March 14, 2007

Out of the Box...

I should stop watching TV.
I am not a TV addict by any means. I hardly touch the damn thing except for the news and maybe an interesting documentary.
Needless to say, I NEVER watch CNN or Fox and Co. Unless of course someone points a gun to my head and forces me to.
Occasionally I would switch on to the BBC. But the English never cease to irritate me. Must be some colonial relic in my psyche.
So am stuck with al Jazeera. Al Jazeera in Arabic not in English.
First I don't get the English version and when I did have the opportunity to watch it, I found it too "diluted" for my taste. Almost homeopathic dosages of real news. Of course, they were catering for their english speaking viewers.
Skip it and I did.

So, the other night, on the Arabic Al Jazeerah, there was this program called "Ma wara'a al Khabar". Basically translated "Behind a piece of news."

The night's subject was the "political escape" of Raouf AbdelRahman, the kurdish "judge" of the kangaroo, circus, court trial, where the Legitimate President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, met his ultimate fate.

That same puppet judge who kept shouting with his broken Arabic accent (forced arabization?) "Shut up, sit down, stand up, take him out...Shut up, sit down, stand up, take him out..."

The guy is a bad joke.
He kept using his litle hammer- knock, knock , knock...Stuttering and repeating, "Shut up, sit down, stand up, take him out..."

And the REAL Iraqis, of which Saddam Hussein is one, kept repeating:
"Long live Iraq, Long live Palestine, Down with Zionism, Down with Imperialism, Long live the Resistance..."

And the kurdish sell out judge would go - knock, knock, knock with his pathetic wooden hammer...and shriek in his squeaky, mousy, voice and purse his thin lips even more...

That "judge" decreed that Saddam Hussein was to be hanged.
And a few weeks later, he issued another similar verdict about his aides.
And it was that same joker who escaped to Mother England.
And all of you "valiant lefties" of the West and your lackeys in the Middle East and you hypocritical sell out Iraqis (kurds included), your silence was deafening...

So back to that program on al Jazeera. The two invited guests to discuss this topic of the runaway judge were: Khalil Al Dulaimi in Amman (one of Saddam's Lawyers - and may I remind you that three of them were assassinated during the trial period) and Mohamed Hussein Al Mussawi in London.

This latter, another "iraqi" actually an iranian, is a spokesman for the sectarian shias and the sadrists - chubby checkers M.Al Sadr and his drill boys.
I don't know why I keep calling him chubby checkers - I may need to see a therapist about that. What do you think?

The presentator was Joumana Namour. A Lebanese woman with an ugly twist to her mouth when she speaks...and I usually try to avoid her (because of the mouth business) but that night the subject was too important and I had to put up with her ugly twist... of the mouth that is.

And now I will give you extracts of this program "Behind the news."

Mohamed Hussein Al Mussawi, not older than 30, with the typical look of an "arriviste."
Three tons of gel on his receeding hairline, a shiny tie (english look oblige) starts the "debate".

"In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
Al Imam al Hussein said...(Imam al Hussein is the figure venerated by the shiites and literally puts them in a trance of ecstatic dimensions - in other words a good show for the booming business in Kerbala and Najaf)...then he continues...
I want to salute the steadfast city of Sadr (in the past one guy referred to Sadr city as the Madina al Munawara...the illuminated city of Sadr) and all the martyrs of Hilla...
The people of this new Democracy, Iraq, are now free from this "taghia" i.e "tyrant" Saddam Hussein may he not rest in peace...
We do not know if the courageous judge Raouf AbdelRahman escaped or not. Or if he is seeking political asylum.
We know that many honorable Iraqis have asked for political asylum before and after the trial of the tyrant, may he not rest in peace...
But you know sister Joumanah, people do such things in a new Democracy, they are allowed to seek political asylum if they wish.

Joumana Namour intervenes.
" But excuse me, if the members of the court, like this judge, sought political asylum from even before the trial, does that not put a question mark on the legality of the whole trial?"

Mohammed Hussein Mussawi:" No. You have to understand that Iraq is now a free country. During the "taghia"(tyrant)regime, people were not allowed to they are free to go wherever they want..."

Joumana Namour turns to Khalil al Dulaimi.
"So Mr Al Dulaimi what do you have to say to that?"

