"Down there" in the dark, dark, Chamber...

Some of you may have noticed, I have not written about Torture per se.
I simply could not.
I have said it before and will repeat it again. I am someone who needs to digest things and find that inner place of partial acceptance.
And Torture is that thing where I have not managed to find that inner place, to digest.
It is simply indigestible...No use trying to force acceptance. I will NEVER accept it.

For the sake of this post, I have watched tens of videos of Abu Ghraib torture.
And this has been going on for two weeks already. And every single time, the emotion is so strong, it paralyzes me...

I had seen them in the past and I have even met a couple of "survivors" and I was unable to conjure up that necessary "lieu" of objective detachment so I can write about it.
Even today, I am not capable of it.

So what you will be getting in the following lines is graphic and crude. As graphic and as crude as the reality of Abu Ghraib brought about by your own hands.

I have deliberately opted not to post any images from Abu Ghraib.
Not because I care about your sensitivities. I, in fact, don't give a fuck about them. But because I respect the bodies of those who were tortured.

And being true to them, I have not posted pictures of their naked bodies parading in front of you. Their bodies are as sacred as the land that gave birth to me.

I need to go down, very down...in that dark, dark place and be with them.
There is no way I can be a simple observer, a spectator...
I need to go through the motions myself and feel it all.
Every single act of blasphemy. Every single instance of humiliation. Every single moment of nakedness. Every single second of torture...
Only then can I relay to you the reality of Abu Ghraib.

And it does take a woman.
Men are too busy hiding behind a false facade of bravado.
As for women, they do not mind showing their innermost vulnerabilities. It is in fact the core center of our strength.
So be prepared...

Down there, in the dark, dark Chamber...where obscurity is partial.
To the watchful seething, ogling eye of the janitor. The blond blue eyed boy who landed in this land already heavily laden with concepts and images.

Fouad Ajami, Bernard Lewis and Raphael Patai were instrumental in "deciphering" the Arab mind. They informed the not so "White House", how Arabs think and feel about sexuality and their bodies.

Raphael Patai, in particular, whom I went to great lengths to read his most tedious book "The Jewish Mind" explains the particularities of the Arab "species."
In contrast naturally, to the Jewish ones who are genetically wired for highly "moral" behavior.
Already this book had me nauseating...wait till you read about the rest...

So armed with this "intimate knowledge" of the "Arab libidinal psyche" a la Fouad Ajami, Bernard Lewis and Raphael Patai (one of Lewis's best friends), your not so great U.S of A went ahead and applied its new found knowledge about the locals, the native "Eye Raqis."
I have always maintained that if you can't spell the damn word, don't use it. But obviously that has not been the case. "N'est ce pas" righteous Left?

To cut a long story short and I urge you to google Patai and Co. Since you love googling everything to give credibility to your life and its epistemological meanings...

Armed with this "inner psychological" knoweldge of the Arab mind...Please do check my Arab mind whilst you are it - it has a few wires missing....Maybe your neo-freudians would be much obliged to analyze my libidinal impulses for me.

Wait a second here...I can already tell them it is telluric...seeping underground like a nasty,vile snake...making its way into the infested damp cells of Abu Ghraib.
A snake amongst roachs and rats.
Yeah, a black snake that will poison you existence...
Lucifer was after all a bearer of Truth. The black truth that your puritanical minds cannot absorb.
The truth about your sadistic sex and kinky orgasms whilst seeing those "lesser", "subhumans" motherfuckers doing it for you...Doing what you cannot do for yourselves...the good God loving, holy people that you are.

Do excuse me if I have to stop every now and then, to throw up. It is all so fresh in my mind.
Some things one never gets used to.

This is a struggle...a torture...trying to write about torture.
I find myself fidgeting on my keyboard. I want to smash the screen. I hold back...I take a few deep breaths...My fingers can't follow...Good Lord how much I need to rip you apart...

I met A. He was sodomized and made to masturbate in front of everyone. He keeps his eyes to the floor when talking. He,then places his hand over his face, looks away and swallows his manly tears...He shuts up.
There is nothing to say. There is everything to say but he can't say anything. He already said it all...

I know you love details. Details turn you into believers. You get high on them.
The intricacies of it all...Enough to make you orgasm.
I will give you details sons of bitches. You want details...here have it from me.
A "subdued","submissive" Arab woman...and see and if you get a hard on later.

Little perverted "voyeurists" that you are...let me give it to you.

Imagine yourself shitting on your favorite toilet bowl. Yeah that is right, take a dump now.
And let me smear your own shit and maybe that of your neighbors over your white reddish pale body.
That is it ...Smell it now...
Here you are tainted with a whole load of brown crap...all over your body.
Now walk up and down the aisle you son of a bitch...
No...you crawl now you son of a hooker...
Smell yourself. Stand right there. Don't move. Masturbate for me. Go on...do it...

You can't get a hard on? I will help you, you motherfucker...
Let me call in someone else. Bring H. to the cell.
Now you masturbate you motherfucker, dirty Iraqi. I don't want to see your filthy eyes. Let someone place a bag over this motherfucker's head.
I have now 10 hooded men masturbating for you...And am sitting laid back...smoking a cigarette...

The odor of shit annoys me... but hey I love it. Its kinky...those fucking Eye raqi assholes.
Come her Lynndie let me fuck you and impregnate you in the name of Jesus. I just had a hard on.
She is pregnant...Do you have any regrets Miss? No, none whatsoever.

Wait it gets better in the dark, dark chamber of your mind.

Who is that motherfucker?
I don't know Sir..
Cut him off.

And his penis lies next to him....And you are having another hard on...the best S & M pornography ever...and you have not paid one cent for it...Live from Baghdad.

Who are those whores?
I don't know Sir
Let's have some pussy here
Let me fuck this bitch...
Hey T...R..P... want to have some tight Eyeraqi pussy here?
Yeah Sir, and they drooled and me, the snake, saw their saliva dripping on my head.
I recoiled and watched them doing it...

But sex and masturbation were not enough...

Hey,you EyeRaki Dogs...crawl on four you motherfuckers...that's it...bring the leash. In the name of Jesus...we have the truth and we are saved. Let him soak in his own piss..
This is one ugly motherfucker...cover his fucking face with his shit underwear.
Yes Sir.
I want those motherfuckers to die slowly...ha ha ha
Say Jesus, you son of a whore!
Ok, you can finish him off
How Sir?
Hmm wait let me see...Darling...come on over her ..what turns you on most?
Let's see darling, those infidels...shred them to pieces...hallelujah...am coming now....
In the name of the Lord ...Let him crawl like a "dawg". Let the other inmates fuck him and shoot into the infidel motherfucker...Yeah finish off that "dawg" now...
Oh darling, am in rapture now...Lord Jesus...come into my heart now!

Ms Kapinsky? (or whatever your fucking name is...I wont google it..you bitch) It was not my fault.

Our boys are good...really good...Blame it on PTSD.
HBO just ran a program on how good and innocent they are...deep down in the dark dark chamber...of your mind.
Arab wankers orgasmed at the genius of it all...Check the blogs....the fucking lefties...like AngryArab.com.

Our boys are good...they made them do it...you need to understand about social psychology...they made us do it...yeah that is right.

Here am I am shiverrrrrrrrrrrrrrring with PTSD and they made me do it.

When I could not rape and could not make ayrabs masturbate...When I could not place electrical pods to their genitals...when Abeer was too much of a give away...
I retreated back into PTSD.

What I did instead, and please tell me Mister Shrink if am still ok...or not?
I took the brains of dead iraqis and froze them in my refrigerator...Do you think that is ok?
Were they dead Son?
Sure they were Doc. I made sure they were gone.
Hmm...let us see here... DSM4....yeah that is ok Son...it's only PTSD
Gee thanks Doc..I was a little worried here.
Nothing to worry about Son, you were under a lot of stress that is all...Liberation is precious. Liberation is hard work.
God bless you Sir.
God bless you my Son...
Jesus is so forgiving, so merciful...it's only an Eye Raqi brain that you kept as trophy of your bravery...chill out ...Jesus loves you.

Abeer, my darling of a girl Abeer.
Please forgive me for not writing earlier. I simply could not.
And trust, that is taking me all the courage in the world to address you.

You are as sacred if not more than the womb that gave birth to me.
I know you were young...in your prime, when you left us.
You are a symbol...and I even feel ashamed saying that.
I am like the Abu Graib prisoner hiding his face and looking onto the floor...
I hide my shame from you...
Do forgive me.

Abeer, your pictures were posted everywhere.
I don't need your picture.
I heard how it happened.
They turned you on your stomach so they don't have to face your eyes, your face.
And the sons of a whore said you squirmed and screamed...
You heard shot guns in the room, next door
and they took turns raping you...

