June 17, 2007

Brothel politics...

Many send me emails and leave comments insulting me.
The typical classics, variations on the same theme go like this :
"Bitch, hag, old cunt, fuck you, fuck your family, fuck Iraq, eat shit and die...
You are a zionist, a mossad agent, a CIA agent, a sellout, a Baathist whore, an Arab whore, a cock sucking whore, a Wahabi whore, a Saddam whore..." ad infinitum.

Then, there are threats : "We know who you are, we will get you, count your days, we will fuck you, you can no longer hide...etc..."

None actually really move me.
Only yesterday, I received yet another one which I found slightly interesting.
It said: "You dirty whore, you miss Saddam. Fuck you"...
Now I can relate to that one.

No, it is not the fuck bit. We all know by now that men who repeat the word fuck too often, usually fail to deliver...Nor the whore bit, I find that rather over used...
What resonated within was " You miss Saddam". That last bit touched me.

As a matter of fact, I do miss Saddam.

Again, no, it has nothing to do with a father figure fixation...
Neither it has anything to do with belonging to a political party.
Actually, I have never been a member of any political party and I am not sure any political party would want me as a member either.

Faithful to the Marx philosophy, no not Karl but Groucho who said " I would never want to belong to a club that would accept me as a member" or something along those lines...

Am too independent in my head and therefore perceived as too unruly to belong to anything or to anyone.

I am not even a Saddamist. I am not sure what a Saddamist means anyways.
Bush and Al-Maliki first coined this term, so it can't be all too bright.
Can it now?

But yes I do miss Saddam and I wish he were still alive. I wish he was still ruling Iraq.

Someone from Latin America wrote to me once, asking me to describe what Iraq was like in the 80's , prior to the embargo and the sanctions.
So I wrote back a fairly long email, giving this person details of what Iraq was like.
I touched upon nearly every aspect of Iraqi society. Infrastructure, agriculture, health care, education, women's position, the arts, sports...
I re-read what I wrote several times and thought to myself, goodness, we were really in many aspects a "developed" country. And that, despite a long war with our wonderful neighbor, Iran.

So yes I do miss Saddam. As a matter of fact, I will even go further and state unequivocally that I wished that Saddam was still ruling not only Iraq but the whole of the Arab speaking world. Because I can assure, that if that had happened, you would no longer have something called "occupied" Palestine...Palestine would have been free by now.

But getting back to the "whore" business...
You see in the whore business there are many kinds of whores.
There are the obvious ones and the not so obvious ones, i.e the hidden ones.

Now the obvious whores of the Brothel are there for all to see, it is clear cut.
For instance in the Iraqi brothel, you have whores likes Sistani, Muqtada al Sadr, Al Maliki, Hakeem and Co - These are the whores for Iran.
Then you have Talabani, Barazani, Zebari etc... These are the whores for Israel
And both categories pimp for America.

We call them swinger whores...and swinger pimps...You know what I mean. Right?

In the Middle East Brothel, you also have several categories of whores...
For instance, there are whores for Iran, like Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and you have whores for Israel like Al Saud, Abdallah, the Al- Gulf sheikhs, Mubarak, Seniora, Abu Mazen...etc

You also have undecided whores, like Ghaddafi...

On a regional level, you also have whores. The Iran whore, the Turkey whore...and I will leave it to you to figure out who their ultimate pimps are.

So you see when you call a simple female blogger like myself a whore, you are really missing the bigger picture.

The whore business is a complex one. Multi layered. And each whore is someone else's pimp and so and so forth... Yes, Brothel politics are a complicated story.

And the real pimps are the ones who reap the most benefit and profit. Politically, economically, strategically, geographically...etc

But the whore story does not stop here...You also have the "Left" whore...And her pimps are none other than her "intellectuals", who in turn are whores for even "higher" intellectuals...

So yes, I do miss Saddam.
I miss the man who kept the unity of Iraq. Who developed it. Who respected women (unlike your pimps).Who stood by the Palestinians throughout and protected them. Who did not waver to the Americans, Iranians or Israelis. Who stood by what he believed in. Who died with dignity and courage...

So if all the above makes me a Saddam whore, then so be it.
At least I have not also sold it to the Americans, Israelis, or Iranians and have not sold it to the "Left" or what is left of the "Left" (if the Left still exists that is.)

All honors to him and to me.

So next time, you call me a whore, do remember which brothel YOU have emerged from.
Have a great Sunday.

Painting: Egyptian artist, George Bahgory.