May 17, 2007


I feel terribly sad today. A grey kind of sadness that is enveloping me, shutting out any rays of light, any rays of hope...
Two things are weighing heavily on my heart today. And in no order of priority, the first is the in killing, in fighting between the Palestinians.

I have always prayed that it will never come to this. Hoping against hope that reason will prevail. But it seems that reason has no place in the Middle East.

Palestinians killing each other is a Nakba. A true Nakba. What will happen next?
Will they divide what remains of the West Bank into statelets, to be shared amongst the tribal chieftains?

Israel is behind all of this. Israel and Iran. I hate politics. I hate politics with vehemence.
This is not the time to take sides. The side of Fatah or the side of Hamas.
The Palestinians must take to the streets en masse and say NO to both!
No to divisions, no to these corrupt political power mongers, no to the spilling of Palestinian blood...

Which brings me to the second thing that feels like a stone on my chest.
A report just came out- you can read it in full here - stating that Iraq is on the verge of total collapse.
The report mentions civil war, several of them, taking place in different parts of the country. And more statelets are in the making.

This is what Israel wants, this is what Iran wants, this is what America wants.
I knew that the country is on the verge of collapse. I believe it has already collapsed.
But seeing it black on white, confirmed by some British think tank (as if the Brits were not behind it too) drives that factual reality even deeper.

Iraqis killing Iraqis, Palestinians killing Palestinians, Lebanese killing Lebanese...
This is what the Machiavellis of world politics are after. The vampires of international relations live off Arab blood.
They desire these Arab bodies to drip and drip till they are completely dried out, like falling leaves, like empty wells, like hollow vessels, leaving nothing but skeletons in the sand.

Or to use Radhee's words :" I wake up in the morning and death sits next to me. I have my tea and she has one too. I walk and she accompanies me. I go to sleep at night and she is in my bed.
I see death, I breathe death, I hear death, I smell death...She is everywhere.
When she will pick me up is only a question of time..."

Painting: Iraqi artist, Dr. Hashim Al-Tawil.