They had planned it
You were nothing but an eye raqi
a hole
a tight vagina
for the good prime boys
of America
Their hatred of you
went deeper...
You heard the gun shots
next door
they finished them off
and you still squirmed...
but you are nothing
in their eyes
just a hole
a virgin hole
They took turns
the blond blue eyed brave ones
the sons of lamenting mothers...
You were nothing but a hole Abeer.
Am sorry to put it that way to you.
They tied your legs,
and without even looking into your eyes
they shot you in the brains.
Then they set you on fire...

Abeer my little one...
You were a thing,like the oil well...
you were nothing but a source of abundance...
a hole in the ground...
that they had to appropriate.
They will burn us all...
And the arab wankers will masturbate to their victory...
HBO said so.
They laughed and applauded.
Abeer, I took the shame onto myself
am hiding from you now.

Abeer, and Abu Ghraib prisoners, am sorry...
I am only a woman...a snake sometimes...and I change skins lest the turbaned ones find out about me.
And am very sorry.
I now cover my face, just like you did...down there, in the dark, dark chamber of their Minds.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekeiki


When I first heard/read about Abu Ghraib I wasn't surprised that this had happened (still is now). What I was surprised about is that other people were shocked at it. Because this is what occupation means this is what the occupier does.
Layla Anwar said…
Sorry Janice, I need to disagree here...this is occupation of arabs- it has a slightly different flavor to it - hence the torture too.
Anonymous said…
The topic of Abu Ghraib is one that truely shames me as an american.
My government speaks of their "shame". But they lie. And they do not know the shame nor the burdon that this type of behavior has placed on me and my countrymen.

I know of the stories of Abu Ghraib.
The lone act of forcing the women to show their breasts is an atrocity in my opinion. I know that is an unspeakable act by Iraqi standards. And I have MUCH appreciation for the female who values her own self worth.
And I know that showing their breasts is very pale in comparison to many other acts of evil that were carried out at that location.

It sickens me.
And shames me.
Anonymous said…
I was never surprised about the torture. Torture is a most effective tool for terrorists, such as Bush. Why else would so many videoes of the torture "come to light"? It's obvious. They WANT people to know. Why? Terror. To try to break a noble people. I refuse to believe anyone is so sick that they would tape something like...like what goes on in a place like that, to view later to get off. The only way there could be such a high concentration is, again, terrorism, bringing all the sicko people together in a place where they can act out their sick fantasies.

While I know there are alot of sick people, especially from place like America, where the media shapes and molds people to be "Natural Born Killa (As a Marine cousin dares call himself. I don't like him, so you know. Hope he gets shot.)", it seems unlikely so many in one place would record so much of it.

Therefore, it would have to be a quasi-order, like all of the "accidental" bombings and shootings, to record and "lose" such footage. Even if they WERE recording it for themselves, they are still "losing" it.

It'd be nice if everyone could get along...learn to love each other. But, things don't tend toward peace, unfortunately. Layla, fight on. Struggle forth. Don't like the pig-people get to you. God bless.
LostHere said…
There are no words to express...
there is not really way to feel what you feel... from anywhere else.
You were talking about Rape the other day, and asked to coment on how we felt about it, but although you said a woman feelsit on her ancestral limbs even if never experienced, I can tell you I can not.
I think I would be condescending if I said I feel your pain. Can never do, but I tell you, I can feel your words. I can feel the sentiment in your words and it makes my soul tremble... Since I found your blog last week, I have not read very much of it, your words are not easy reading, they must be digested... no, not digested, one needs to soak on them... but I will read you, and I will grow as a human because of them.
I thank you for writing.
I am so very sorry humans can be made to suffer so.
Anonymous said…

I agree with Mathew on this issue. These pictures were delibertely posed for and deliberetly released "leaked". and, as Mathew said, the main objective is to terrorize the Iraqis into submission by showing them what will happen to them and their loved ones if they resist the satanic occupation.

also, if anyone recalls, these pictures came out the same day as the US scum were defeated in the first battle of Falluja when an Iraqi General wearing the uniform of Saddam's army (may he rest in peace) and carrying the original Iraqi flag (at the time that the new flag was being burned) walked in to claim Falluje to the cheers and salutes of the Resistance fighters.

Also, on the issue of Abeer (may she find justice with our Lord) the criminal scum who commited the crime admitted they had dressed like "insurgents" when they carried out their act which tells me that this was part of the overal black operations that has been going on in Iraq again to terrorize and to take support away from the Resistance.

Layla Anwar said…
Well, clearly there are political reasons for leaking the pictures and the stories. I am also interested in another angle, namely the nature of the torture, its symbolism and the message it carried- revealing more about the torturers and their policy makers than what one can read and analyze in a 1000 books.
Anonymous said…

It seems as though there are a few insincere posters that love to go by anonymous because they are ashamed of who they are. I have to ask myself if they are just erroneouse people or they just speak out of their illogical back side.

I will say my people are a proud people that are honorable, decent and understanding. But some are hard to show respect to, as those who what to go under the cloak of darkness with shameful actions.

We call these people apples because their skin is of one color while their hearts are that of a differant race, like red on the outside and white on the inside. Once you become ashamed and embarrassed of your outside your spirit follows.

To me Layla these apples that post in such a manner are bewildered, distracted, nonplus and very perplex and I am very sad for them and their shamful embarrassing ways.

They are not only a disgrace to their people but a parasite to man kind.

Layla keep walking in the hoop and may the Great Spirit be with you always.

Savage American Warrior
Montag said…
Sometimes you can be totally terrifying.

If the Avenger has your face, then we miscreants are doomed.

Then I read Janice's comment.

If the Avenger has her face, we were doomed a long time ago, and we are just going through the motions.

Layla Anwar said…
I really think there has been a misunderstanding between you and the anonymous. The latter used cindy S as a satire or maybe my english is not good enough and I failed to understand what the exchange is all about. And no, I will not suppress your words as I do love your contributions. And I trust that you understand that I cannot play the role of policewoman or arbitrer between bloggers.
Peace to you.
Anonymous said…

If there was some sort of misunderstanding in a post this is one thing we can all over look something by not getting the right message or take the wrong thing from something, but if someone wants to take my belief and make it into a drunk rampage this is not acceptable to me.

I feel in my heart that no ones belief or religion should ever be in question. This is not my right or anyone elses.

If I have made a mistake on a post and took it wrong I am not to good to say I was wrong, but I will not be put down for what I believe. I feel it is much easier to go to another campfire to warm my soul.

Even with this said I stand by my post about anon's afraid to post some sort of name. It seems to me to be an honorable thing to do. I know this is not my blog and I am a visitor like everyone else here.

If someone takes a post of mine and does not like it and says so I am not to good to hear what they have to say and explain to them what the message was.

I do not drink or do drugs. I come with an open heart and open spirit.

Its been nice my dear sister!!!
Thank you

Savage American Warrior
Anonymous said…
63 years ago at this time, the British Royal Air Force was engaged in a life and death struggle against Nazi Germany's air force, the Luftwaffe. Hitler had taken all of continental Europe in the lightning war campaign, known as the "Blitzkrieg". The Royal Air Force was badly outnumbered by a factor of 3 to 1, and the US and the USSR would not enter the war until a year later. The Nazis saw it as essential and very manageable to defeat the Royal Air Force in order to capture the last remaining country in Europe.

The fate of Britain and the non-Nazi world lie in the hands of the pilots and groundcrew of the RAF Fighter Command. These airmen proved the Nazi war planners wrong, and in the period of July to September of 1940, fought bravely and successfully against the Luftwaffe, resulting in Hitler's decision to abandon the invasion of Britain, and his first defeat.

"The Few", as they became known, consisted of 2927 pilots, almost half of whom lost their lives. To this day, the Battle of Britain is commemorated every year very solemnly by the British people, and is considered one of the major events of British and world history.

Forty years later, Saddam's Iraq invaded Iran, which was in the midst of revolutionary turmoil and a hostage crisis. I remember the day that the Iraqi Air Force bombed and terrorized most of the major cities in Iran, and Saddam's army crossed the border virtually unopposed and captured dozens of cities thousands of square kilometers of Iran's territory. The atrocities and looting committed by his troops have yet to be punished or even apologized for.

While many brave Iranians resisted fierecely on the ground, there was virtually no army or heavy weapons at that time standing in Saddam's way as his tanks rolled in and tried to annex Khuzestan and rename it "Arabistan". Like Hitler, Saddam needed a defeat of his enemy's air force to secure victory. Like Hitler, Saddam vastly underestimated his enemy. The air battle that followed was highly significant, and vastly underreported. This air battle is what halted the Iraqi invasion in its tracks, and spelled the beginning of defeat for Saddam's schemes.

The true and amazing story of this battle as well as the rest of the air war is described in a new book by Tom Cooper and Farzad Bishop: Iran-Iraq War in the Air 1980-1988, published by Schiffer Books. This book is the result of 15 years of research and many interviews with participants of this battle on both sides.

We have heard very little about the Iranian Air Force and its role in the defence of our country, and for good reason. The Iranian government always wanted to downplay the role of this "American" and "Imperial" and "Taghooti" infested force. The US never wanted to admit the notion that a "thrid world terrorist" country (or the "ayatollah's air force") could so effectively operate its most sophisticated weaponry at the time despite lack of US support.

