Finger Lickin' Good.

Been told that my posts have no substance...guess what ? I'm going to give you some real substance tonight. Something to sink your teeth into...

I have some real important, substantial news - KFC opened in Fallujah.

For those who are not into globalization - KFC stands for Kentucky (bible belt, bible thumping redneck, heehaaa) Fried Chicken. Got to love being liberated by "middle America".

Why do they call it "middle America"? All of America is middle to me - actually below middle, kind of way below the way down.

But listen, don't want to spoil the good news for ya. KFC opened in if this is not "liberation" don't know what is.

Colonel Sanders has blessed Fallujah with his hormones riddled chicken (heehaaa). Now that's a real achievement for democray, don't ya think ?

Bet you, you're into junk food too. So fuckin' lickin' good. Taste buds used to garbage -- yummy so lickin' good.

And democracy demands the export of garbage - your garbage. And where, out of all places ? In Fallujah.

Remember Fallujah ? White phosphorus poured on this city like some junk food salad fuckin' lickin' good.

- How would you like your dressing Sir ?
- I'll take it well done, thank you.
- Medium rare ?
- No, well done. Well barbecued. Kind of deep fried...

Like the men, women and children of Fallujah, well done - maybe a bit overcooked for your taste. Carbonized more like it.

But hey, that was so fuckin' lickin' good.

Betcha you, your brave boys licked their fingers was good. So good.

Kinda like the fried chicken from Colonel Sanders, from KFC - deep fried.

Fallujah, where men, women and children lied overcooked by napalm in the streets...
Fallujah where there is over 85% unemployment.
Fallujah where over half the population still lives in tents after the butchering spree..
Fallujah where hospitals have been turned to camps for the displaced.
Fallujah where there are no schools left and illiteracy runs over 50%
Fallujah where its men are still rotting away in detention camps, with no trial, tortured for being Sunnis, Arabs and "Insurgents"...
Fallujah the city of a hundred minarets, all turned into rubbles...

But we have KFC in Fallujah. That should make up for it - Finger lickin'good.

Come on America, lick your fingers.

I, personally, am licking mine....

And not only me...

Ir's comin' and it's so fuckin lickin' good.

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