August 18, 2008

Ces Arabes !

Did you say Arab ? Did I hear you right ?

Arab is my nationality, my identity and my language.

A language that existed before you were born, before you were collectively conceived...

When your ancestors were still discovering language, and when you were communicating in grunts and groans, with a pistol in one hand.

Your great grand father was a slave trader and yours was an ex convict. As for you, you discovered the virtue of bathing thanks to your expeditions to the Orient.
And as for you - your university still has its faculty of medicine following what your crusaders brought with them in knowledge from the East. And you - your industrial revolution was only made possible thanks to the Silk road and its pillaging.

So who are you talking to ? You cave man.

When addressing your true Masters, you need a little humility. And one of this blog's intent is to make you humble or very angry...

In either case - I have achieved my purpose.

So am an Arab, an Arab Woman. And what a wonderful "thing" to be.

Art work : Ceramics by Iraqi artist, Raad Al Dalaimy.