The French and Russians never wanted to admit that an "inoperable" and "kaputt" air arm could shoot down so many of their most sophisticated aircraft, it would just be bad marketing. Most of the history written about this aspect of the war claims that most of Iran's air force was grounded due to the lack of spare parts, desertion and execution of pilots and other personnel, and departure of US technicians.

The truth however, was quite different. While clearly, Iran sufferred from a lack of a constant supply of spare parts and ammunition, as well as purging and politicizing of the armed forces, the Persian Air Force put politics aside and fought bravely for its country.

There were cases of imprisoned pilots begging to be let out to fly missions, and after flying 2 or 3 extremely dangerous missions, would be shot down and killed. This was one of the greatest and most dedicated team efforts in our history, where the aircrews and groundcrews and other Air Force personnel worked and fought day and night and went far beyond their call of duty to save our country.

While both sides lost many aircraft, most of Iran's losses were due to flying extremely dangerous (virtually suicidal) precision strike missions over heavily defended sites deep inside Iraq and above the front lines at extremely low altitude to avoid detection by Iraq's increasing radar coverage provided by the Europeans and Russians, as well as US and Saudi AWACS support. This was necessary to slow and ultimately stop the advance of the Iraqi army, and allow precious time for Iran to regroup and reform its own ground forces with new command structure to more directly confront the invaders.

The use of expensive fighter jets against tanks and other army equipment is not a good use of military resources, but there was no choice at the time. Meanwhile Iraq's missions were primarily low precision cowardly attacks against population centers to intimidate Iran into accepting defeat.

A few more interesting highlights about this part of the war:

- In air to air engagements, Iran's kill ratio was roughly 5:1, which is only surpassed by the Israelis against Syria in 1982 and the US in the Gulf war in 1991. Very often, air engagements consisted of 1-2 Iranian fighters engaging 4, or even 8 Iraqi fighters and winning. It got to the point where Iraq ordered its pilots to avoid air to air engagements (especially with the F-14), and actually had to import mercenary pilots from Egypt, and even places like Belgium, South Africa, and East Germany to fly the critical missions!

- In 1982, Iran launched a brilliantly planned and daring airstrike on the H-3 airfield near the Jordanian border where the Iraqis thought their aircraft were safe. They would find that they were wrong when 8 F-4s destroyed 48 Iraqi aircraft on the ground with complete surprise, and all returned safely to Iran.

This mission was the largest destruction of enemy aircraft on the ground after the 1967 Arab Israeli 6 day war, was one of the most brilliant air assaults in history, and involved aerial refueling at an altitude of less than 100 meters, violating about every safety rule there is.

The flight from Iran to H-3 was longer and more risky than the flight from Israel to Baghdad's Osirak reactor in 1981. 2 of the 8 pilots in this raid were subsequently executed in a purge a few years later by the Iranian government. Some of the remaining pilots eventually left the country.

- Col Abbas Doran personally flew hundreds of missions over Iraq, and was so dreaded that Saddam issued a bounty specifically for his head! When he was finally shot down over a heavily defended Baghdad in 1982, he stayed with his F-4 all the way down rather than become captured.

- The most accomplished F-14 aces in the world are Iranian, some of which have 9 kills to their name, most of which were the most advanced Soviet and French aircraft.

And unlike the RAF "Few", our "Few" had to do all this in the face of a mistrusting government who could (and did) execute them and/or their comrades, and in the face of shortages and embargoes, while Iraq was fully supported and resupplied with the latest and greatest (sometimes so new that it was yet to be tested) weaponry. Sadly, their sacrifice has been mostly untold and unrecognized except by the few who know the stories. That is why the original title of this book was "Forgotten Warriors".

This was a painful chapter in our history, and since then, many of us Iranians have moved on in our lives in a million different directions. While I have described a small piece of the air war here, this shouldn't detract in the least from the great sacrifices made on the ground and at sea. I just thought that this story has been less told. I feel that the Iran-Iraq War should be renamed the Arab-Iranian War, since that is what it really was.

I also feel the air war should be called the "Battle of Persia". When I read Churchill's quote, I cannot help but think of the Persian Air Force. I don't know what your political leanings or your social opinions or your visions of the future are, it doesn't matter. But I think a nation is judged by many things, one of the most important of which is how it honors its fallen and its great men and women throughout its history.

I hope you will join me today in taking a moment to honor the often forgotten Persian "Few", too many of whom never came home so that we could. In my heart and in my mind, they are the modern day Ferdosi, who saved us from a second Qadesiyeh.

The book can be found at:

Some of the stories of the war can be found at:
Anonymous said…
we will never forget you

Abbas Doran
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Lt. Col. Abbas Doran (also known as Dowran or Dooran) was an acclaimed Iranian fighter pilot. He flew for the Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF), and continued flying after it was renamed the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) in 1979. Colonel Doran piloted an F-4 Phantom II and an F-14 Tomcat. He was shot down over Bagdad in 1982.

After the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War, Colonel Doran become a hero in the IRIAF and beloved to the general public, especially in his home town of Shiraz.

Colonel Doran, known for flying the Phantom II beyond its limits, lower and faster than anybody in the IRIAf, had had great marksmanship with the M-61A1 Vulcan gun, as well as a high number of AGM-65 Maverick kills, and with the help of his wingman and the rest of the IRIAF, he virtually destroyed the Iraqi Navy in October 1980. One of his greatest values to the IRIAF was being the mission planner, because, according to the IRIAF, 90% of his missions in Iraq were successful.

His last sortie on on Wednesday, July 21, 1982 at noon was very controversial. Flying over the Iraqi capital he fell into a trap. His F-4E was hit by two Euromissile Roland 2 SAMs. His weapon systems officer ejected from the plane and was taken prisoner. Knowing that he was the most wanted pilot in Iraq and also the key IRIAF mission planner, he chose to die crashing his plane into the Iraqi control tower. The Country of Iraq returned Doran's remains to Iran on 21 July 2002.

During his time with the IRIAF, Colonel Doran led more than 90 strikes into Iraq and by 1982 had flown over 2500 sorties and more than 900 combat missions.
Anonymous said…
Sibawayh (Sibuyeh in Persian, سيبويه Sîbawayh in Arabic, سیبویه) was a linguist of Persian origin born ca. 760 AD in the town of Bayza (ancient Nesayak) in the Fars province of Iran. He was one of the earliest and greatest grammarians of the Arabic language, and his phonetic description of Arabic is one of the most precise ever made, leading some to compare him with Panini. Since the Arabs didn't encourage non-Arabs to learn their language so that only Arabs can take high positions in the government, he was the first non-Arab to write on Arabic grammar and therefore the first one to explain the Arabic grammar from a non-Arab perspective. He greatly helped to spread the Arabic language in the Middle East.
The name Sibawayh is derived from the Persian words سیب-بو-یه (Sib-bu-yeh) meaning "the one with an apple's scent". Sibawayh died in Shiraz (also in the Fars province of Iran) around 793 AD.
Anonymous said…
Watch this pictoral illustration layla anwar before you open you mouth and spew lied and hate towards Iran, view this photo illustration and see our devotion , you will never understand this never


This soldier was 17-years old when he lapsed into a coma on June 5, 1986 during the Iran-Iraq war. He was struck by a shockwave from an explosion in Khorramshahr, near the Iraqi border. He has been unconscious ever since. His mother and father fight to keep him alive.
Montag said…
Sorry, Janice

I read the comment as a prescription for Occupying forces, meaning this is what they should do to sort of keep the trains running on time type of thing.

Really sorry.
I shall attempt to slow my mouth down to match my sluggish mind.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello persian fascists....how is it going to day...fun cut and paste ?
Layla Anwar said…
Do all occupiers in every single country cut genitals off and smear shit on the bodies of their prisoners or is that a particularity? Or do they all gang rape a teenager and set her on fire?
I believe here, Janice you are overlooking the deeply racist aspect of that TYPE of torture.
Layla Anwar said…
shaheed...my sympathies ..we have more people in comas thanks to the iranians supplying electrical drills to your wonderful mullahs in Baghdad...so spare me
Layla Anwar said…
and now Sybawayhee is an persian linguist....how wonderful..!!! you guys are real idiots.
Layla Anwar said…
abbas doran...I have no time to commemorate the persian few as you say...I have 1 million iraqis that your country has helped slaughter with the americans ...sorry am too busy..come in 100 hundred years..and I may give you a tissue or two.
Layla Anwar said…
SAW Brother!!!!
I am not sure I understand what you are telling me here ?
1) I cannot control what people say to each other and if they sign as anonymous there is not much I can do about it. I have asked people to leave at least an initial so I can respond but I cannot force them to do so.
2) I have NOT insulted your people or your beliefs...so I don't know what you are referring to here.
3)I don't understand what this whole thing is all about. All I remember is something about this Cindy Sheehan who wrote an article entitled " Iraqis are people too"- A title I found most disgusting.
Then an exchange between you and anon...And I understood nothing of that exchange!!!!
4) I have done my BEST to clarify where I stand and I really do not see what I can do more. I receive hundreds of mails daily and have to moderate this blog and I also have my own personal life to attend to ...and I have enough pressure on my head to start with..so really I can't see what more I can do.

