints and retinal scans. The American conditions, senior officers said, also include registering the serial numbers of all weapons, steps the Americans believe will help in tracing fighters who use the weapons in attacks against American or Iraqi troops.

And of course, a response from the "not quite legitimate" government

…“The government’s aim is to disarm and demobilize the militias in Iraq,” said Sadiq al-Rikabi, a political adviser to Mr. Maliki. “And we have enough militias in Iraq that we are struggling now to solve the problem. Why are we creating new ones?”

Well Layla, it appears even more clearly what you have often said, that the decimating of the Iraqi population is one of the important objectives…

You know, the (so called) left and other critics of the US administration, keep talking about the lack of planning in the war, but it seems more apparent all the time that the plan was well though out, albeit one that seems to horrible to admit to.

It’s tragically funny, but the US administration keeps referring to Iraq as the battle front on the “war on terror”, and I’m coming to the conclusion that they are partly right, it is THE battle front, and if successful, may Lucifer help us. It’s in the hands of the resistance to impede a much larger war “of domination”…

What is good or evil? Is there any difference between the two?

It’s becoming a scary world!
Anonymous said…
Only one person can know if their post is 'first again' and that would be the one who approves it, hence layla.

layla, what's with the personality disorder? Are you that starved for attention you have to create ID's to converse with?
Layla Anwar said…
Wow, you are so right anonymous...
I love talking to myself...
Why don't you just fuck off along with Jr the troll...
Anonymous said…
That's an utterly ridiculous comment from anonymous above. Layla, please treat it with the contempt it deserves. You, obviously, rankle a few who come to this site, and the cowards try to hit back with viciousness because they have nothing else.

Nobody's invited you here, anonymous. Drop dead or crawl back to under your filthy rock.
Anonymous said…

I don't believe that you are here just to "see that JR gets a penis implanted on his forehead" ..

I would rather tend to imagine you as a soul in torment coming back from a droughty elsewhere to quench his/her thirst on the waters of life that flow out from Layla's words ..

Forgive my poetic license .. you do remind me of someone I knew .. adored .. and lost ..

Take care of yourself .. and say no more that your opinion on the events is "irrelevant" ..

Regards ..
Anonymous said…
hi layla......hows my favourite blogger today???
Layla Anwar said…
Jr, how is the personality disorder...Did you take your medics?
Layla Anwar said…
wow, this is all getting very poetic...And it's good!
Anonymous said…
im ok now layla, thanks for your concern....

when can i expect to recieve my ban???
Anonymous said…
"I would rather tend to imagine you as a soul in torment coming back from a droughty elsewhere to quench his/her thirst on the waters of life that flow out from Layla's words ..

Forgive my poetic license"

u call that poetic?! ive read some trashy novels in my time, but this crap just takes the biscuit
Anonymous said…
little deer,
Who asked for your juvenile opinion? Go back to scrubbing floors will ya.
Anonymous said…

"ive read some trashy novels in my time, but this crap just takes the biscuit"

Which "biscuit" are you talking about, my darling of a snow-white lily ?

The one you've never dared to "dip" into milk for fear that the heat might "melt" it ?

Oops !
Anonymous said…

Because I would sooner die than be in any way a source of embarassment to you, I give you my word of honor that this is the very last time I speak to you or about you on here or in any context other than our private correspondence.

But you, please, feel free to keep coming at Layla's whenever you like, either to "psychoanalyze" JR or simply to take a breath of pure Iraqi air - God knows if you are in dire need of it ..

See you on my return home.

Yours affectionately,

Anonymous said…
I appreciate your writings very much heart aches so much these days. Things are hard to read though...dark text on a dark background doesn't work well. I copy and paste so I can read easier....sorry.

Anonymous said…
Layla, Go girl Go. You have the heart of the true world. Our hearts beat as one. Saddam, and Iraq, anathema to the neocons and their evil ways and their evil disciples, anathema to the child of Satan, that sucks on the milk sustained by the blood that the whore sheds. We are united in the threat that the constant evil from time immemorial that today howls and dirties the word democracy. We know each and everyone of them today. Those that would rip the heart from their savage and unlearned but washed joe public and those within joe public that would dare tell the truth that it is a lie. We are one just like they are one. We will prevail truth always does in the end because it is immutable and the lie is but a fog.

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