" First, salutations and blessings to all Iraqi victims and Long Live the valiant Iraqi Resistance who is fighting the American occupation..
You need to know that two arrest warrants were issued against Raouf Abdel Rahman.
The first one in 1964 during AbdelSalam Aref''s reign and the second in 1999 during Saddam Hussein's.
This man has not practiced law since. The kangaroo trial that put to death the warrior, hero Saddam Hussein was nothing but an American and Persian show...

Al-Mussawi starts chuckling and sneering...

Joumana Namour with her ugly twist, turns to Al Mussawi and he says:
" Now we are free from this tyrant may he never rest in peace. Justice has been finally declared..."
Al Dulaimi interrupts : "Shut up you american agent, you are persian, you are not an Iraqi, you dog..."
Al-Mussawi: "You monkey, takfeeree, jihadist, wahabi, baathist, saddamist..."

And so the program ended...

Now, from this short exchange it is has become clear that Raouf Abdel Rahman was borrowed from England for the trial's sake, hence his return home after a big part of his asssigned mission was completed.
Not only that, but this fake puppet never actually practiced law...
And I also learned that those who are officially defending him today are the Sadrists typified in the heavily "gelled" character of Al Mussawi from London...

Could not get better - simply priceless!

This program was followed by another one concerning Iran/US talks in Baghdad.
The guests were: A.Nakkash, a Lebanese and a strong Hezbollah supporter. A.M Said, a senior analyst from Al Ahram and F.Buwaez, Lebanese ex- minister of foreign affairs.

The topic was on "The Poker Game" in Iraq and the current players.

A.Nakkash in his typical Hezb fashion declared that the US was totally defeated by the strong anti-Imperialist revolutionary Iran and was seeking an honorable way out.

Al Said, the egyptian "moderate", argued that Iran had internal problems and that is was seeking two ojectives : continue its uranium enrichment and become a worthy regional player and help the U.S save face upon its exit from Iraq.

Fares Buwaez on the other hand argued and this guy is smart, regardless of his politics...that Iran and Syria knowing that the U.S has been defeated - (I told you that already back in one of my previous posts see 22 December 2006) want to engage this latter in some bilateral talks concerning not only the Iranian nuclear issue but also concerning Lebanon, Hezbollah and the Golan Heights.
In other words Iran and Syria have a full deck of cards - thanks to the Iraqi Resistance - whilst the U.S does not.

The discussion was one hour long and I cannot transcript everything here.
However I was left with the distinct feeling that:

- Syria would be signing a peace agreement with Israel soon enough (remember they have been having those secret talks)
- Iran will agree to some "limitations" on its nuclear program and will play a significant role in the continuing stability of Southern Iraq (where a good part of the oil lies) and of course Baghdad through its puppet sectarian government.
- And that the one who marched to the gallows on the 30th of December and was the sacrificial lamb of this poker game was not only Saddam Hussein, but the whole of Iraq and its people.
-I also had the distinct feeling that the Iraqi Resistance against the American Occupation is in its last throes...But hey, am a gambler too.. and I bet on true Iraqis.

Yes, America has been defeated, but who actually won?

P.S:I am sure Abeer al-Janabi is ecstatic in her grave. A year has passed already since her hideous rape and murder at the hands of the American army.
The current sectarian, puppet, government in Iraq of which Al-Mussawi is nothing but a tiny example, have arrested Sabrine al-Janabi calling her a prostitute.
Sabrine was raped by 3 "Iraqi" sectarian police officers.
Had 14 years old Abeer been alive today, they would have arrested her too and called her a prostitute for being raped by 4 american soldiers.

I just noticed the heavily "gelled" Al Mussawi chuckling and sneering, winking at you from Teheran via London.

PSS: I have noticed something else that aroused my curiosity and I just want to share it with you.
During the Israeli attack on Lebanon in July 2006, and its subsequent defeat, in a somewhat limited war, compared to what Iraq has been witnessing during those last 4 years, many of you were chanting the praises of the Lebanese Resistance.
The Iraqi Resistance has been fighting for 4 years now. Engaging the no.1, most powerful army in the world. Thwarting American plans in the region and making it all "very difficult"..
How come I have not seen you chanting in its praise?
Have you also been contaminated by sectarianism yourselves?
Or have succumbed to Robert Fisk's love of Ze Lebanon and its women "who look so much like ours"?
Are we too dusty for your "refined exquisite western taste"?
Do I need to siliconize my breasts and pump up my lips with collagen? Would that do the trick per chance? Do let me know...

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohammed Muhraddin.