That's ok :) I should have explained better what I meant.


What I meant was that the Soldiers in Iraq come to Iraq with the thoughts that Iraqis are inferior to them so how far they went is a foregone conclusion. The Occupying troops are evil wastes of space and the decay starts at the top in the White House/Knesset. I am 100% convinced of their evilness so when I say I wasn't surprised thats what I meant.

Re other Occupations the only one I can speak of is the Occupied Six Counties (otherwise known as Northern Ireland) as told to me by my Dad (he's not from there but we do have family there not close I've never met/or did as a very small child) So tortures used by the British against Irish nationalists were beatings hoodings sensory deprivation extreme noise (in prison) and shooting of civillians. Rape (including of teenagers) I don't think so have not heard am not 100% sure though. Re excrement smearing no though prisoners used to wipe it all over themselves and their cells in protest which is another story Dad told me this happened in the 1970's 1980's. I can recall some things myself though not well (I was born in 1970)

I should have explained it better sorry.
Montag said…
Anonymous said…
See how the anglo-american-zionists divide and rule policy is succeeding:

- Iraqis erroneously categorized as Kurds, Sunni and Shia (a neo-con invention!!!) are killing each other

- Increased animosity between Iraqis and their Iranian neighbours

Iraqis are now so busy killing each other and blaming their neighbours that they forget who are their real enemies.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous above.
Iraqis are well aware who their enemy is. At least for me it is very clear who assasinated Saddam Hussein. The Americans in collaboration with the sectarian Shias backed and funded by Iran... No mystery here mr or ms...
So kindly spare me your insights.I can do without them.
Layla Anwar said…
Janice, thanks-It is much clearer for me now.
Layla Anwar said…
I have noticed something quite strange here...or maybe not so strange. This piece is about Iraqi prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib and out of the blue I get comments on Iran/Persia or whatever hell hole you may wish to call it ..then conveniently someone comes along and points how imperialism is dividing and ruling...of course those great anti imperialists did not even bother to comment on Abu Ghraib...A cover up maybe for something they really deep down approve of, maybe Iran and the USA think about Abu Ghraib was really really good and would love some more of it !
Layla Anwar said…
and that partly explains the electrical drills....great anti imperialists who love using the right verbiage...F for failed to make an inmpression.!
Anonymous said…
The days of the Iran-Iraq war are still vivid for me. Back then, Iraq was a military superpower. The French sold them the Mirage and the powerful Exocet missile that ripped through a ship like box cutter rips a piece of cloth. The Russians sold them state-of the-art tanks. The US gave them satellite intelligence of our whereabouts and all three sold them chemical weapons to gas Iranians.

I was among many Western educated Iranians who went back for the sole reason of defending our country. Although we didn't have the equipment the Iraqis had, we did have something that they sure did not and that was heart.

Back then we unleashed our own shock and awe campaign on the Iraqis. Our weapon was simple, the love of our country and determination of expelling the enemy. This sheer determination is what made the Iraqi army use chemical weapons in delaying our advances -- despite the superior conventional weapons technology. The men I fought with were indeed the most valiant individuals I will ever meet.

It amazes me how American soldiers are given the label "brave" and "heros". But I bet if you take the night goggles, the GPS gadget around his waste, the Apache that is hovering over his head for his cover, the F-18 that is monitoring the Apache and the B-1 bomber that blows up anything and everything with pin-point accuracy, then the American soldier may not be as brave as what we all think. Most of this war was won by smart bombs and missiles and all the soldiers had to do is to clean up the area.

Braveness, the way I saw it, is taking one's rifle and wanting to go back to the battlefield to defend one inch of your land. Braveness, is wanting to rescue fellow soldiers right after a chemical weapon attack, barely able to breathe and not knowing one's lungs are liquefied by mustard gas.

We all hope that his is the last war we all see for a long time.
Anonymous said…
Sorry Layla I didn't had the time to visit your Blog in the last few days.

Why didn't you warned me that there are few Iranians (Majoos) bugs here.

At Sybawayhee time there was no Persia, all there territories were under the Abbasite dynasty, so by definition it was an Arab land, and every thing lives above it was an Arab [plants, animals, people].

They tryed to dominate the politics
but great Haroon Al-Rashid kicked them in the ass.

The (Majoos) claim also that Arab philosopher Al-Ghazali was also Persian.

His full name is: Abu Hamid ibn Muhammad al-Ghazālī (notice there no persian name), all his books were in Arabic, but the (Majoos) still claim he is an Iranian.

They don't even have a word to greet each others, they use our word “Salam”...

This is what time allowed me to react....if anybody wants more ..just say it
Anonymous said…
These days, the images of the Iraqi war on television takes me back to my own fighting in the battlefield. As much as I try not to have flashbacks, a recent television program on CNN made it difficult not to think back to one of my past experiences during the Iran-Iraq war. The program was named "Fit to Kill" and focused on the post traumatic experiences of American soldiers after they had shot and killed an enemy soldier.

One cool November night in 1982, myself and five brave young Iranians were part of an elite commando unit that were ordered to destroy an ammunition depot deep in Iraqi territory. The depot was thought to be the main supply for artillery rounds constantly hitting Iranian targets near Khorramshahr. We were to be dropped by helicopter within a mile of the depot at night, complete our mission and be picked up by the same helicopter three hours later.

At 4am, we were given the green light; we had cleaned our weapons, picked up our supply and waited for the final call. Within our unit myself and Behrad were the youngest and the most inexperienced. I was selected to join the team because of my good marksmanship. Behraad and I were good buddies and this was our first mission and collaboration with the special forces unit.

Our commander was a young major who was trained in the Shah's special forces mostly by British SAS and American Delta Force officers. He was an exceptional soldier and his cool demeanor gave the younger guys a tranquility that we were so thirsty during those terrible days of the war.

A black Huey helicopter picked us up, escorted by two Cobra attack helicopters. After a 45-minute ride the helicopter dropped us off at the designated zone. We walked for a good hour and spotted the target. The depot seemed exceptionally quiet as if it was an abandoned tree house. We were divided into groups of three. Two went through the back, two to the side and me and another soldier went towards the front.

As I tip-toed towards the entrance, my finger playing with the the trigger of my MP-5 assault rifle, I came across an Iraqi soldier who was sleeping. He had a smile on his face, his helmet still on and his hand on his stomach.

For a second, I stumbled, I aimed at his heart, but my finger was still only playing with the trigger and not wanting to press any harder. The thirty second decision I had to make seemed like thirty years.

I suddenly saw him at home, with his wife and his kids playing with him. I saw him with his mother, embracing him. I saw him playing soccer with his friends. And in thirty seconds I was to end all that with a bullet that traveling from my weapon at a speed of 1000m/s at close range, shredding his skin, ripping his blood vessels and ending his life.

Many have been told about an approximate time of death from a terminal illness. But few of us have been in a situation where we would decide someone's life. And now, at 23, I was about to face this situation.

Why am I doing this? What has this person done to me? I shot him, the quite "bleep" from my rifle's silencer was testimony to this act.

When returning to our base, the other four were cracking jokes. Behraad and I were quite. We could see the others had probably killed before.We were in shock. I had taken a life without any provocation. To this day I remember the face of the sleeping soldier who's life I took away.
Anonymous said…
Slater Bakhtavar (I have never seen a name more "Persian" than Slater) writes a long and succinct argument [President Bush? Yes!] commending the Republican Party and its leader George Bush (GW). The author is obviously proud, showing his brash looks and posing with GW's nephew.

Bakhtavar's arguments regarding why Iranians should vote for GW seem as if he has not been living on this planet. But then again he may have been too young to remember. Here, I like to refresh his memory.

In the mid 1980's when Saddam Hossein realized that Iran is not that easy to invade and later felt threatened by an Iranian invasion, he resorted to the ultimate weapon: chemical warfare. The weapons were Vx, mustard and serine. Some were odorless, and obviously invisible, yet their effect was a thousand times more deadly than the strongest conventional weapons. As one of his commanders later said, "he smiled when we told him the Iranians are falling like flies."

It is now evident that the chemical weapons that Saddam used were provided to him not only by the French and Germans but also Americans. In fact every time I see Donald Rumsefeld, as part of a trailer for CNN, shaking Saddam's hand, the memories rush back.

The world now knows that the US not only was providing Saddam with chemical weapons, he was providing him with intelligence on the whereabouts of Iranian troops so they could have been used more efficiently.

The result was a horror never before seen on the battlefield; certainly not since the second world war. The memories of 17-year-olds suffocating, or their skins literally peeling off, will never escape many of us.

