Not so Discreet...

I love Discretion.

I guess I am discreet by nature, maybe because I am reserved by nature...or maybe it is due to upbringing, where there were no TV reality shows and where letting your hair down in public was not allowed --- Oprah style. Or maybe because I firmly believe that the realm of the private is sacred, that it is not really necessary to go around flaunting it...

I also think that the frontiers, the borders between what is publicly known and unknown are also made of discretion.

Discretion comes in many forms, just like anything else, really...And funnily enough, discretion and digression sound the same...flip sounds of the same coin.

Let me give you an example, a live example in my memory...

In Iraq, prior to our "liberation" sects and religion were not discussed, they were not an issue. Your sect and or your religious affiliation was at your discretion. We were discreet about such matters. Not because we were afraid, but because I and many others intimately understood that these matters belonged to the domain of the private and in this instance were inconsequential.

It did not really matter who belonged to what, figuratively speaking...what mattered was what you can achieve, what you can produce, what you can accomplish, what you can contribute to the highest good - of all, regardless...

And it worked, it worked for many years...because this is how nations are built.
Nations and nation building, nationhood is not something one acquires from text books...nation building requires an ideology for all. Where each single citizen finds his and her place. In that sense, Baathist ideology was an ideology for all.

I am no Baathist myself. Not because I don't believe that the above precepts were wrong in themselves, but because I am discreet by nature and discreet people can't subscribe to mass ideologies...People like me live in their own world, unhampered by masses, but can still distinguish the tree from the forest, so to speak.

Then came the "liberation"...It not only destroyed physical infrastructures, but also "ideological" ones...and pitted one sect and one religion against another.

How so? you may be wondering...

Each one of us has a point of weakness both personally, individually and collectively.

The Enemy observes points of weaknesses, and these latter become doors of entry.

Getting back to Iraq. What was the weakness in the Iraqi fabric, in particular after Khomeinism ? Shiism in its political dimension.

And what was the other door of entry that could be used in the enemy's favor ? Kurdish aspirations for its own nation building and independence.

And this is exactly where sect and ethnicity become tools for the Occupation, precisely to tear down any form of supra nation building...supra as in above sect and ethnicity.

Petty sectarianism and petty chauvinism and in both instances they are very petty...were and are the entry points of the continuous Occupation of Iraq.

Both sect and ethnicity are turned into supra ideologies overriding the existing one. End result is sectarianism and chauvinism.

In order to uphold these two new banners of liberation, both sectarianism and chauvinism, the Occupation had to find common enemies. Iran and its political Shiism and Kurdish chauvinism.

In order to achieve its aims, the Occupation needs to justify on an ideological level why it would prop factions of a society against another.

At its disposal is a whole institution, specially geared to that effect. It runs by the name of propaganda, news, media, journalism, statistics, research centers, ngo's and the rest...

"Beef it up and sex it up" is really the bread and butter of the Occupation's other words this is their mission. i.e to buttress and uphold Big Brother.

And I admit, it does take shit loads of perseverance and dedication to unravel it all...and my aim is precisely that.

And when it comes to Iraq, I am not discreet, at all. I call things by their the repulsion and utter dismay of some. But, guess what ? I care not.

The private and the public no longer exist when it comes to Iraq. It is like asking a gang raped woman what she needs to hide, to keep private. She has been gang raped, what is their to keep private and be discreet about ?

Sometimes, in the detail lies a whole picture...for those who care to look and see.

And I can tell you, with no backtracking whatsoever, that the shiites of Iraq, for the most part but not all - sold Iraq to the occupation. Their weakness lay in their ideology. Their beliefs are shaped and marketed by Iran. I know it sounds simplistic but that is the way it is. Masses are very simple and easy to manipulate. Hence my distance from mass movements and other ideologies that sanctify the masses.

And the Shiite masses - masses (as in concept) have been fed discreetly, from Iran and its Hawza, the political ingredients for a "sectarian revolution" - an oxymoron, since political shiism is the most retrograde political ideology around despite its manifest revolutionary jargon. Political Shiism is by nature sectarian, exclusive and racist. Because in the Shiite ideology anyone who is not a shiite, is a goyim - very akin to the jewish concepts of Zionism.

