August 24, 2008

" The Wretched of the Earth "

WARNING - This post may offend some of your "sensibilities."

What a wonderful title, a classic from F.Fanon. I do not wish to get into a critique of the book right now, but the overall idea is still very valid and applicable today. I read that the Pentagon makes it a compulsory reading in order to understand Iraq better...

But you see, I read Fanon from a different angle, from the other side of the fence.

As a matter of fact, this title has been on my mind for the past days, popping in and out and sometimes nudging me with urgency. I am not quite sure what prompted it.

Reviewing the past few days, I guess it must have been triggered by the sight of some English breed grazing around...

Some of my readers have raised a valid question in the past, they asked " How come your posts don't specifically address the English ?" I recall one of my replies - "It is because I hate them so much."

I am better acquainted with the English mind set than the American one, for historical reasons. My knowledge of the American mind set only came later on...
For me, the American mind set is nothing but the bastard child of the English and the Irish, for that matter.

I have a theory about the English and I have checked it through and through, almost like in an empirical fashion - namely that whatever the English say or do, they will remain a tacky, dull and cheap race, regardless of their class and/or status.

It is NEVER an understatement, to affirm that the English are INHERENTLY RACIST. Racism, of the most insidious, malignant kind is wired into their genes. So by correlation, they are a hopeless case and a dangerous one too.

If compared to the French, this latter is a piece of cake. With the French it is too obvious, glaringly evident. I usually blame it on some Latin temperament that finds it difficult to keep the mask for too long.

The English on the other hand are snakes. And not some beautiful cobra either, just a black, ugly, slimy viper, the ones you find laying by the river beds, feeding off garbage. Yes, the English are garbage, a garbage one cannot even recycle. So much for environmental friendly !

By now, the reader is probably wondering what on earth took place that merits such a caustic introduction. Because it is but an introduction to my least favorite subject - the English in particular and the "White race" in general.

What took place? You mean apart from the criminal, murderous occupation of my country by the American cheap whores and their forefathers, the filthy matron, the English ?
Or maybe you think this is just a side note to be easily overlooked, to be relegated to the annals of history ? No such thing in my book.

So I was saying, the sight of the English cattle grazing around triggered it all off, all over again...

It all started by the pool, seeing those white pimpled bodies floating. A wave of nausea started in the pit of my stomach and grew into a strong urge to vomit, as events unfolded...

Omar suggested we go to the pool. So we did. Three pools, one for the kids, one for the adults and another smaller one hidden behind the trees for the adults who need some peace and quiet. I sure did. So we agreed on the third one.

The minute I walked in, I noticed half a dozen of English colonizing the place. I mean COLONIZING. Of course I could tell they are from this wretched race because of their horrible accents. Omar and I were babbling on in Arabic - normal, it is our land and our language, after all. Two of the English tacky tramps stared at us with a frown and they sneered, the way the English sneer, as if I did not know how they sneered...raising their eyebrows as if to say...

We found our place by the pool, amongst the colonizers. The third one huffed the way the English huff, as if to say - this is our territory, what is an Arab doing here ? Omar and I were the only Arabs, so it seemed...

Sensing all this around me, I decided to ante up my voice and speak as loud as they did - in my land, in my language. A deliberate loud voice punctuated with English words, and a quasi-hysterical laughter, just to bug the shit out of them.

Omar understood the dynamics, he is no stupid Arab. So he played along with me...And occasionally we would throw a few debasing glances their way and giggle discreetly making sure they noticed...

After a good 20 mn of bugging them, Omar went for a swim, and I was left alone in this jungle of white predators.

The two women, the ones I had the misfortune of spotting at first, started all over again... I could see them from the corner of an eye and feel their poisonous, venomous energy darting my way. English tacky tramps, that no amount of travelling and tourism will ever change. English tacky tramps imbued with the Woolworth, Mark & Spencer's, Woman's Own, Daily Mail...mentality, that absolutely no amount of anything will ever change. But hey, am reserving a special one for White women travelling "East". Do stay tuned on that one, because I have lots to tell you...

One English bloke, and this is what they are, blokes not men, with his wife, who looked like a Yorkshire terrier, called the waiter and ordered a drink, because this is what the English do best - drink. I remember seeing them drink beer from a shoe and they considered that "fun".

Did you also notice that English people look like dogs. The wife looked like a Yorkshire terrier, he looked like Bulldog, the two tacky tramps looked like Poodles and another looked like this dog that resembles a sausage, a Basset, I think it's called. Do have fun experimenting with this, and am sure you will find veracity in my observation and the canine parallels will be all too obvious.