Many have asked me if I could describe the horror. The other day, after watching the movie "Predator", I suddenly felt sick to my stomach only to realize that the scenes were familiar to me. In the movie the soldiers are attacked and killed by an invisible predator from outer space. Precisely what happens during a chemical attack.

Saddam used toxic gases on Iranians all the way to the end of the war. Some of the agents used are still not fully known. This all happened on the watch of GW senior and Donald Rumsfeld. I wonder where America's concern for WMDs was during those times? Where were the US and the world when Iranians showed the evidence of Saddam's atrocities on television and then in the UN?

Back then, Bakhtavar was probably a young man growing up in the US far away from the horror of war in the battlefields. I wonder whether he has the balls to ask one of his Republican friends or Bush junior, for that matter, about the US involvement in providing Saddam with WMDs.

I wonder whether he knows that he shook hands withe nephew of a president who knew where, when and how many Iranians were being killed by WMDs. Maybe one day he can find the guts to walk to them and ask them exactly what changed their minds from turning a blind eye during the time their WMDs were being used to gas our kids to the proactive role they have taken today in abandoning WMDs.

Finally, other than a few cheap words in the forms of "we support the Iranian people for a more democratic Iran" exactly what has GW done for Iranians or democracy in Iran for that matter?

No thanks Mr. Bakhtavar, Iranians will not vote for war criminal who invaded another nation based on baseless allegations and in the process killed thousands of innocent Iraqis with 7,000 pound bombs in the so called "shock and awe" phase of the war. Another four years for GW will be one of the tragedies of the 21st Centry. Instead he should be
Layla Anwar said…
Enough of the Khomeinist propaganda...we have been hearing it for donkeys years...snakes.
Iraq did not have mustard gaz then...Iran used gaz...where did Iran get its gaz from ? Israel perhaps just like in the contra affair?
Iran started the war...enough misinformation that you have been regurgitating for over 3 decades now...leading us Iraqis to where we are today.
Your precious Iran if it was so anti imperialist, would not be collaborating in Iraq through its mullah govt in Baghdad with the Great Satan USA as you all like to call it.
Your precious Iran if it was so anti imperialist, would not have sent its ambassador to assist in the assassination of Saddam Hussein along with your drillers mullahs in Baghdad on the 30th of December, executing the real anti imperialist who REFUSED American Hegemony whilst Iran welcomed it in IRAQ.
Khomeini the minute he took power wanted REGIME CHANGE in IRAQ...instead of fighting the GREAT satan that you all bark about...Your lies are sickening and stale..deceitful,perverted and ultimately nauseatingly disgusting.ENOUGH of your crap!
Anonymous said…
lol its not khomeinist propoganda. I actually loved reading the experiences of the Soilders,.It is human experience, to the person who goes by the psuedo name Layla. From what I read at yoru website you are fully propogandizing Saddam Hussein and Baathism. I do not read one word of backing of khomenin in what the soilders mentioned. Infact they talk about the execution of the air force pilots. I should know, An iranian colonel wanted our signature in support of the Armies plans to uprise against Khomeini in 1983-84. For reasons we know to wll, namely the Brits and The Americans, revealed the plot to the mullas, causing many of the brave pilots who fought tooth and nail using f-4 anf f-14 jets as you have read above, to be executed by the Khomeinist mullah regime. SO you are wrong as usual blinded by your baathist goggles, relating anything Iranian to Khomeini, To you Iran history is Khomeini and Safavid, that is your hugely innacurate and simplton understaning of a complex history and culture, but then again your a baathist Arab.
Anonymous said…
LOL tell that to the thousands of Iranians burnt by mustard gas, But in your world Saddam hussein was entertaining kids at Disney land when all this happened. Such an angel he was. Chemical Ali was actually a chemistry teacher too i suppose. We know damn well Saddam used Chemicals against Iranians upplied by the west to the fucking teeth. You can not deny the over whelming evidence supporting that that. Stop acting like saddam was this benevolent man who could not and would never use chemicals against his enemies. what a joke that is
Layla Anwar said…
I frankly don't give a fuck about your story...Saddam was a HERO, A SAINT...A MARTYR and A MAN - A true anti imperialist...who understood the nature of the Iranian regime and everything he did was ABSOLUTELY correct. Now you can go and bang your head against a brick wall.
And whatever you wish to call me, does not really make a damn difference.The truth is out for all to see...I am a PROUD ARAB so do me a favor go and hang yourself now or better still call on the mossad to help you out in another regime change. Hypocrites.
Anonymous said…
LAYLA ANWAR YOU BAATHIST PROPOGANDIST> ENOUGH OF YOUR CRAP MAAM>.!!!!!!!!! You want us to believe that Iran vulnerable and weakend after the Revolution in a hostage crisis perpetrated by the mullahs, which caused all its assets to be freezed and material aid to be halted, only to start again way later in the 80's through covert means, that would not be 1/1000000th of the aid it could have had if the hostages were never take, started this war????? Leaving thousands of miles of its borders unprotected, defended by only 1 division of depleted army soilders, so Saddam could easily roll in and stay in Iranian Territory for 2 years!!!! Nations who want to start war prepare for it my dear naive simplton baathist. Hitlet prepared for it, America prepared for it in your war right now. Saddam prepared for it, it had the backing of all of the Arab world, russia france, and even donald rumsfelds hand shake which meant satelite images which have been proven!!!! Robert fisk for one was there talking to Iraqi generals who admit as to having satelite based images on iranian troop movement, perfect targets for chemical weapns which were used on the start of the war, So poor ole saddam didnt have all of that? who was in whos land for 2 years?????????? who? he was an opportunist pig who fought khuzistanis would not resist and he could easily grab that land an dname it arabistan, what a naive joker u are . you are the perverted one your are the one FULL OF CRAP
Anonymous said…
Lady bird nutz. you like to think when a country invades another country like the arabs did then the people of that country lose their identity and become the invaders themselves? So for 1000 years Iran was Iranian then it turned Arab? your such a damn freek, you do not evne know that Iranians never refered to themselves as persia or Persian, it was the greeks and the west that always named them that. It was always known as Iran. By your logic, since the Iranian invaded the Ionian greeks, then all greeks were Iranian, and there was no greek scholar during those times. Stop your perverted and pathetic mean to hijack the contributions of Iran and name it Arab just because Arab hordes invaded her during those times. They were kicked out though REad history you idiot. Your another baathist cookoo
Anonymous said…
By your logic, anyone named david is jewish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your such a screw ball lady bird!!!! just because Iran had and still does arabic names it does not mean its people are ARAB!!! Ghazali is from Khorassan and always will be. He was Born in IRan jus like Ferdowsi, he was Iranian or are you going to claim him as Arab? he woudl roll over in his grave if a lizard eater claimed him as an arab, and a lizard eater is what all of you are. Do some research on Arab scholars on the net you can not find many. Read Ibn Khaldun you racist bitch, and see what he had to say about what you call Persians and Arabs, then open your lizard eating mouth, you malak khor
Layla Anwar said…
LOL - Khomeini, hick...sorry just burped...in between his opium sniffs...redressed his long black turban, played with his feet and said he can only fight the GREAT SATAN through the Bagh-Dad regime...He was going to liberate Jerusalem (LOL) through Bagh-Daaaad as you like to call it...LOL
Now I suggest, you can and sniff a bit of opium too, try not to play with your feet though...and liberate Bagh-Daaaaad from the Great Satan...lol...What an Ass.
Anonymous said…
Without any doubts u.s. is absolute evil.Our beautiful planet could be much better place without them.
And to iranians..thanks God now i can see your true face and hatred towards arabs.This is why you support this sectarian government.
You pretend to help palestinians in Palestine and kill them in Iraq.
now everyone can see your true intentions.
Anonymous said…
SEEB means apple in parsi, you pathetic arab, you like to claim iran as Arab after your fuck face ummayad racist hordes invaded, but it will never be arab it will never be a dirty semitic shithole which u in iraq are

Sibawayh (Sibuyeh in Persian, سيبويه Sîbawayh in Arabic, سیبویه) was a linguist of Persian origin born ca. 760 AD in the town of Bayza (ancient Nesayak) in the Fars province of Iran. He was one of the earliest and greatest grammarians of the Arabic language, and his phonetic description of Arabic is one of the most precise ever made, leading some to compare him with Panini. He greatly helped to spread the Arabic language in the Middle East.

Sibawayh was the first non-Arab to write on Arabic grammar and therefore the first one to explain Arabic grammar from a non-Arab perspective. Much of the impetus for this work came from the desire for non-Arab Muslims to understand the Qur'an properly and thoroughly; the Qur'an, which is composed in a poetic language that even native Arabic speakers must study with great care in order to comprehend thoroughly[citation needed], is even more difficult for those who, like Sibawayh, did not grow up speaking Arabic. Additionally, because Arabic does not necessarily mark all pronounced vowel sounds, it is possible to misread a text aloud (See Short vowels in Arabic); such difficulty was particularly troublesome for Muslims, who regard the Qur'an as the literal word of God to man and as such should never be mispronounced or misread.