As for Kurdishism (I just invented the word), it is very much like Shiitism and Zionism for that matter...a narrow petty ideology based on ethnicity and the supremacy of that ethnicity/race. Needless to add, historically, the Kurds were never a nation, like they did not have one to salvage once again, once more... They were just nomadic groupings who were part and parcel of this area, just like many others....In other words, they do not have the prerequisites to form a nation, based on ethnicity alone...and that is why I am no supporter of small groupings, of an obscure nature asking for independence. Separastim is not in my jargon.

But I know it is in yours...that is why you found many pretexts based on sect and ethnicity to say -- yes but. Yes but the Kurds, yes but the Shiites, ...

And since you are so "fair and objective" I will request you right now to give separate states to the Scots, the Welsh, the Basques, the Corsicans...

But knowing what fucking hypocrites you are, you are most likely to come around and say -- but hey these are fascist, narrow, petty movements...


And this is exactly what your democracies did...they used petty, narrow, fascist movements to establish themselves as liberators in Iraq.

But being so thick, you do not seem to grasp that. Why so - is beyond me. Maybe it is because you are precisely part and parcel of Big Brother and you know it not.
Your minds have been hijacked while you were eating your pre- prepared frozen dinners watching TV. Sorry, sorrowful lot, that you are. The epitome of ignorant Sheep.

You want to know what sectarianism and chauvinism look like in application -- as applied by your shit democracies ?

I will give it to you, not so discreetly...

In Baghdad, for example, there are ministries that are shiites only. In other words anyone who is not a shiite cannot trespass.

Let me count them for you.

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Trade
Ministry of Oil
Ministry of Justice...

Do you want more ?

Let me give you concrete examples of Shiite sectarianism at work.

Let's take the Ministry of Health.

Since this latter is ruled by Shiites, for the most part from the Sadrists who know fuck all about health - 70% of Iraqis surgeons fled Iraq. This is the figure for surgeons alone. Ibn al Bitar hospital - a top notch hospital - who used to perform open heart surgery even during the sanction years, is now without cardiologists and without surgeons. They have all fled. And at this point am not even mentioning GP's and nurses...

Let's take the Ministry of Interior.

No non shiite is allowed to have any position there...the only position a non Shiite can have in the ministry of interior is in the horizontal or crawling one. You know why ? Because the dungeons of torture in the basements of this ministry are still operational.

Take the ministry of Trade.

A few months ago, this ministry imported tea from Iran. It turned out that the tea was poisoned, laced with poison. Several Iraqis were taken ill and some died. Do you think anyone removed the responsible one in question ? No Ladies and Gentlemen. This guy is still in power because he works for Al-Hakeem mafia and has billion of dollars worth of trade contracts with Iran.

Take the ministry of Foreign Affairs led by the Kurds.

Only Kurds and Shiites are allowed diplomatic positions. Most of them have forged their university degrees, most of them can't speak any foreign language, most of them have not even enrolled on a basic course in a diplomatic institute. They are there just because they are Kurds and are related to the Kurdish parties and because they are Shiites and are related to Sadr, Hakeem, Jaafari and Maliki.

Take the provincial elections that all these Western assholes were bragging about.

Did you know that several of the candidates had also forged their university degrees ? One called himself an economist, another an engineer, another one a political scientist... They all turned out to be fake degrees. But did anyone remove them from power ? No.

Did you know that the Kurdish "leaders" from Zion, (fuck the anti- war, European and American liberals and so-called anti-Zionists who support the Kurds) did you know that over 18 % of the Iraqi budget goes to the Kurds - on a monthly basis. We are talking here of billion of dollars. Do you know what the Kurds use it for ? Do you think it goes to "Kurdistan" ? Nope. A small fraction of it goes to the 100'000 armed militia and rapists called the Peshmergas and the rest goes to support separatist Kurdish movements in Turkey.

Do you understand now why your Obooma has given an "olive branch" to Iran and not to Turkey ?

Do you understand now why the Americans have no choice but to team up with the most fascist theocracy around ?

Do you understand why Hamas and Hezbollah will soon be bought out with an American - Iranian deal and do you understand why Syria is the new broker ?

You did not get it ?

It did take the destruction of Iraq...did it not ?

There is nothing discreet about that.

You sweep it under the carpet as much as you want...and am discreet by nature, but when it comes to Her, the private is public. And now it is all public.

Idiots and idiotic masses !

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ziad Bakury.

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