Anyway, I was saying the English bloke ordered a drink and at first he seemed to talk with a plum stuck up his ass. A few drinks down the line and the accent underwent transformations with "oy, iya and wot"

The Yorkshire terrier wife trying to be friendly with her "subjects", and feigning interest in her "subordinates" (I wish the English tarts will stop imitating their queen, they absolutely look fucking ridiculous) struck a conversation with the waiter.

- Wot's your nayme then ?
- Him nearly on the floor bowing, stuttering and grinning - Abdul, madam
- Wot?
- Abdul, madam.
- Abduul? That's short for wot ?
- For Abdallah, madam.
- Is that a religious nayme then. Is it liyke from your religion then ?
- Yes madam, it means Allah's servant.
- Oriyght, I see wot you mean now.

I am not sure how the conversation took a turn and the Yorkshire terrier said

- You know, we got the story of Jonas and the whayle in our book, in our religion, in Christianity.

So Christianity is YOUR religion now ? Like your exclusive religion, Mrs Yorkshire terrier ? OK so you're telling us you have exclusive monopoly over Christianity as well. Would that include the paedophile Anglican Church by any chance ?

I could not take anymore of that, could not take anymore of Abdul bowing and grinning like a lapdog for the dogs, could not see his clown face trying to make them laugh with his idiotic jokes, could not take the English tacky tramps and their Marks & Spencers bikinis, could not take the Yorkshire terrier and her Bulldog of a husband, could not take the Basset dog talking about his last Butlin's holidays to "Barbaydos" and Egypt and how this latter are "just a bunch of thieves"...
I simply could not take any of that anymore -- in my land.

I closed my eyes and shut them out and let my fantasies take over...
I imagined I was Minister of Culture and Tourism. Yes, both.

- For starters, every single Westerner, regardless, will have to wait for a minimum of 6 months before getting a visa clearance to enter the Arab world for a visit. He/she would have to go through extensive interrogation, pass a series of medical exams, biometric and digital prints, and only then will they be granted a very limited visa of 15 days only, not subject to renewal. Visa applications may be declined and no justifications will be provided. This is our prerogative. We need to combat terrorism and terrorists.

- If and when a visa is granted, the laws of this land stipulate the following.
For historical, cultural and political reasons, Westerners are only allowed to circulate in a limited radius and in spaces alloted to them. Any trespassing beyond this radius will mean immediate detainment and/ or deportation

- If for any reason, any Westerner wants to venture beyond the said radius and/or the spaces alloted to them, then he/she is to get the necessary authorization, and will have to present a valid reason to the competent authorities. He/she will be then provided with a badge and a limited pass.

- When on a tourist visa, the laws of this land are to be fully respected. This means in effect that your tits, balls, and asses are not to be fully exhibited, we have no need to see your ugliness. Mental diseases like Voyeurism and Exhibitionism are to be left "back home." You are to speak with humility and in a low voice. And you are to speak in the language of this Land. That would require you to take a crash course in basic Arabic prior to landing here.

- For historical and cultural reasons, this Ministry has allocated different categories of public facilities and amenities for whites, depending on race and origins.

-The English and the Americans will be allocated a special wing in hotels and pools. They are not to mix with the local population and they are not to enter any public space marked for non-whites only. Spaces for the English/American bunch will be marked with 3rd class. This is our way to preserve our purity and not have you pollute us further...

- The French, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Portuguese, Dutch as well as Scandinavian and Eastern Europeans and the rest of the fucked up EU, will be allowed in spaces designed to them alone. These will bear the sign 2nd class. They may of course go to the English and American allocated spaces but they are not to enter the Arab space without prior authorization. Again for cultural and historical reasons.

- Westerners are prohibited to use public transport as well as places of worship, movies theaters and restaurants, etc...that bear the sign "No whites allowed". But we did think of you and we have devised some spaces for you. We are aware that these facilities are not as good as the ones for non-whites but you need to be grateful that we have accepted your presence to start with. During rush hours, you are exceptionally allowed to use public transportation such as buses for non-whites, but you are to sit at the back of the bus. Again, another token of our generosity.

- We are aware that these rather stringent measures may come across as a form of Apartheid, but since we know that you are very well versed in the methods of Apartheid, Segregation and Discrimination, we thought to ourselves, this will be familiar territory for you, and you may feel less estranged when here.
Hence -- We welcome you to Arab Land and do enjoy your stay.

Upon this last thought, Omar's voice woke up me from my pleasant reverie and said

- Someone ought to nuke these motherfuckers...

I smiled...

- How long since you've been back ?

- About 15 mn. I thought you were asleep, did not want to wake you.

- No, I was just pleasantly daydreaming. You must have been reading my thoughts.

- Let's leave these wretched ones, shall we ?

- Yes let's. Take me home.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Falah Al-Saeidi.