The Mosquito & Enemy Combat

Sunday evening , my usual torture . Trying to sleep . When I finally exhausted myself with reading , watching the news , I slipped into my bed and hugged my pillow hard , my safety island .
I heard a mosquito , its buzzing kept me awake . A living life around me in this deafening obscurity.
It was trapped somewhere in my bedroom. I intently listened to its buzz and decided I was going to exterminate it . I took my flip flops and waited in silence for it to manifest itself . I felt like a guerrilla fighter waiting to ambush the enemy . My flip flops were my WMDs . I switched on the lights and saw it flying somewhere behind the curtain . I attacked it with vehemence and sprayed it ruthlessly with some insecticide. I choked on the fumes , I opened the window - finally victorious .
You see , I can no longer bear anything with wings . Military jets , mosquitoes , anything that flies over my head . I returned to my safety island and covered my face with my pillow and cried myself to sleep .


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