I can't go to sleep before saying what I need to say about Syria.
This is NOT going to be a political post. This is going to be just about me and Syria.
I can't begin to tell you the depth of sadness I feel for what is happening to Syria and to the Syrian people.
Again politics aside, I can't bear to see this lovely country go to pieces. I know Syria relatively well. Syrians are not an easy people, they are smart, crafty and know what they want.  They are not easily fooled, and once they like you, or "adopt" you, they are loyal people. But it takes them a hell of a long time to like you.
People have always underestimated Syria for various reasons...they were dead wrong in doing so. Syrians are not to be all.
I personally have an affinity with this country...for so many reasons...first and foremost because it is Arab, yes, am that way. I care for Arab countries even though they never really cared for Iraq.
But then Iraq is known to be as generous giver...and maybe tonight I am reminding Syria, that despite our "differences" that Syrians looked down upon for long years...I, as an Iraqi, regardless of politics, am here, and stand by you.

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