The name Sibawayh is derived from the Persian words سیب-بو-یه (Sib-bu-yeh) meaning "the one with an apple's scent". Sibawayh died in Shiraz (also in the Fars province of Iran) around 793 AD.
Anonymous said…
layla anwar khomeni was an Indian of arab decent lol you want a real arab claim Khomeni, here is the britanica article about Sibawayh, notice how he was born in iran died in iran not iraq!!!!!, he didnt go to his home town in baghdadm but he went back to his home land iran

born 760?, al-Bayda', Iran
died 793?, Shiraz

byname of Abu Bishr 'amr Ibn 'uthman celebrated grammarian of the Arabic language.

After studying in Basra, Iraq, with a prominent grammarian, Sibawayh received recognition as a grammarian himself. Sibawayh is said to have left Iraq and retired to Shiraz after losing a debate with a rival on Bedouin Arabic usage. His monumental work is al-Kitab fi an-nahw (“The Book on Grammar”) or, more simply, al-Kit…

Sibawayh... (75 of 82 words)
Layla Anwar said…
LOL - Khomeini and Co...just love what happened in Abu Ghraib...
I have not even mentioned Iran in that post and they all crawl out like vampires...Must be the smell of blood that attracted them.
Anonymous said…
I am a proud Irani, and i shit on your pride you pathetic arab, I do not hang myself, but i watch your pathetic dictator hung by the noose, like the coward that he was, he didntfight in the iran iraq war he just ordered iraqis to fight and get taken prisoner by the thousands, Iran had way mroe iraqi prisoners, why do you think that is? they did not have the heart to fight, they were not fighting for anything, just like the americans are nto fighting for anything there and losing!!!! I shit on your fake arab pride, you only have your sand and muhammad th pedophile, so fuck him and fuck you arab
Layla Anwar said…
Don't forget to take your PTSD medics dear. MR Zarathustra...hahahahaha
Montag said…
Thanks, Janice.

My wow! was because I was dodging bullets in the comment section.
Anonymous said…
May god bless all teh thousands of brave iranian soilders who fought bravely against the tazi arab mercenaries from sudan all the way to iraq. We captured thousands of mercenaries, who kept yelling dakhelan ya ali, so that we would spare them. They did nt know that unlike Saddam the Akhoonds did not kill you unless you professed a huge devotion to Islam. So your soilders were safe witht he tazi akhoonds. Right now god is showing the tazi what the tazi showed the middle east for hundreds of years. May the Ummayad burn in hell for their savage lizard eating ways, Iranians fougth bravely and prevetned a second qadisiyat, may you rot in Jahanam Saddam and may you butt fuck khomeini in jahanam saddam, you sonf of a bitch,
Anonymous said…
the tazi arabs are like maggots, they need to be exterminated!!!! I agree with you one hundred percent
Anonymous said…
To anonymous, who mentions Iranians as revealing their "true" face. let me tell you something. I hate Arabs. always have always will till my last breath!!!!! and that is no joke. I am Iranian, and they are my enemy. Always have been my enemy, and always will be. Why are you shocked? while you were worried about getting fucked on prom night in the 1980's we were fighting, the arabs, tooth and fucking nail!!!!!!!!! while you were worried about getting your girlfriend pregnant, we were fighting and dieing by the thousands to stop them. They killed us we killed them. We do not share your cowboy culture, we were fighting Saddam and his idealogy, when you were wanking on your boner to play boy magazine pictures before you even knew who the fuck Saddam was. So do not fucking sit there and tell me what my true face is. I will tell you my self
Layla Anwar said…
Layla Anwar is applauding and saying Bravissimo.....Bravo...Fantastic...
The love is overwhelming...
Iranian fascism is worse than Nazism.
I am not sure which one is merciful anymore.. American Zionism or Iranian Nazism....hmmmm...hard choice here...
Tell you what...fuck them both :-)
The Iranians commenting here aren't very nice at all.

If they didn't say they were from Iran I'd think they were Israhelli/American.
Anonymous said…

Savage has come to get warm!!!

My dear sister I believe we have an apple here by the name of anon aka jr coyote. I have read other posts by him/her and they all come out the same puting down others in the same fashion. Jr coyote is not from Iraq or even close but a brit in the sheeps cloth. The only blood that runs in his/her vains smell of shit that comes out of his/her white mouth.

He/she is the same breed of dogs as his/her american masters. And he/she will not be happy untill he/she gets the bone, up her ass! Now smile anon the last place you got the american bone.

You have no honor anon and if you was half the man Saddam was you would know you need to wipe your mouth and get the shit off your lips. So go get a life and let your gay buddies climb up your ass.

The Honorable SAW
Anonymous said…

You are right you hit the nut on the head he/she is not Iranian at all but a white brit.

Anonymous said…
In their frustration for a successful offensive against Iran on the northern front between 12th and 22nd March of 1981, Iraq fired two Frog-7 surface-to-surface Rockets against cities of Dezful and Ahwaz.
Within days after this attack, commanders of the 31st and 32nd Tactical Fighter Wing in Shahrokhi Tactical Air Base (TAB 3, near Hamadan) planned a counter attack. According to Iranian intelligence, the Iraqi Air Force removed most of her valuable assets to its Al-Wallid air base on the Baghdad-Amman highway close to Jordanian border, part of H-3 complex. There at least two squadrons equipped with ten Tu-22B and at least six Tu-16 heavy bombers as well as two other units with MiG-23BNs and Su-20s were hidden. Supposedly out of reach of the Iranian Air Force. But, Iraqi's were wrong. For their operation against Al-Wallid, 31st and 32nd Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) gathered their best F-4E Phantom crews, four F-14A Tomcats, one Boeing 747 airborne command post and three Boeing 707 tankers. The plan was as follows, since the interceptors of the Iraqi air defenses were usually not very active, especially not in Northern Iraq. The only other obstacle was that Iranian pilots had to be careful to avoid SAMs in order to reach their target. Al-Wallid was almost 700 kilometers from Hamadan, and Phantoms had to fly over Baghdad. To increase their chances Iranian commanders decided to deploy their aircraft to Tabriz (TAB 2) first, and then from there they would have a "clean" route passing by Mosul and Kirkuk toward H-3. Since Phantoms could not reach their target without refueling in the air, two Boeing 707-3J9C had to be sent to Turkey in order to help the operation by meeting the attackers somewhere over northern Iraq.
The operation began in the early hours of the April 4,1981. The formation of eight F-4E, accompanied by two airborne reserves (whose pilots were sad enough that they had to return as nobody had any technical problems), started from Tabriz (TAB 2) and crossed into Iraq. Two pairs of F-14 Tomcats stayed at low altitude over the border waiting for their return. Sometime earlier, two Boeing 707 started from Istanbul International Airport in Turkey (officially in order to return to Iran) and clandestinely diverted from international commercial route in order to fly into Iraq. Flying at very low altitude between mountains of northwest Iraq, two tankers meet the Phantom formation and topped their fuel tanks, before escaping without an incident back towards Tabriz. The Phantom attackers then turned toward their prime target. The surprise was terrible for Iraqi's, not a single Iraqi interceptor on three bases of H-3 complex was in the air or ready to start.
The Phantoms split their formation into two sections coming from several different directions and attacked different parts of the base. First they bombed both runways at Al- Wallid in order to block any Iraqi fighters from taking off. Then further, bombs destroyed several hardened aircraft shelters. In the meantime, cluster bombs of the second group of Phamtons wrecked three large hangars, two radar stations and five Iraqi bombers. Subsequently, other parked aircraft were strafed. Iraqi's still hadn't reacted, even their anti-aircraft fire was weak, Phantoms had enough time to make multiple attacks and hit one enemy aircraft after another with the fire from their guns. No less than 48 different planes were claimed as destroyed or badly damaged at the end.
Finally, the whole Iranian formation turned back towards their base. Not even one F-4E was damaged during the attack on Al-Wallid and although many Iraqi interceptors were hasty scrambled toward them, none could catch up with Phantoms.
The Iranian attack against Al-Wallid is the most successful such operation against any air base since 1967. Never again would only eight aircraft destroy such a large number of enemy aircrafts on the ground in one mission.
Iraqi air defense command later claimed that Syrian interceptors were helping Iranians during the attack, and their radar followed Phantoms for some 67 minutes. If it was so, there are only two questions to be asked from Iraqi air defense. First, If they were alarmed by Syrian interceptors, why Iraqi interceptors weren't in the air already?. Secondly, why didn't they succeeded in stopping the brave bunch from the 31st and 32nd TFW?
Anonymous said…
What are you folks doing, fighting one another while your true enemies--America and Israel--sit back and laugh at your stupidity.
The United States of Isreal has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons against Iran and all you can do is to argue about the past?
Ask yourself who the true instigator of the Iran-Iraq war was and also, who was providing both sides with intelligence and weapons?

Here's a hint: The United States and Israel.
They'll sit back and raise glasses of wine and have a good laugh whenever they can start a war against countries in the Middle East that are on the Zionist hit list.

