May 25, 2007

The "Savior" has landed.

Very distressing piece of news on al-
Seems that the man in black, the turbaned, psychotic, farce called Muqtada al Sadr has returned as the Savior of Iraq.
He made his appearance in Kufa and this is what he had to say to his "masses".

"The Iraqi government and other forces are trying to help the Baathists to return. (Is this bad satire or what?). We would not allow the Baathists to return and I will try to stop that."

When talking about other "sects" such as sunnis and christians. Note the following :

"Conversion threats.
Al-Sadr also promised to protect Iraq's Sunni and Christian minorities from hardline "Sunni" factions, or Nawasib, such as al-Qaeda, if US forces would allow his fighters to deploy.
He said: "I received complaints from brother Sunnis and some Christians about the aggressions of the Nawasib. I am ready to defend them and will be a shield for them, although the occupier would not accept that.
I say that our houses and cities are open for them and that for Iraqis to kill Sunnis and Christians is a sin. What the Nawasib are doing to compel the Christians to embrace Islam is despicable."
Christians living in Sunni districts of southern Baghdad have complained of receiving death threats from fighters ordering them to convert.
Al-Sadr also had tough words for al-Maliki's goverment over its failure to provide public services in Iraqi cities, four years after Saddam's fall.
He said: "There is an abundance of cries and complaints calling for democracy in Iraq. Despite these calls, the Iraqi people remain deprived of services like water and electricity and even communications.
"If the government won't help, we will have another word with it."

My oh my, the circus has not stopped and is unlikely to stop.
Of course the intelligent reader which I assume you are, will understand the script here.

Just in case you do not, allow me to elucidate it for you.

Sadr was co-opted by the Iranians back in 2004. (For more on a brief history of the shia political clergy in Iraq, read this piece here spotted on Palestinianpundit. Mind you I do not agree with everything the article states but that is besides the point)

Sadr took refuge in Iran whilst his boys did not stop torturing and massacring both Sunnis, Christians and add, the Palestinians.

At the same time, the sunnis and christians are being harassed by "Al-Qaeda" salafists.

Now, who is exactly behind al Qaeda is another ball game altogether. But suffice to say that these two populations, sunnis and christians are now caught between two swords and ditto for the Palestinians (the same fate they are enduring in Iraq is being repeated again in Lebanon.)

So what happened is as simple as A.B.C.

Terrorize these two populations, torture them, drill them, rape them, burn their shops down, wall them in (remember Jaysh al Mahdi - his boys - were helping the American forces build the Adhamiya wall). In sum render them helpless and traumatized and with no defender.

Also let me remind you that the ministers in charge of Electricity, Health... are Sadrists, in other words his Boys. And they deliberately thwart electricity, water and health supplies to the sunnis areas.

Then do what Iran did to Muqtada al Sadr, co-opt them and pose yourself as their ultimate savior from the nasty bad wolf called Al-Qaeda and get another Seymour Hersh to spill the beans about the bad, bad wolf.
(Is that not also what the U.S. government allegedly does. Be the slayer of the bad, bad wolf al Qaeda?)

Seems that Muqtada al- Sadr came back from Iran with fresh new directives and is concocting in the most feeble of ways yet another ploy and the ultimate goal is?
Pose himself as the patriotic, anti-sectarian (hahahaha) Iraqi for a united anti-occupation front and ultimately take full reign of the government.

Now that al Hakeem is ill and al Maliki has failed with a big F, Sadr is trying to have his full grip over the government and Iran, through him, have its full grip over what it considers a natural extension of its geographical borders - Iraq.

So who is al-Qaeda after all? The US ? Iran ? Israel ?
All of the above, none of the above?

A close reading of the actors in Iraq and the fate of the Palestinians there, repeating itself now in Lebanon (same scenario) will provide you with a very good clue.

Painting: Iraqi female artist,Yaqeen Abdulaimy.