Don't you see, you're doing the bloody, murderous and evil work of the United States of Israel?

Don't you realize that when nukes are used, the "kinder and gentler" generation of nuclear bombs will start popping up all over the Middle East?

What about the old saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend?"

Since both Israel and the US are your common enemies, those two out of control, homicidal rogue states should be your common enemy.
Iran and Iraq should be bonding together in order to fight off the greater evil.

But all you seem to want to do is to engage in cat fights and name calling.

Greg Bacon
Ava, MO
Anonymous said…
Yeah,i see now true face of iranians but i agree with Janice and almost sure that anonymous above who claim to be iranian is not iranian but amrican or zionist lol
Layla Anwar said…
Greg..I think you are simplifying it a wee bit here...Maybe you are unaware that the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad was present at the lynching of president Saddam Hussein and maybe you do not know that all the death squad militias who are finishing off the Iraqi resistance are working side by side with the americans and they happen to take their directives from Teheran...
I do understand your concerns but I think you need to make an effor to see how iran has contributed in the imperialistic us.hegemony through regime change in Baghdad whislt they were crying and shouting slogans against the Great Satan USA... Things need to be remembered for what they are and not for what we would like to them to be.
I don't know if the Iranian is Iranian for real or not Maybe?
Layla Anwar said…
oh they are real...we seem them at work in Baghdad...same sample of specimens.
Anonymous said…
To the Iranian rats around here…I am not finished with you yet.

When Plato was telling his students about nations and heritages he said the following, he finished his story with the following paragraph.

History judge nations by their deeds, you can write books about what the Romans gave to the world, Arabs, Greeks, and Egyptians.

One the students asked:

Sir…what about the Persians….you forget the Persians…

Plato ….although he was very tired from today’s session, but he sill had some energy to explain this crucial point.

Sadly my son….Persia is a failure nation… they never left anything to the world…they lost all the wars since 6000 BC, when 300 Spartan soldiers wiped out the half of the Perasians in the battle of Thermopylae.

Alxandaer the great, taught them the next lesson of respect, the Canaanite Arabs did the same in the battle of Jalula’a, and the great Muslim military leader “Sa’ad ibn Al-Waqas” tauhgt them the next lesson in Al-Qadisiya.

This is why Persians are loosers, Arabs taught them culture, langauge, Alphabet, religion…without the Arabs, the Persians are still barbarians who dance around zaradustra’s fire.

Sweent music on the background, with light lokk like small sun’s and a text appears says:

Arab’s sun shine on Persia

Applause in the theater, curtins closed on one of the shining pages of Arab history and “giveaway for free” deeds to the world and to persia.
Layla Anwar said…
I think they got a nice cold shower now...you can go back to sleep boys!
Anonymous said…

I agree with Layla on this and another thing don't forget about the brits that hide under the american bush skirt making sure nothing hits the floor. After all don't americans have the brits to thank for the lies that helped him sale his lies that got us in the war to start with. God Bless the Queen of Queers. lol!!!

Anonymous said…
Lady brd keep dreaming your perverted dreams, Arabs were in the hejaz robbing caravans, in platos time. so keep dreaming, and coming up with more baathist cookooo propoganda you heard during the Iran iraq war and from the likes of Aflek and the other baathist coookooks, the historical validity of all of your comments so far are ZERO!!!!! Go refer to Ibn Khaldun a real Arab Historian who you all so respect to see what he said about Iran and Iranians

Ibn Khaldūn expresses a great admiration for the Persians and sedentary culture.

It is a remarkable fact that, with few exceptions, most Muslim scholars both in the religious and intellectual sciences have been non-Arabs . Thus the founders of grammar were Sibawaih and, after him, al-Farisi and az-Zajjaj. All of whom were of Persian descent. They were brought up in the Arabic language and acquired knowledge of it through their upbringing and through contact with Arabs. They invented the rules [of grammar] and made it into a discipline for later generations. Most of the hadith scholars, who preserved traditions of the Prophet for the Muslims also were Persians, or Persian in language and breeding because the discipline was widely cultivated in Iraq and regions beyond. Furthermore, all the great jurists were Persians, as is well-known. The same applies to speculative theologians and to most of the Qu'ran commentators. Only the Persians engaged in the task of preserving knowledge and writing systematic scholarly works. Thus the truth of the statement of the Prophet becomes apparent, If learning were suspended at the highest parts of heaven the Persians would attain it. ... The intellectual sciences were also the preserve of the Persians, left alone by the Arabs, who did not cultivate them. They were cultivated by Arabicized Persians, as was the case with all the crafts, as we stated at the beginning. This situation continued in the cities as long as the Persians and Persian countries, Iraq, Khurasan and Transoxiana, retained their sedentary culture. [4] [5] (note in the Islamic literature there are two Iraq's. The Iraq-e-Ajam (Persian Iraq) and Iraq-e-Arab (Arab Iraq). The Persian Iraq mentioned by Ibn Khaldun is the historic Iraq-e-Ajam (Persian Iraq) which constitutes the triangle of Isfahan, Shiraz and Hamadan).

^ A., Ibn Khaldun: His life and Works for Mohammad Enan
^ IBN KHALDUN: His Life and Work by Muhammad Hozien
^ [1]. The Muqaddimah, Translated by F. Rosenthal
^ The Muqaddimah, Translated by F. Rosenthal (III, pp. 311-15, 271-4 [Arabic];
^ The Golden age of Persia, Richard N. Frye, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London 1975 pg. 150
^ Bernard Lewis, Race and Color in Islam, Harper and Row, 1970, quote on page 38. The brackets are displayed by Lewis.
Anonymous said…
Iranian Influence on Arabic Literature....(IV)


Sibawayh the Iranian, wrote the most authentic and best known Arabic grammar, Ibrahim Musseli, the singer-musician who was born of Iranian parents introduced some of the best music and songs to the court of Harun-al-Rashid.

The same is true of Tabari, the greatest historian of the early Islam. Of physicians and philosophers and scientists who have enriched Arabic medicine and thought there is a very long list among whom one can enumerate Al-Biruni, Ibn-Sina, Razi, Ali Abbas, Abu-Mansur Mowafagh, Farabi, Abu-Ma’shar Balkhi, Al Khwarazmi, Al Farghani, al Isfahani, Kashani, Mahani, Tusi, Ghazali, Omar Khayyam Neshaburi, etc...

As Professor M. Jan Rypka, the Czech Orientalist, states:

The Iranians transformed all Arabism into Persianism and this in turn, thanks to the universal diffusion of Islam, acquired a cosmopolitan character....among the literatures of Islamic people, the Persian literature is reputed as the most beautiful for its poetry. The Persians possess in general a very developed artistic sense. I even say that the Iranians are the French of the East. For both the literary and artistic production is very extensive and has an immeasurable value.

He says that:

it is not just haphazardly that the Persian literature occupies a place of honor in the poetical productions of the people of Islam. Such illustrious names as Firdowsi, Omar Khayyam, Sa’adi and Hafez, prove well, that this repute is not local matter but it passes over the frontiers of Iran and even those of Islam and penetrates into the world literature. (Rene Grousset, L'ame de l'Iran, p. 102)

According to Mr. Rene Grousset:

The Mazdean spiritualism has found its crowning in Islam, as in the Occident, the Plutonian spiritualism found its crowning in Christianity. There, as in here, one notices a brief apparent rupture, but a real continuity. Iran enters in earnest into Islam and finds in it Iran. Better still, it finds new means of action, a new emanation because Islamization of Iran had for its counter-attack, in a large measure, the penetration of Iranian spirit into vast sectors of the Islamic world.

Besides, history is unanimous in recognizing the capital role that the Iranian thinkers, authors and artists as well as the Iranian administrators have played in the Abbassid civilization as much at the court of the Arab Caliphs as at the courts of Turkish Sultanates. (ibid.)

Mr. Arthur Jeffery, Professor of Semitic languages in the School of Oriental studies in Cairo, in an introduction to his book called "The Foreign Vocabulary of the Quran" mentions that:

The contact between Arabia and the Sassanian Empire of Persia were very close in the period immediately preceding Islam. The Arab Kingdom centering in al-Hira on the Euphrates had long been under Persian influence and was a prime center for the diffusion of Iranian culture among the Arabs, and in the titanic struggle between the Sassanian and Byzantine Empire, where al-Hira had been set against the Kingdom of Ghassan, other Arab tribes became involved and naturally came under the cultural influence of Persia. The Court of the Lakhmides at al-Hira was in pre-Islamic times a famous center of literary activity. The Christian poet Adi ibn Zaid lived long at this court, as did the almost Christian Al-Asha. Their poems are full of Persian words. (Ibn Qutaiba gives examples of other poets showing how great the Iranian influence was on the poetry of that period)

Other poets also, such as Tarafa and his uncle Mutalammis, al-Harith ibn Hilliza, Amr ibn Kulthum, etc... had more or less connection with al-Hira, while in some accounts we find Abid ibn al-Abras and others there. There is some evidence to suggest that it was from al-Hira that the art of writing spread to the rest of Arabian peninsula. (Rothstein, Lokhmides, p. 27)

The Iranian influence was not merely felt along the Mesopotamian areas. It was an Iranian general and Iranian influence which overthrew the Abyssinian suzerainty in S. Arabia during Muhammad’s lifetime, and there is even a suspicion of Iranian influence in Mecca itself.

How far cultural influence penetrated the peninsula we have little means of telling, but it will be remembered that one of Muhammad’s rivals was a Nadir ibn al-Harith, who frequently drew away the Prophet’s audiences by his tale of Rustam and Isfandiayar. (Nadhr is supposed to be the person referred to in Sura XXXI, verse 5)

Professor Arthur Jeffrey enumerates over 40 Farsi words in Quran among them the following: Ebriq (from Abriz), Estabraq, Barzakh, Borhan, Tanur, Jizya, Junah (from gonah) Darasa, Dirham, Din, Dinar, Rezq, Rauza, Zabania, Zarabi, Zakat, Zanjabil, Zur, Sejjil, Seraj, Soradaq, Serbal, Sard and Zard, Sondos, Suq, Salaba, Abqari, Efrit, Forat, Firdaus, Fil, Kafur, Kanz, Maeda, al Majus, Marjan, Mask, Noskha, Harut and Marut, Vareda, Vazir, Yaqut, Qamis. (Professor Arthur Jeffrey, The Vocabulary of the Quran, Introduction)

Where are the supposed arabic contributions backed by references from scholors other than Michel aflek the baathist and yo crazy tin pot dictator Hussein. Where are they? other than the myth you spew out from your mouth, this is the same person who comes up with stories of a bar of soap used to capture 40 iranians, what does this say about your credibility bitd nutz? Does it stand any tests trhown against it, not in this world, but in your kiddy world it might.
Anonymous said…
reply to the lizard eater lady bird, here you go you lizard eating arab enjoy

Iranian Influence on Arabic Literature....(III)


After the defeat of the Umayyids from the Persian forces under the leadership of Abu-Muslim (from Khurasan), and the advent of Abbassid Caliphate (750 A.D.) and the subsequent change of the capital of the Muslim Empire from Damascus to Baghdad, Iran acquired a position of importance. As Dozy writes:

The ascendancy of the Persians over the Arabs, that is to say of the conquered over the victors, had already for a long while been in course of preparation. It became complete when the Abbassids, who owed their elevations to the Persians, ascended the throne. These princes made it a rule to be on their guard against the Arabs, and to put their trust only in Persians, especially those of Khurasan with whom, therefore they had to make friends. The most distinguished personages at court were consequently Persians. The famous Barmakides were descended from a Persian noble, who had been superintendent of the Fire-Temple of Balkh. Afshin, the all-powerful favorite of the Caliph al-Mu’tasim was a scion of the princes of Usrushna in Transoxania. (Professor Edward Browne, opt. cit, Vol. I, p. 252)

Sir William Muir writes that:

With the rise of Persian influence, the roughness of Arab life was softened and there opened an era of culture, toleration, and scientific research. The practice of oral tradition was also giving place to recorded statement and historical narrative, a change hastened by the scholarly tendencies introduced from the East. To the same source may be attributed the ever increasing laxity at Court, of manners and morality and also those transcendental views that now sprung up of the divine imamate, or spiritual leadership, of some member of the House of Ali, as well as the rapid growth of free thought. (ibid. p. 251-252)

Arabic remained the official language of state-correspondence and also of theology and science, with the result that many of the eminent scientists and theologians of Islam (as we have already seen) were Iranians. These Iranians began to bring Farsi terms into the Arabic language.

Many Arabic philosophical and scientific terms are those coined by Iranian scientists and philosophers who published their work in Arabic. Von-Kremer tells us about this influence of Iran which so largely molded not only the organization of the Church and State but, in "Abbassid" times, even the fashion of dress, food, music, and the like. He says:

Persian influence increased at the Court of the Caliphs, and reached its zenith under al-Hadi, Harun al-Rashid, and al-Ma’mun. Most of the ministers of the last were Persians or of Persian extractions. In Baghdad Persian fashions continued to enjoy an increasing ascendancy. The old Persian festivals of Nowruz and Mehrigan were celebrated. Persian raiment was the official court dress, and the tall black conical Persian hats (qalansuwa, pl. qalanis) were already prescribed as official by the second Abbasid caliph in 770 A.D. At the court, the customs of Sassanians were imitated and garments decorated with golden inscription were introduced which it was the exclusive privilege of the ruler to bestow. (ibid. Vol. I, p. 259)

Dozy discussing the share of Iran in the formation of Islam says:

Mais la conversion la plus importante de toute fut celles des Perses. Ce sont eux, et non les Arabes qui ont donne de la fermete et de la force a l’Islamisme, et en meme temps, c’est de leur sein que sont sorties les sectes les plus remarquables. (Dozy, L'Islamisme, p. 156)

Professor Edward G. Browne summarizes the extent of Iranian’s contribution to Arabian science as follows:

Take from what is generally called Arabian science from exegesis, tradition, theology, philosophy, medicine, lexicography, history, biography, even Arabic grammar the work contributed by Persians and the best part is gone. (Ed Browne, Vol. I, p. 204)

A brief catalogue of names show the debt of Arabic science and art to persons of Iranian descent.

Abu-Isshaq, the Iranian was the first biographer of the prophet, Ibn al-Muqaffa’, the Iranian convert, was one of the most brilliant masters of the Arabic tongue who translated from Pahlavi, the Indian work known as Kalilah and Dimina, Ibn Khordadbeh, who was of Iranian descent, was the best Arabic philologist and grammarian, Abul-Faraj-e-Isfahani wrote the great "Book of Songs" in 21 volumes which is called "the Divan of the Arabs".
w said…

Just found you through Kurt Nimmo's email and thought I'll slip in a word or two.

One of the greatest weak point being exploited by the Synagogue of Satan is the division of Muslims geographically, politically and worse of all religiously. We know how easy it was for zION to destroy Christianity through their secret societies and banking. The zIONIST grip on the West is so strong on the higher echelons that a 'clash of civilization' is well on the way. With servile puppets installed across the Muslim world, from Morocco to Indonesia, we, the common people, although numbering in the millions find ourselves powerless. We are at a loss because in reality we are NOT divided into tiny political or religious groups, we HAVE been divided, exploited, enslaved. We, unfortunately and blindly, fight amongst each other for meaningless petty differences that hat we've been fed by the Chosen few live like the newly found 'great divide' between Sunnis and Shi'as . Unless we, the Muslims forget our differences (Sunni/Shia etc), we are heading for the abyss laid down for us in the aftermath of 911 cunningly christened the 'War on Terror' by the likes of Rothschild's, the Rockfellers and their media conglomerates.

Our priority is to fight the hydra head of zION and cut its numerous tentacles in the Muslim world. Iran (with whom we can deal like we have always dealt) and most shia's are not the real enemy, zION is. As the founding father of zion said: "We must expel Arabs and take their places." -- David Ben Gurion. Or: "Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel. All of it. And for Ever." -- Menachem Begin at the U.N. or yet again: "Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial." -- Israeli Prime Monster Ariel Sharon

These infamous words are not to be taken lightly.
Let's not attack a small international community with all its weaknesses and mistakes in trying to educate the masses of sheeple in the US, UK and even in the Muslim world. I was lifted when you attacked Chomsky but lowered when you did Kurt Nimmo. Let everyone try to work his way against the coming tyranny and let's not occupy ourselves with minor faults because NONE is perfect. Everyone is unique and you know and God knows that one of us is enough and we can never make others like us, including our children. But we can find common ground in the struggle ahead. Let us grow angry slowly and not let the anger blind us from seeing the forest that the tree is hiding.

Good work, good blog, excellent art. God bless

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need assistance in html, Java hardware, software and general IT problems for your blog, some of my links are above.
Layla Anwar said…
Hey Prez, WB, you have finally found me...
What was I doing on Kurt's mailing list...He has threatened not to write about Iraq anymore...Am Devastated...lol.
WB, Are you trying to tell me that the Iraqi puppet govt and its death squads are not a SECTARIAN govt supported by the USA and Iran?
Because if this is the point that you are trying to insinuate, then am sorry to tell you WB you do not know much about the Iraqi reality.
But hey, I was willing to vote you as prez so am willing to debate you too.
I will take a rain check re.IT...am being constantly hacked.
w said…
Layla Anwar said...

'WB, Are you trying to tell me that the Iraqi puppet govt and its death squads are not a SECTARIAN govt supported by the USA and Iran?'

I did no such thing. I am trying to tell you about us the common people trying to fight the global tyranny, to encourage not criticize us. On the question of hacking, you can be hacked only if you're serving your blog on your own computer(Server). If you are not, 'they' are hacking Google's server. Elaborate on the 'hack' so I can be more precise.

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